Gems of Song: for the Sunday School

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3In Zion's sacred gatesPage Scan
4Saviour, where Thou leadestPage Scan
5Up and onward, Christian workersPage Scan
6Once our gentle, loving SaviourPage Scan
7Weak and sinful tho' we arePage Scan
8Let hearts and hands be join'd in onePage Scan
9Open the door of your heartPage Scan
10Step by step, O loving SaviourPage Scan
11Beyond the valley lying lowPage Scan
12Sing with a tuneful spiritPage Scan
13Wake the joyful, joyful layPage Scan
14Soldiers of Zion, on we goPage Scan
15How lovely on the mountainPage Scan
16God will take care of you, be not afraidPage Scan
17Praise ye the Father for his loving kindnessPage Scan
18We are marching on to gloryPage Scan
20In the early springtimePage Scan
21Singing, singing, light and freePage Scan
22The Lord is in His holy templePage Scan
23Holy Sabbath, day of restPage Scan
24O blessed, blessed BiblePage Scan
25Toil on and pray, O reapersPage Scan
26We sing our song of jubileePage Scan
27Oh, what can little hands doPage Scan
28The sweetest name in Heav'n abovePage Scan
29There's a mansion now preparingPage Scan
30We are on the ocean sailingPage Scan
31O blessed be the LordPage Scan
32There's a Friend that abides evermorePage Scan
33O Lord, the storm is highPage Scan
34There's a Friend for little childrenPage Scan
35Soft and sweet the bells are ringingPage Scan
36Jesus! Lover of my soulPage Scan
37O the joy while thus we meetPage Scan
38Like dews of the morning Thy mercies descendPage Scan
39Arise, and come to JesusPage Scan
40Hark! the bells of Heaven ringingPage Scan
41The Lord loveth a cheerful giverPage Scan
42Precious blessings we receivePage Scan
43Shepherd, who Thy tend'rest lovePage Scan
44We are going, we are going Page Scan
45Never lose the golden rulePage Scan
46Awake! for the Master is callingPage Scan
47Little children come, awayPage Scan
48Onward, Christian soldiersPage Scan
49With our Saviour close besidePage Scan
50As the rosy beams of descendingPage Scan
51I heard the voice of Jesus sayPage Scan
52Beautiful valley of Eden! Page Scan
53Praise ye Jehovah! come with songs before HimPage Scan
54Though young in years, we all are taughtPage Scan
55List! the glad song, beautiful songPage Scan
56Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!Page Scan
57Away, away to Sunday SchoolPage Scan
58Whither, pilgrims, are you going[Whither, pilgrims, are you going]Page Scan
59I have heard the welcome storyPage Scan
60Joybells ringing, Children singingPage Scan
61In heavenly love abidingPage Scan
62There is an hour of calm reliefPage Scan
63O when shallwe meet at the river Page Scan
64Go and tell Jesus, weary, sin-sick soulPage Scan
65Happy little pilgrimsPage Scan
66Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!Page Scan
67Saviour, who Thy flock art feedingPage Scan
68Long. O Master. in Thy vineyardPage Scan
69My ship is coming in at lastPage Scan
70What a friend we have in JesusPage Scan
71The Lord is my Shepherd; no want shall I knowPage Scan
72Gently, Lord, O gently lead usPage Scan
73Saviour, walk Thou still beside usPage Scan
74Rock of Ages, cleft for mePage Scan
75'Mid the wild and fearful blastPage Scan
76Walk in the beautiful sunshinePage Scan
77Glory be to the Father, and to the SonPage Scan
78Hark! the herald angels singPage Scan
79Rise, glorious Conq'ror, risePage Scan
80Show your colors; while you journeyPage Scan
81On joyful wings our raptur'd soulsPage Scan
82I am thinking today of that beautiful landPage Scan
83Hear me, blessed JesusPage Scan
84They tell us of a happy landPage Scan
85From the throne of God is streamingPage Scan
86Forward! be our watchwordPage Scan
87Onward! onward! men of heavenPage Scan
88Behold the lovely springtime!Page Scan
89Saviour, bless a little childPage Scan
90A crown of glory brightPage Scan
91Saviour, in Thy holy keepingPage Scan
92Over the river my loved ones have passedPage Scan
93Teach my little hands and feetPage Scan
94Yonder the palace where dwelleth a KingPage Scan
95If I come to JesusPage Scan
96Strains of music often greet me[Strains of music often greet me]Page Scan
97I stood outside the gatePage Scan
98Press onward, press onward, and trusting the LordPage Scan
99Souls are perishing before theePage Scan
100Up and away, while the blush of the morningPage Scan
101O restless heart why murmur?Page Scan
102Above the waves of earthly strifePage Scan
103Gentle and lowly, Loving and holyPage Scan

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