Grammar School Hymn Book

Publisher: Woolworth, Ainsworth & Co., New York , 1871
Language: English
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d201Our Father, we thank thee for sleep
d202Our fathers, Lord, to seek a spot
d203Part in peace, is day before us?
d204Peace of God, which knows no measure
d205Poison drops of care and sorrow
d206Praise and thanks and cheerful love
d207Praise the Lord, when blushing morning
d208Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore him
d209Praise to God, immortal praise
d210Remember thy Creator, While youth's fair spring
d211Scorn not the slightest word or deed
d212See how calmly star and star
d213See how the shining share
d214See the northern light
d215Shine forth, eternal source of light
d216Sister, thou wast [wert] mild and lovely
d217Soft are the fruitful showers
d218Softly now the light of day
d219Sons of renowned sires
d220Source of light and life divine
d221Sow in the morn thy [the] seed, At eve
d222Speak gently, it is better far
d223Speak gently to the little child
d224Speak not harshly, much of care
d225Spring is abroad on the new born earth
d226Suppliant, lo, thy children bend
d227Surely love is a blessed emotion
d228Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright
d229Sweet flower, spring's earliest, loveliest
d230Sweet is the pleasure itself cannot spoil
d231Teach me, my God and King
d232Teachers, children, ere we part
d233Tell me not, in mournful numbers
d234That setting sun, that setting sun
d235The beautiful, the beautiful
d236The breaking waves dashed high
d237The bud will soon become a flower
d238The clear blue sky looks full of love
d239The earth, all light and loveliness
d240The eastern hills are glowing
d241The freshly blooming flowers
d242The God of glory walks his round
d243The heaven of heavens cannot contain
d244The heavenly spheres to thee, O God
d245The heavens, O God, thy power proclaim
d246The hours are viewless angels
d247The light pours down from heaven
d248The mellow eve is gliding, serenely down the west
d249The mind is a garden, and youth's sunny morn
d250The morning flowers display their sweets
d251The morning hours of cheerful light
d252The ocean looketh up to heaven
d253The offerings to thy throne which arise
d254The pleasant spring has come again
d255The rain is o'er how dense and bright
d256The southland hath its fields of cane
d257The spacious firmament on high
d258The thunder bursts its rolling might
d259There cometh o'er the spirit
d260There is a calm for those who [that] weep
d261There's music in the midnight breeze
d262There's music, music everywhere
d263There's not a star whose twinkling light shines [illumes]
d264There's not a tint that paints the rose
d265They who on the Lord rely
d266They who seek the throne of grace
d267Thine, Lord, these heavens on high
d268Think gently of the erring one
d269Thou art beautiful, O peace
d270Thou art, O God, the life and light
d271Thou, from whom we never part
d272Thou who sittest enthroned above
d273Through all the various [varying] shifting [passing] scene
d274Through the day thy love has [hath] spared us
d275Thus said [saith] Jesus, Go and do
d276Thy will be done, In devious way
d277Time speeds away, away, away
d278'Tis not the gift, but 'tis the spirit
d279'Tis summer, glorious summer, look
d280'Tis winter's jubilee, this day
d281To him from whom our blessings flow
d282To prayer, to prayer, for the morning breaks
d283To thee, the Lord almighty
d284Truly the light of morn is sweet
d285Turn to thy Maker, child of earth
d286Turn, turn thy [the] hasty foot aside
d287Up to the throne of God is borne
d288We all love one another
d289We all, O Father, all are thine
d290We come, O God, with gladness
d291What if the little rain drop should say
d292What secret hand, at morning light
d293What was it made my bosom swell
d294When, driven by oppression's rod
d295When the joyous day is dawning
d296When the orb of morn enlightens
d297When we devote our youth to God
d298Where, for a thousand miles the sweet Ohio smiles
d299Wherefore should man, frail child of clay
d300Who is thy neighbor, he whom thou

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