Hymns that Help: in Sunday schools, young people's societies and other church services

Editor: E. S. Lorenz
Publisher: Lorenz Pub. Co., Dayton, Oh., 1903
Language: English
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1Oh, could I speak the matcless worthPage Scan
2When I walk thro' the valley of shadow and gloomPage Scan
3My blessed Savior holds my handPage Scan
4When love is in the heartPage Scan
5Am I reaping any sheaves for the Master?Page Scan
6As you wander astray from your home far awayPage Scan
7Hark! hark! the Savior callsPage Scan
8In the day of sunlight, in the twilight dimPage Scan
9Some day the veil will be liftedPage Scan
10Toiling and singing, my days are all brightPage Scan
11O Lord, descend in mighty pow’rPage Scan
12Jesus is my strength, my stayPage Scan
13Be glad of heart, ye children of the King!Page Scan
14The life of the Christian is sunshine and stormPage Scan
15My times are in my Heav'nly Father's handsPage Scan
16Speak as thy Savior would have theePage Scan
17Like some sweet bird that upward fliesPage Scan
18There's many a stone along life's roadPage Scan
19If thy pathway lies in gloomPage Scan
20Joy supreme my soul has foundPage Scan
21The world must be taken for JesusPage Scan
22You may have the joybells ringing in your heartPage Scan
23Where Jesus is there all is brightPage Scan
24When has come the day of crowningPage Scan
25There's a wideness in God's mercyPage Scan
26I'm happy in Jesus, my Savior, my KingPage Scan
27The pow'rs of sin are losing swayPage Scan
28Zion need not fear tho' many foes await herPage Scan
29His grace was sufficient for me!Page Scan
30There's a hope that glows before mePage Scan
31Had we only sunshine all the year aroundPage Scan
32You are drifting far from shore, leaning on an idle oarPage Scan
33Has the Lord been good to you?Page Scan
34We have blessed news to bringPage Scan
35Evil's hosts are fiercely pressingPage Scan
36Volunteers are wanted! hear the stirring callPage Scan
37Here from the world we turnPage Scan
38Dark may seem the path in which he leads me onTextPage Scan
39Jesus the Savior, like as a shepherdPage Scan
40Where are the sins that once burdened my soul?Page Scan
41"All things are ready," come to the feast!Page Scan
42Hope for the weary the promise of GodPage Scan
43I ask not why some days are fairPage Scan
44Oh, the gospel light is spreading over all the earth todayPage Scan
45We must work and pray togetherPage Scan
46Tho' but two or three are gathered in His namePage Scan
47Children, what is your song today?Page Scan
48I tell the old story of JesusPage Scan
49The name of Jesus is so sweetPage Scan
50O thou Light of my soul, blessed SaviorPage Scan
51Come, let us all unite to singPage Scan
52As the sun, arisingPage Scan
53Rich and golden blessings are always on the wingPage Scan
54Standing like a lighthouse on the shores of timePage Scan
55God sent his mighty pow'rPage Scan
56Wave the banner of the crossPage Scan
57Oh, the crimson wave, hallelujah!Page Scan
58Christ is now ready to cleanse you from sinPage Scan
59Oh, when thy feet are bruised and tornPage Scan
60I have found a full salvation, hallelujah!Page Scan
61My soul is filled with gladnessPage Scan
62When I am passing thro' waters chillPage Scan
63There's no love to me like the love of JesusPage Scan
64Rest not on your laurels, there is more to doPage Scan
65Make your own sunshine wherever there is gloomPage Scan
66There's a dark and a troubled side of lifePage Scan
67Would you love the Savior dearPage Scan
68Tho' oft I stray from my Lord awayPage Scan
69Dwell deep, O my soul; in the love-depths divinePage Scan
70Hear ye the promise from God's Holy WordPage Scan
71When some heavy burden bends usPage Scan
72Love I much? Ah, yes, no measuresPage Scan
73Take time to pray in the morning!Page Scan
74God wants us all to shine for himPage Scan
75Would you know earth's highest happinessPage Scan
76I shall wear a golden crown, When I get homePage Scan
77In ancient days when Israel's hostPage Scan
78"Fear not, I am with thee"Page Scan
79Have you a voice with which to sing?Page Scan
80Oh, I love to read of Jesus and his lovePage Scan
81Oppressed with grief and with burdens sorePage Scan
82Do you know the gospel story?Page Scan
83Do you slumber in your tent, Christian soldierPage Scan
84There's a call for volunteers in the army of the Lord!Page Scan
85Jesus wash'd my sins awayPage Scan
86Would you at the harvest with the reapers sing?Page Scan
87Would you feel your heart grow lighter ev'ry day?TextPage Scan
88I know not why God's wondrous gracePage Scan
89I wandered in the shades of nightPage Scan
90We may lighten toil and carePage Scan
91I've seen the Good ShepherdPage Scan
92As thro' life you journeyPage Scan
93Out in the world where so many are sadPage Scan
94The harvest depends on the seed-timePage Scan
95More about Jesus would I knowPage Scan
96Trusting thy way unto the LordPage Scan
97Come, oh, come to JesusPage Scan
98'Twas in the starless night of sorrow that he found mePage Scan
99Light after darkness, Gain after lossPage Scan
100Lift the blessed cross on high, on to victory!Page Scan

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