Holy Songs, Carols, and Sacred Ballads

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d1A morn of guilt, an hour of doom
d2A still small voice would fain me rouse
d3A word to the Greatness on high
d4All desiring, nothing won
d5All in still heat the waters lie
d6All in the city, whose gates are gold
d7Among the worlds of God lay one
d8An island to the Lord of hosts
d9Art thou come down my life to end
d10Art thou come down my life to end
d11As a pillar on the shore
d12As on this day in the times of yore
d13As on this day the Lamb, the Sacrifice
d14As the hart panteth, fainting
d15As the veil of broidery fine
d16Ascending to his Father's throne
d17Beautiful for situation Favor'd in a favor'd nation
d18Church of God, these many years Watching at the door
d19Dark is my place and chill the night
d20Dear is the lost wife to a lone man's heart
d21Deep the snow drift covereth all
d22Early my God I bless
d23Emptied of good, with many cares oppressed
d24From many a plenished home
d25God, to men thy children shown
d26God's great gift to man forlorn
d27He with good gifts that most is blest
d28Holy of Holies forming
d29How dreadful is this place As Thou wert far away
d30I am dead with Thee
d31I cast my cares on thee
d32I sit before him, and it draws to night
d33I sought the Lord, and afterward I knewText
d34I wait till Christ be formed in me
d35In foul and cheerless places
d36In great London as I walked
d37In the night I think on thee
d38In the valleys of Immanuel's land
d39It was the heat of afternoon
d40Jesus the Lamb of God, gone foth to heal
d41Let me hate mine own life
d42Like a great river thy love flows
d43Listen, O isles, unto me
d44Lord Christ, the river is so cold
d45Lord, how thou lovest, with each one
d46Mary of Magdala, when the moon had set
d47Mighty and merciful, to thee
d48My Jesu, in the crowd he walks
d49Now my sun will soon depart
d50Now the psalm to heaven ascending
d51Now will I sing a song I learned of old
d52Now winter past, the white thorne bower
d53O Christ of God, in my good days
d54O night of nights
d55O that I had wings, Then would I flee away
d56O Zion on the sacred hills
d57On Zion's hill the sacred dust
d58One of these, he sighed at supper, should betray him
d59Our Savior feared the suffering that should be
d60Out of the deep, out of the deep, O God, I make my moan
d61Over the long green downs
d62Rise, for God calls thee
d63Since in thy likeness man was made
d64Somewhere, quiet in the rest of God
d65Such as have not gold to bring thee
d66Sweet are his ways who rules above
d67Tell to us, tell, O church of God
d68That precious oil we bought of thee
d69The meaning of thy meat and drink
d70The measureless gulfs of air are full of thee
d71The summer night draws near its noon
d72The sun is gone the long clouds break
d73Thee my soul desires, Thee my heart admires
d74There was a seer who spake of old
d75Thick orchards, all in white
d76Thou art gone up, a throne to share
d77Thou givest to men the fruitful land
d78Thou hast been alway good to me and mine
d79Thou hast found me and I faint
d80Thou that sleepest not afraid
d81Thou wert far off, and in the sight of heaven
d82Thou, when the dying Jesu bled
d83Thou, who didst bear man's grief of old
d84Thy body done to death below
d85Thy son, Adam, was red clay
d86'Twas at this hour, upon the world's great day
d87Was never sight so wondrous given
d88Watchman, what of the night
d89Weeping and wailing needs must be
d90When children are sick, when times are hard
d91When I from all I love apart
d92When I lie waking, my heart nigh to breaking
d93When it was well with me
d94When the ardent sun rides high
d95When through the meads I go
d96While his God, the almighty Lord
d97Who shall begin the wondrous, wondrous story
d98Would I to save my dear child
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