Publisher: Canterbury Shakers, Canterbury, N.H., 1842
Denomination: Shakers
Language: English
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d1Adieu now forever, to the old deceiver
d2Adieu ye fading things of time
d3Arise, for thy brightness is come
d4Away I have turned from this world's transient
d5Come all good believers, unite in my song
d6Come brethren and sisters, and stand in your lot
d7Come brethren and sisters, come let us agree
d8Come children of Zion, arise
d9Come gird on your armor ye chidlren of Zion
d10Come, let us proceed In the way we've agreed
d11Come, look at the true living order
d12Come, my soul expatiate freely
d13Come on, fellow travelers, to Zion we're
d14Come union flow on like a river
d15Come ye to the waters and drink
d16Comfort, comfort ye my people
d17Depart from me, all worthy lust
d18Down in the low and humble vale
d19Eternal thanks and endless praise
d20For happiness I do aspire
d21Give thanks to our Creator
d22God's way is holy, just, divine
d23Good brethren and sisters, I wish you to hear
d24Hail our Savior's natal morn
d25Hail the memorable morn
d26Hark, listen to the trumpeters They sound for volunteers
d27Here is a true foundation
d28How blessed are those who're
d29How dissatisfaction will roll
d30How happy that immortal mind Who rests
d31How happy the youth in these bright
d32How has Christ to us appeared
d33How highly we prize it
d34How inviting are the treasures
d35How lovely are the saints above
d36How lovely is the church of Christ
d37How precious is the gospel
d38How precious the treasure
d39How swiftly our days here on earth
d40How thankful, how happy, and clever I feel
d41How thankful, how thankful, I gladly embrace
d42I heard a voice among the graves
d43I love a believer that's sound
d44I love my Captain, that I do
d45I love the blessed gospel
d46I love thee, I love thee, my Savior, my King
d47I want to be blessed
d48In joy and thanksgiving now let us unite
d49In this day of free salvation
d50In Zion's ranks I straightly will proceed
d51I've set out anew for the King
d52Kind brethren and sisters, I love you most dear
d53Let nations encounter
d54Let the young and the old now cleave
d55Lift, lift up your voices ye heavenly throng
d56Lo I have seen in mansions bright
d57Lo the trumpet's blowing
d58Lord, give me the spirit of prayer
d59Lord, I desire no greater bliss
d60Low down in the valley of humiliation
d61Mortification I do find
d62Muse, breathe the occasion
d63My children, says mother, are humble and meek
d64My gospel friends, again we see
d65My heart and my voice in sweet praises
d66My native land and shore
d67My spirit is thirsting
d68No longer I'll delay
d69Now by my motion I shall prove
d70Now, while I view with great delight
d71O hail the bright morning of life giving love
d72O Lord in thy mercy redeem me
d73O Lord my God, remember me
d74O Lord my soul from dross refined
d75O the blessed revelation
d76O what a rich blessing my soul is possessing
d77O when I look and view
d78O Zion arise like a beautiful morning
d79Obedience to God was the first great command
d80Of gospel honesty we'll sing
d81Of true humiliation I want a greater share
d82Once I had feet that went astray
d83Our brother's gone he is no more
d84Our days on earth at most are few
d85Peace to you, the Savior said
d86Peace to you, the Savior said
d87Pure love's a rich treasure
d88Raise your voice in solemn numbers
d89Remember me while here I stay
d90Sing ye mountains and ye hills
d91That beautiful city, of which it is spoken
d92The artful delusion and guile
d93The gospel of Christ and of mother combined
d94The Lord his vineyard comes to dress
d95The way I go full well I know
d96The way of God is very strait
d97This day has our country
d98This day I will my zeal renew
d99This is the burden of my song
d100This is the day, this is the day the Lord hath made

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