Hymns and Songs for Children's Worship, Together with Selections for Anniversary and Festive Occasions

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1We have come rejoicing on this happy dayPage Scan
2There is no name so sweet on earthPage Scan
3Shout the glad tidings, exultingly singPage Scan
4The life-boat! the life-boat! how bravely she ridesPage Scan
5Saviour, listen to our prayerPage Scan
6The valleys and the mountainsPage Scan
7Round the throne in gloryPage Scan
8Let us with a joyful mindPage Scan
9There is beauty all aroundPage Scan
10He is risen, he is not here Page Scan
11O'er the flowing riverPage Scan
12Oft as I rove, in thoughtless moodPage Scan
13Happily we have met around our KingPage Scan
14Nothing but leaves; the Spirit it grievesPage Scan
15This life is a battle 'gainst Satan and sinPage Scan
16Sweet is the song of heavenPage Scan
17Please to watch us, blessed Saviour Page Scan
18Faintly flow, thou falling riverPage Scan
19We are now in youth's bright morningPage Scan
20If you cannot on the oceanPage Scan
21The Sunday school, with joy so fullPage Scan
22Children on life's battle-fieldPage Scan
23A beautiful land by faith I seePage Scan
24Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to the Son of David!Page Scan
25Shall hymns of grateful lovePage Scan
26When the Sabbath bell is ringingPage Scan
27"It is well! It is well! It is well!"Page Scan
28If I were a voice, a persuasive voicePage Scan
29We gather, we gather, dear Jesus, to bringPage Scan
30Man the life-boat! man the life-boat!Page Scan
31Home, dear home, we never can forgetPage Scan
32Come boys, come, girls, won't you volunteer?Page Scan
33There is a world of beautyPage Scan
34Shall we gather at the riverPage Scan
35Jerusalem, for ever brightPage Scan
36Far out upon the prairiePage Scan
37Come where the wild flow'rs growPage Scan
38Our beautiful flag, O, now we seePage Scan
39Chide mildly the erringPage Scan
40Peacefully lay her down to restPage Scan
41Come, come, sing to the SaviourPage Scan
42There's a song the angels singPage Scan
43We are coming, blessed SaviourPage Scan
44What are those soul-reviving strainsPage Scan
45We are waiting by the riverPage Scan
46Who shall sing, if not the childrenPage Scan
47I want to join the ransom'dPage Scan
48Fading, still fading, the last beam is shiningPage Scan
49Lord, I hear of show'rs of blessingsPage Scan
50Fade, fade each earthly joyPage Scan
51O we are volunteers in the army of the LordPage Scan
52Strains of music often greet mePage Scan
53If I were a sunbeam, I know what I'd doPage Scan
54List, the Sabbath bells, so merrily ringingPage Scan
55O what beauties adorn the bright Sabbath mornPage Scan
56Traveller, whither art thou goingPage Scan
57Hush'd be my murmurings, let cares departPage Scan
58Let to-morrow take care of to-morrowPage Scan
59Jesus is our dearest FriendPage Scan
60Land of our fathers! wheresoe'er we roamPage Scan
61Away to the woods, awayPage Scan
62Let us be joyful and smiling as MayPage Scan
63Carol, but in gladnessPage Scan
64O I'm a happy bluebird, sober, as you seePage Scan
65There's a beautiful land where sweet flowers ever bloomPage Scan
66The sea is wildly tossingPage Scan
67My heavenly home is bright and fairPage Scan
68I am bound for the land of the livingPage Scan
69Now be the gospel bannerPage Scan
70I remember a voice which once guided my wayPage Scan
71Awake! awake and join our ranksPage Scan
72Once was heard the song of childrenPage Scan
73O songs of the beautiful, songs of the blestPage Scan
74We are watching, we are waitingPage Scan
75Of thy love some gracious tokenPage Scan
76To meet the glad echoes our voices we raisePage Scan
77How beauteous are their feetPage Scan
78Jerusalem, the golden!Page Scan
79Oh may we Thankful bePage Scan
80Beautiful mansions, home of the blestPage Scan
81Now to the Lord on highPage Scan
82Happy hearts children bringPage Scan
83One by one we cross the riverPage Scan
84Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earthPage Scan
85Jesus, we thy Lambs would bePage Scan
86We are marching on with shield and banner brightPage Scan
87Glory to Thee, my God, this nightPage Scan
88Hither we come, as a happy BandPage Scan
89Praise! give praise, and from our hearts uplift itPage Scan
90To Thee, my God and Saviour!Page Scan
91Saviour, who thy flock art feedingPage Scan
92Hark! 'tis the watchman's cryPage Scan
93When the six days' work is o'er and donePage Scan
94Come, children, now to Jesus singPage Scan
95We are homeward bound to the land of life and lovePage Scan
96We leave the world of carePage Scan
97Jesus, the water of life will givePage Scan
98Ringing, sweetly ringingPage Scan
99O welcome day that greets us here!Page Scan
100Come, join our choral numberPage Scan

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