Home Song Book, prepared for the use of the Children of the Home for the Friendless

Publisher: American Female Guardian Society, New York, 1857
Language: English
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1We'll not forget to thank youPage Scan
2I want a mother, Teacher dearPage Scan
3This is to us a pleasant homePage Scan
4By thy fireside, gentle ladyPage Scan
5Elate with joy and gladnessPage Scan
6Oh, there is no spot on this green earth so sweetPage Scan
7We will be what you will make usPage Scan
8Friends, you're welcome to our sightPage Scan
9A home for the Friendless! a safe, quiet spot!Page Scan
10I had a mother kind and goodPage Scan
11Patrons dear, and Teachers kindPage Scan
12The Home, the Home, that blessed placePage Scan
13I am a boy just eight years oldPage Scan
14Patrons, Teachers, as we meet youPage Scan
15As shepherds flocks were tendingPage Scan
16We wish you "merry Christmas!"Page Scan
17On the goods that are not thinePage Scan
18We children enjoy every hour of the dayPage Scan
19"Cannot," Edward, did you say!Page Scan
20Sweet music cheers the spiritPage Scan
21Some famous schools I know there arePage Scan
22We study PhysiologyPage Scan
23Of parts of speech, grammarians sayPage Scan
24We are all reading, read, read, readingPage Scan
25I am father of the watersPage Scan
26Lightly tread, lightly treadPage Scan
27Oh! there was once a little boyPage Scan
28A farmer's life is the life for mePage Scan
29Oh, welcome, welcome, festal day!Page Scan
30If ever I see On bush or treePage Scan
31Each flower holds up A dainty cupPage Scan
32The stars are fading from the skyPage Scan
33When General Washington was youngPage Scan
34With joy we meet, With smiles we greetPage Scan
35My dear little childPage Scan
36Dear friends, do you know that to pay for our buildingPage Scan
37Thanksgiving is a happy dayPage Scan
38Behold, oh God, this little bandPage Scan
39If it is sweet on earth to meetPage Scan
40Little children, when the eveningPage Scan
41The day is gone, the night is comePage Scan
42We all love one anotherPage Scan
43Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me!Page Scan
44How bright the day, the joyful dayPage Scan
45Child, you're old enough to knowPage Scan
46Who are these in bright arrayPage Scan
47Little travelers ZionwardPage Scan
48Jesus little children blessesPage Scan
49Our God, who kept us through the nightPage Scan
50To the Chapel we have comePage Scan
51Thou, from whom we never partPage Scan
52Here we learn of God and HeavenPage Scan
53Morn amid the mountainsPage Scan
54See, the kind Shepherd, Jesus, standsPage Scan
55'Tis a lesson you should heedPage Scan
56Little drops of waterPage Scan
57This world is not so bad a worldPage Scan
58I knew a widow, very poorPage Scan
59I want to be an angelPage Scan
60O that the Lord would guide my waysPage Scan
61How sweet is the Sabbath, the morning of restPage Scan
62Dear Father, ere we partPage Scan
63Lord, teach a little child to prayPage Scan
64Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep!Page Scan
65Joyfully, joyfully, onward we movePage Scan
66I think, when I read that sweet story of oldPage Scan
P80I saw a little child at playPage Scan
P81When Sabbath's sacred morning light Page Scan
P84There is a happy land, "Fast by the throne"Page Scan
P86There is a happy land, Far, far awayPage Scan
P87The Sabbath School's a place for prayerPage Scan
P90Little trav'lers, Zionward Page Scan
P92Around the throne of God in heav'nPage Scan
P95How kind are the words which our Saviour has brokenPage Scan
P97Lo, at noon 'tis sudden night!Page Scan
P100There is a voice on every breezePage Scan
P102In humble accents, Lord, we singPage Scan
P104"Little children, love each other"Page Scan
P105The child who dares to risk his soulPage Scan
P108When Jesus left His Father's thronePage Scan
P110Little child, do you love Jesus?Page Scan
P113Very little ones are wePage Scan
P115We lay thee in the silent tombPage Scan
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