Hymn Book: for the use of Evangelical Lutheran schools and congregations

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1All glory be to God on HighTextPage Scan
2Lord Jesus Christ, be present now!TextPage Scan
3Blessed Jesus, at Thy wordTextPage Scan
4Come, Holy Ghost, in faith us teachTextPage Scan
5This is the day the Lord hath madeTextPage Scan
6Abide among us with Thy graceTextPage Scan
7Lord, Thou art the Truth and WayTextPage Scan
8Almighty God! Thy Word is castTextPage Scan
9Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingTextPage Scan
10Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates!TextPage Scan
11Hail to the Lord's AnointedTextPage Scan
12O Lord, how shall I meet TheeTextPage Scan
13Let us all with gladsome voiceTextPage Scan
14From heaven above to earth I comeTextPage Scan
15Come hither, ye faithful, triumphantly singTextPage Scan
16O Lord God Father, thanks to TheeTextPage Scan
17Now let us raise our voicesTextPage Scan
18Great God, we sing that mighty HandTextPage Scan
19O Lamb of God, most blamelessTextPage Scan
20Over Cedron Jesus treadethTextPage Scan
21O bleeding head, and woundedTextPage Scan
22Lord, Thy death and passion giveTextPage Scan
23Alas! and did my Saviour bleedTextPage Scan
24When I survey the wondrous crossTextPage Scan
25Hail, Thou once despired Jesus!TextPage Scan
26O Darkest Woe!TextPage Scan
27Jesus, O my King and SaviourTextPage Scan
28In Death's strong grasp the Saviour layTextPage Scan
29Awake, my heart, with gladnessTextPage Scan
30Jesus Christ, my sure DefenceTextPage Scan
31Christ the Lord is risen to-dayTextPage Scan
32Who is this that comes from EdomTextPage Scan
33I know that my Redeemer livesTextPage Scan
34Jesus lives, He bursts the graveTextPage Scan
35Since Christ has gone to heaven, His homeTextPage Scan
36Draw us to Thee, Lord JesusTextPage Scan
37Our Lord is risen from the deadTextPage Scan
38Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord!TextPage Scan
39We pray Thee, Lord God Holy GhostTextPage Scan
40O Holy Spirit, enter inTextPage Scan
41Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly DoveTextPage Scan
42Thou who art Three in UnityTextPage Scan
43Praised be the Lord, my GodTextPage Scan
44Father of all! whose love profoundTextPage Scan
45A mighty fortress is our GodTextPage Scan
46Lord, keep us steadfast in Thy wordTextPage Scan
47Fear not, O little flock, the foeTextPage Scan
48Lord Jesus Christ, with us abideTextPage Scan
49Christ, Thou the champion of the band who ownTextPage Scan
50Let me be Thine foreverTextPage Scan
51O Christ, our true and only LightTextPage Scan
52From Greenland's icy mountainsTextPage Scan
53Lord God, to us fore'er secureTextPage Scan
54O my child, fear God the LordTextPage Scan
55That men a godly life might liveTextPage Scan
56We all believe in one true GodTextPage Scan
57Our Father dear in heaven aboveTextPage Scan
58Blessed Jesus, here we standTextPage Scan
59Baptized into Thy name most holyTextPage Scan
60Jesus Christ, our blessed SaviourTextPage Scan
61Deck thyself, my soul, with gladnessTextPage Scan
62O Jesus, dearest Lord, to TheeTextPage Scan
63Out of the depths I cry to TheeTextPage Scan
64Lord Jesus Christ, in Thee aloneTextPage Scan
65"Jesus sinners doth receive!"TextPage Scan
66Lord, to Thee I make confessionTextPage Scan
67Saviour, when in dust to TheeTextPage Scan
68Dear Christian people, now rejoiceTextPage Scan
69Now I have found the ground whereinTextPage Scan
70Jesus, Thy blood and righteousnessTextPage Scan
71Rock of ages, cleft for meTextPage Scan
72Just as I am without one pleaTextPage Scan
73Jesus! the very thought is sweetTextPage Scan
74Jesus, Jesus, nought but JesusTextPage Scan
75Jesus, priceless treasureTextPage Scan
76O Morning-Star! how fair and brightTextPage Scan
77The Lord my pasture shall prepareTextPage Scan
78Jesus is the Name we treasureTextPage Scan
79O God, Thou faithful GodTextPage Scan
80Lord, all my heart is fixed on TheeTextPage Scan
81O God of Jacob, by whose handTextPage Scan
82My God and Father, while I strayTextPage Scan
83Dearest Lord, we come to TheeTextPage Scan
84God who madest earth and heavenTextPage Scan
85Awake, my soul, and with the sunTextPage Scan
86Christ, whose glory fills the skiesTextPage Scan
87Lord, for the mercies of this nightTextPage Scan
88Now rest beneath night's shadowsTextPage Scan
89Now God be with us, for the night is closingTextPage Scan
90Abide with me! fast falls the eventideTextPage Scan
91Through the day Thy love has spared usTextPage Scan
92God that madest earth and heavenTextPage Scan
93Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!TextPage Scan
94Sing praise to God who reigns aboveTextPage Scan
95Now thank we all our GodTextPage Scan
96In grateful songs your voices raiseTextPage Scan
97My soul, now praise Thy Maker!TextPage Scan
98Before Jehovah's awful throneTextPage Scan
99My soul, repeat His praise TextPage Scan
100When all Thy mercies, O my God TextPage Scan

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