Hymns, Selected and Original, for Public and Private Worship, published by General Synod for the Evangelical Lutheran Church. 68th ed. (8th rev. ed.)

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d601On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye
d602On Judah's plains as shepherds sat Watching [kept Watch o'er] their flocks
d603On the mountain [mountain's] top appearing
d604On thee, each morning, O my God, My waking thoughts attend
d605On thee, great Ruler of the skies
d606On Thibet's snow capped mountains, O'er Afric's burning sand
d607On this sweet morn my Lord arose
d608Once more before we part, O [we'll] bless the Savior's [Redeemer's] name
d609Once more my eyes behold the day
d610Once more, my soul, the rising day salutes thy waking eyes
d611Once more we keep the sacred d
d612Once more we meet to pray
d613One there is above all others, well [who] deserves
d614ôTis finished, so the Savior cried, and meekly
d615Our country is Immanuel's ground [land]
d616Our days, alas, our mortal days
d617Our Father, throned above the sky [skies]
d618Our God is true, Them he will ne'er forsake
d619Our heavenly Father, hear
d620Our Lord has risen from the dead
d621Our Sabbaths come so welcome on
d622Our shattered bark, on boisterous seas
d623Our souls by [in] love together knit [drawn] [joined]
d624Our souls with pleasing wonder view
d625Pardoned through redeeming grace
d626Parent of good, Thy works of might
d627Paschal Lamb, by God appointed
d628Peace be on this house bestowed
d629Peace, the welcome sound proclaim
d630People of the living God! I have sought the world
d631Pity the nations, O our God, Constrain the earth
d632Plunged in a [the] gulf of dark [deep] despair
d633Poor, weak, and worthless though I am
d634Poor, wildered, weeping heart
d635Praise, happy land, Jehovah's name
d636Praise ye Jehovah, with anthems of praise
d637Praise ye the Lord, who reigns above, fixed on his throne of truth and love
d638Prayer is the soul's [heart's] [saint's] sincere desire
d639Prayer is [was] appointed to convey
d640Precious Bible, what a treasure
d641Proclaim, saith Christ, my wondrous grace
d642Quench not the spirit of the Lord
d643Raise thoughtless sinner raise thine eye
d644Raise your triumphant songs
d645Rejoice in God, the word commands
d646Rejoice, the Savior reigns Among the sons of men
d647Rejoice, ye ransomed of the Lord
d648Rejoice, ye shining worlds on high
d649Religion is the chief concern
d650Remember thy Creator
d651Retire, vain world, awhile retire
d652Return, my [each] roving heart, return
d653Return, O wanderer, return [Return, return, now wanderer]
d654Rise, crowned with light, imperial [great] Salem [city], rise
d655Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
d656Rise, O my [our] soul [souls], pursue the path[way]
d657Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee
d658Roll on, thou mighty ocean, And as thy billows
d659Round the temperance standard rally
d660Safely through another week
d661Salvation, O the joyful sound
d662Savior, canst Thou love a traitor?
d663Savior, father, brother, friend
d664Savior, visit Thy [our] plantation, grant us Lord, a gracious rain
d665Savior, when in dust to Thee, low we bow
d666Say, should we search the globe around
d667Say, sinner, hath a voice within
d668See, from Zion's sacred mountain
d669See, gracious God [Lord], before thy throne
d670See, how many, lately bowing
d671See how the morning [mounting] [rising] sun
d672See Isr'l's gentle Shepherd stand [stands]
d673See, the eternal Judge descending
d674See what a living stone
d675Self righteous souls on works rely
d676Servant of God, well done, rest
d677Servants of Christ, his truth who know
d678Shall atheists dare insult the cross
d679Shall man O God of life and light
d680Shepherd of Isr'l, bend thine ear
d681Shepherd of Isr'l, thou didst lead
d682Shepherd of Isr'l, thou dost keep
d683Shepherd of souls, if thou indeed
d684Shine mighty God on Zion shine
d685Shine on our souls, eternal God
d686Show pity Lord, O Lord, forgive
d687Sin has a thousand treacherous arts
d688Since Jesus freely [purely] did appear
d689Sing to the Lord, who loud proclaims
d690Sinner, art thou [are you] still secure [sincere]
d691Sinner, is thy heart at rest
d692Sinner, rouse thee from thy sleep
d693Sinner [sinners], the voice of God regard
d694Sinner [sinners] turn, why will ye [you] die
d695Sinner [sinners], will you [ye] scorn [slight] the message
d696Sinner, what hast thou [has earth] to show
d697Sinners, this solemn truth regard
d698Sister, thou wast [wert] mild and lovely
d699Smote by thy [the] law, I'm justly slain
d700So fades the lovely, blooming flower [flowers]

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