The Glorious Cause: a Collection of Songs, Hymns and Choruses for Earnest Temperance Workers

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d101The story old yet ever new
d102The strongest ruler is the man who subjugates himself
d103The temperance folks are waking up
d104The temperance star is shining
d105There was an old decanter
d106There's a light that is beaming above
d107There's a shout along the temperance lines
d108These temperance folks do crowd us awfully
d109They are coming, they are coming
d110They go to the grave in crowds
d111Thou art going now from our friendly sight
d112Through every hamlet of our land
d113Thy presene, Father, here we seek
d114To arms, to arms our [the] land to save
d115Truth is advancing, True thoughts are spreading
d116Try, try, I will tell you why
d117Up, rouse ye now united band
d118Up to us sweet childhood looketh
d119Watchman, tell us of the night
d120We hail with joy the sleeping thought
d121We hear our country calling
d122We may have courage, all of us
d123We've had enough of license laws
d124What does prohibition mean
d125What is the grain on the prairie wide
d126What part whall wives and mothers take
d127What, rob a poor man of his beer
d128What sounds are those which reach the ear
d129When foreign foes invade the land
d130When you can find no other help
d131Whiskey's going
d132Who would not join our army
d133Why do you wait, dear brother
d134Will temperance workers now in doubt
d135With my whole heart have I sought thee
d136Yes, the mother loves her home
d137Yes, we'll rally for the right
d138Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin
d139You hold a liquid fire within

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