For the Living of These Days

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1God of grace and God of gloryCWM RHONDDA
2For all the love that from our earliest daysSINE NOMINE
3Eternal God, the light that does not fail
4In unity we lift our song of grateful adorationEIN' FESTE BURG
5Beloved God, our Father, Mother, FriendPULLEN
6Who is the rock? Mwamba ni Yesu, mwambaMWAMBA
7Give thanks unto the Lord for God is ever goodKIHAYA
8If you had not saved meREDEEMED PRAISE
9Spirit of the living God, discover us today.
10This is the place; now is the timeIN THIS PLACE
11We, O God, unite our voicesHYFRYDOL
12Eternal God, high above all
13If it had not been for the Lord on my sideDOUROUX
14Most High, All Powerful, God of Goodness
15Give thanks for music-making artELLACOMBE
16O God of ancient prophets and holy martyrs
17O, when shall I see JesusTHE MORNING TRUMPET
18We love your world, O GodST. THOMAS
19Our Father God, who art in heav'nMORNING SONG
20Eternal God, when we think of all who counted it not unwise
21Our Father who art in heaven, Our Creator
22My life flows on in endless songHOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING
23O God, in restless living we lose our spirit's peaceRUTHERFORD
24When sorrow floods the troubled heartKINGSFOLD
25When storm winds blow and clouds made dark my dayHANYA PADAMU, TUHAN
26In these dark, uncertain momentsECOLOGIA
27O God of the children of Somalia, Sarajevo
28Give me a clean heart so I may serveCLEAN HEART
29The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not wantCAMPBELL
30Create in me a pure heartPSALM 51
31O God of mystery and love
32O Lord, since first the blood of Abel cried to you
33Once a people came together bound by faith and vision newNETTLETON
34Baptists have never been party to oppression of conscience
35O Lord, who gave us freedom's themeFOREST GREEN
36Magistrates are not by virtue of their office to meddle with
37Evergreen and ever-fragrant symbol of eternitySTUTTGART
38In ancient times the people yearnedST. ANNE
39What is peace?
40The Lord has made me with dignityDIGNITY
41Liberty, that sweet word sounding
42Eternal God, whose searching eye doth scanOIKOUMENIKOS
43The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news to all the women of the world.
44We stand united in the truth which God bestows on allELLACOMBE
45Jacob wrestling with a strangerHOLY MANNA
46Ordained of God, true Prophets riseGERMANY
47Servants of Christ arise and put your courage onPROGRESSIVE BAPTIST CHORAL
48We now disclaim the power of deathEIN' FESTE BURG
49The open Bible on the pulpit is a testimony to our belief in the presence of God
50Deep in the shadows of the pastKINGSFOLD
51O God of mercies, in Thy wordGR</Font>ÄFENBERG</Font>
52Ye people of the north with joyful songs go forthYE PEOPLE
53Together now the bread we break devoid of pride or boastST. ANNE
54As he gathered at His table those who longed to know the waySTUART
55From every race, from every climeST. PETER
56In water we grow, secure in the wombLAUDATE DOMINUM
57Come thou fount of every blessingTAKE ME TO THE WATER
58We thank you, God, for water
59“Come to me, ye who are hard oppressedCOME TO ME
60Who would true valor see 'gainst all disasterST. DUNSTAN'S
61The Savior calls; let every earAZMON
62I will journey on the way with my Savior ever nearPACO
63It's your decision who you will live forTHE DECISION
64Consecrate me, consecrate meCONSECRATE ME
65Go from this place to love the Lord your God
66Peace to the nations, east and west
67May the od of Abraham call your name into the journey of promise
68Now let your servants, Almighty Master
69Blest be the tie that bindsBOYLSTON
70Where do you go from us, Pilgrim?
71Those who followed, those who ledREMEMBRANCE
72For everything there is a season
73Look deep into thyself, O soul
74We gather to dedicate our music ministry to the glory of God
75Children belong where parents' faith in rich devotion livesST. ANNE
76We are here today to present
77My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of libertyAMERICA
78Padeció una sola vez, mi Cristo (You have suffered alone for me, O Jesus)PADECIÓ
79Martin Luther King, Jr., was a preacher and a prophet
80Jesus, I your minister bow before you
81Almighty God, It is once more and again
82Guide my feet while I run this raceGUIDE MY FEET
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