Hymns for the Celebration of Life

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d101It sounds along the ages
d102Joy to the world, the Lord is [has] come
d103Joyful, joyful, we adore thee
d104Knowledge, they say, drives wonder
d105Let all men living in all lands
d106Let all who live in freedom
d107Let him who would excel
d108Let not young souls be smothered
d109Let the whole creation cry
d110Let there be light, Lord God of Hosts
d111Let us be faithful to our passing
d112Let us wander where we will
d113Life of ages, richly poured, Love of God, unspent and free
d114Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates
d115Lift your hidden faces, Ye who wept and prayed
d116Light of ages and of nations
d117Lo how a rose e'er blooming
d118Lo the day of days is here festival of hope and cheer
d119Lo the earth awakes again
d120Lord of all being, throned afar
d121Lord of all majesty and might
d122Love can tell, and love alone
d123Make channels for the streams of love
d124Man imperishably stands
d125Man is the earth upright and proud
d126Man lives not for himself alone
d127Man's comradeship is very wide
d128May nothing evil cross this door
d129Men go out from the places
d130Men whose boast it is, that ye
d131Morning has broken, Like the first morning
d132Morning, so fair to see
d133My country is the world, My flag with stars impearled
d134My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty
d135Mysterious presence, source of all
d136Nay, do not grieve though life be
d137Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee
d138No longer forward or behind
d139Noiseless the morning flings its
d140Not alone for mighty empire Stretching far o'er land and sea
d141Not always on the mount may we Rapt in the heavenly vision be
d142Not gold, but only men can make
d143Not in vain the distance beacons
d144Now give heart's onward habit
d145Now I recall my childhood
d146Now in the tomb is laid
d147Now is the time approaching
d148Now on land and sea descending
d149Now once again the heaven turns
d150Now thank we all our God
d151Now the spring has come again
d152Now while the day in trailing spleandor
d153O beautiful for spacious skies
d154O brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother
d155O come, all ye faithful, Joyful and triumphant
d156O come, O come, Emmanuel [Immanuel], And ransom
d157O day of light and gladness, of prophecy and song
d158O give us pleasure in the flowers
d159O God, beneath thy [your] guiding hand
d160O God, in whom we live and move, In whom we draw
d161O God of earth and altar
d162O life that maketh all things new
d163O light, from age to age the same
d164O light of light, within us dwell
d165O little town of Bethlehem, How still we see
d166O Lord of stars and sunlight
d167O [Our] God, our help in ages [seasons] past
d168O prophet souls of all the years
d169O Sacred Head now [once] [sore] wounded [surrounded]
d170O sometimes gleams upon our [my] sight
d171O star of truth, down shining
d172O thou great Friend to all the sons of men
d173O thou to whom the fathers built
d174O thou whose gracious presence shone
d175O thou whose power o'er moving worlds presides
d176O Thou whose Spirit witness bears
d177O worship the King, all glorious above
d178O ye who taste that love is sweet
d179Obedient they but to a dream
d180O'er continent and ocean
d181On this day everywhere
d182Once more the liberal year laughs out
d183Once to every man and nation
d184One holy church of God appears
d185One thought I have, my ample creed
d186One world this, for all its sorrow
d187Our Friend, our Brother, and our Lord
d188Our God, our God, thou shinest here
d189Out of the dark, the circling sphere
d190Past are the cross, the scourge, the thorn
d191Peace is the mind's old wilderness
d192People, look East, the time is near
d193Praise, O my heart, to you
d194Praise, O my heart, with praise
d195Praise to God and thanks we bring
d196Praise to the living God All praised be his name
d197Praise to [ye] [we] the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation
d198Praise ye, praise ye the Lord
d199Prayer is the soul's [heart's] [saint's] sincere desire
d200Put down your foot and you shall

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