Freedom's Lyre: or psalms, hymns, and sacred songs for the slave and his firends

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1How long, Most Holy, Just and True!Page Scan
2Hear me, O God! nor hide thy facePage Scan
3Judge me, O God! and plead my causePage Scan
4O thou, whose grace and justice reignPage Scan
5Why doth the Lord depart so farPage Scan
6Father! to thy suff'ring poorPage Scan
7From foes, that round us risePage Scan
8To my complaint, O God! give heedPage Scan
9Lord! before thy throne we bendPage Scan
10My God! my gracious God! to theePage Scan
11My God! thy servant savePage Scan
12God of my life! to thee I callPage Scan
13O thou, whose justice reigns on highPage Scan
14My God! while impious menPage Scan
15Savior! I bring to thee my chainPage Scan
16Behold from heav'n, O God of grace!Page Scan
17No more, O God! we read thy waysPage Scan
18To God I make my sorrows knownPage Scan
19And will the God of gracePage Scan
20Lord! for help I look to theePage Scan
21And am I sadly cast asidePage Scan
22Alas! and am I born for thisPage Scan
23O Lord! my bosom heaves with fearsPage Scan
24Why, Lord! dost thou our race despisePage Scan
25Why, O God, thy people spurn?Page Scan
26Regard, O God! my mournful cryPage Scan
27Oh! save, great God! my sinking soulPage Scan
28Behold, O Lord! I faint, I sink!Page Scan
29Thou God of love, thou ever blest!Page Scan
30Jehovah! God of justice! comePage Scan
31Forc'd from home and all its pleasuresPage Scan
32Ye people of God! ye disciples of himPage Scan
33Strike off my galling fetters—strike!Page Scan
34Natives of a land of glory!Page Scan
35There is a book, I've heard them sayPage Scan
36Who loves the little slave, or caresPage Scan
37Scorn not the darken'd browPage Scan
38From ev'ry stormy wind that blowsPage Scan
39Though troubles assail, and dangers affrigthPage Scan
40Father of all the human race!Page Scan
41Why should I vex my soul and fretPage Scan
42O my soul! what means this sadness?Page Scan
43The Lord is near when men oppressPage Scan
44Come on, my partners in distressPage Scan
45O thou, from whom all goodness flows!Page Scan
46When I can read my title clearPage Scan
47Wait, my soul, upon the LordPage Scan
48The Lord for ever guards the justPage Scan
49Begone, unbelief! my Savior is nearPage Scan
50How many, Lord! against me risePage Scan
51Our refuge is the Lord, Most HighPage Scan
52'Tis faith supports my feeble soulPage Scan
53God counts the sorrows of his saintsPage Scan
54Dear Refuge of my weary soul!Page Scan
55Our Master—Jesus—reign'd abovePage Scan
56With joy we meditate the gracePage Scan
57With my whole heart I'll raise my songPage Scan
58Who will arise and plead my rightPage Scan
59O save me, Lord! I plead thy namePage Scan
60'Tis sweet, though in affliction's pathPage Scan
61In thine own ways, O God of love!Page Scan
62My cruel chain! I mourn not nowPage Scan
63Afflicted one! to Christ draw nearPage Scan
64Ye bondmen! afflicted with wave upon wavePage Scan
65Heav'n release you, lone ones! bendingPage Scan
66The hour of freedom! come it mustPage Scan
67Yes, there's a balm in Christian landsPage Scan
68Peace, troubled soul! whose plaintive manPage Scan
69Give to the winds thy fearsPage Scan
70Let thy heart no more be troubledPage Scan
71God moves in ways of mysteryPage Scan
72Come, ye disconsolate! where'er ye languishPage Scan
73God gave to Afric's sonsPage Scan
74All men are equal in their birthPage Scan
75Why doth the man of riches growPage Scan
76Forgive me, Lord! for in my pridePage Scan
77What mean ye, thus to bruise and bindPage Scan
78Unshelter'd from the burning raysPage Scan
79O say not—that the God of Heav'nPage Scan
80Oh! lift the hand, and Peace shall bearPage Scan
81Oh! if to Afric's sable racePage Scan
82Judges, who rule the world by laws!Page Scan
83God sits sovereign on the thronePage Scan
84The Lord sits sovereign o'er the worldPage Scan
85While Lord! from thee our rulers take their pow'rPage Scan
86Now, saith the spirit of the LordPage Scan
87High as the heav'ns above the groundPage Scan
88Eternal Sov'reign of the skyPage Scan
89Rise, Freemen! rise; the call goes forthPage Scan
90Let "freedom—freedom to the slave"Page Scan
91Sons and daughters of the pilgrimsPage Scan
92Ye, who liberty revere!Page Scan
93Spirit of Freemen! wakePage Scan
94Hark—hark the voice of anguishPage Scan
95Alas! the bondmen's storyPage Scan
96My country! guilty as thou artPage Scan
97Friends of true liberty! arisePage Scan
98Oh! weep, sons of Freedom! your honor is lowPage Scan
99Christian mother! when thy pray'rPage Scan
100Daughters of the Pilgrim-Sires!Page Scan

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