Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in Three Books: I. collected fromt he scriptures, II. composed on divine subjects, III. prepared for the Lord's Supper

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Editor: I. Watts, D. D.
Publisher: Brynberg and Andrews (Printer), Wilmington, [Del.], 1793
Language: English
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I.IBehold the glories of the Lamb, Amidst [amid] his father's thronePage Scan
I.IIEre the blue heavens were stretched abroadPage Scan
I.IIIBehold the grace appears, The promise is fulfilledPage Scan
I.VNaked as from the earth we camePage Scan
I.VIGreat God, I own thy sentence justPage Scan
I.VIILet every mortal ear attendPage Scan
I.VIIIHow honorable is the placePage Scan
I.IXIn vain we lavish out our lives To gather empty windPage Scan
I.XHow beauteous are their [his] feetPage Scan
I.XIThere was an hour when Christ rejoicedPage Scan
I.XIIJesus, the man of constant griefPage Scan
I.XIIIThe lands that long in darkness layPage Scan
I.XIVWho shall the Lord's elect condemnPage Scan
I.XVLet me but hear my Savior sayPage Scan
I.XVIHosanna to the royal SonPage Scan
I.XVIIO for an overcoming faithPage Scan
I.XVIIIHear what the voice from heaven proclaimsPage Scan
I.XIXLord, at thy temple we appear, As happy Simon camePage Scan
I.XXAwake my heart, arise my tonguePage Scan
I.XXILo, what a glorious sight appearsPage Scan
I.XXIVIn vain the wealthy mortals toilPage Scan
I.XXVAll mortal vanites, be gonePage Scan
I.XXVIBlest be the everlasting [eternal] GodPage Scan
I.XXVIIDeath may dissolve my body now, And bear my spirit homePage Scan
I.XXVIIIWhat mighty Man, or mighty GodPage Scan
I.XXIXI lift my banner [banners], saith the LordPage Scan
I.XXXIn thine own ways, O God of lovePage Scan
I.XXXIIWhence do our mournful thoughts arisePage Scan
I.XXXIXNow shall my inward joys arise, and burstPage Scan
I.XLWhat happy men, or angels, thesePage Scan
I.XLIThese glorious minds [ones], how bright they shinePage Scan
I.XLIIAdore and tremble, for our GodPage Scan
I.XLVSee where the great incarnate GodPage Scan
I.XLVIIIAwake, our souls, away our fearsPage Scan
I.XLIXHow strong thine arm is, mighty GodPage Scan
I.LNow be the God of Isr'l blestPage Scan
I.LITo God the only wise, our Savior and our KingPage Scan
I.LII'Twas the commission of our [the] LordPage Scan
I.LIIIGod, who in various methods toldPage Scan
I.LIVJesus, we bless thy Father's namePage Scan
I.LVWhen we are raised from deep distressPage Scan
I.LVIWe sing the glories of thy lovePage Scan
I.LVIIBackward with humble shame we lookPage Scan
I.LVIIILet mortal tongues attempt to singPage Scan
I.LIXIn Gabriel's hand a mighty stonePage Scan
I.LXOur souls shall magnify the Lord, In God the SaviorPage Scan
I.LXINow to the Lord, that [who] makes [made] us knowPage Scan
I.LXIICome, let us join our cheerful songs With angels round the thronePage Scan
I.LXIIIWhat equal honors shall we bringPage Scan
I.LXIVBehold what wondrous gracePage Scan
I.LXVLet the seventh angel sound on highPage Scan
I.LXVILet him embrace my soul, and provePage Scan
I.LXVIIThou whom my soul admires abovePage Scan
I.LXVIIIBehold the Rose of Sharon herePage Scan
I.LXIXThe voice of my beloved soundsPage Scan
I.LXXHark, the Redeemer from on highPage Scan
I.LXXIOften I seek my Lord by nightPage Scan
I.LXXIIDaughters of Zion, come, beholdPage Scan
I.LXXIIIKind is the speech of Christ our LordPage Scan
I.LXXIVWe are a garden walled aroundPage Scan
I.LXXVThe wondering world enquires [inquires] to knowPage Scan
I.LXXVIWhen strangers stand and hear me tellPage Scan
I.LXXVIINow in the [thy] galleries of his gracePage Scan
I.LXXVIIIWho is this fair one in distressPage Scan
I.LXXIXGod of the morning, at whose [thy] voicePage Scan
I.LXXXThus far the Lord hath [has] led me onPage Scan
I.LXXXIMy God, how endless [lasting] is thy lovePage Scan
I.LXXXIIShall the vile race of flesh and bloodPage Scan
I.LXXXIIINot from the dust affliction growsPage Scan
I.LXXXIVJehovah speaks, let Isr'l hearPage Scan
I.LXXXVThe Lord on high proclaims His GodheadPage Scan
I.LXXXVIHow should the sons of Adam's racePage Scan
I.LXXXVIIThus saith [speaks] the high and lofty OnePage Scan
I.LXXXVIIILife is the time to serve the LordPage Scan
I.LXXXIXYe sons of Adam, vain and youngPage Scan
I.XCLo the young tribes of Adam risePage Scan
I.XCINow in the heat [flush] of youthful bloodPage Scan
I.XCIIShall wisdom cry aloudPage Scan
I.XCIIIThus saith the wisdom of the LordPage Scan
I.XCIVVain are the hopes the [that] sons of menPage Scan
I.XCVNot all the outward forms on earth, Nor rites that God hath givenPage Scan
I.XCVIBut few among the carnal wisePage Scan
I.XCVIIBuried in [the] shadows of the nightPage Scan
I.XCVIIIHow heavy is the nightPage Scan
I.XCIXVain are the hopes that rebels placePage Scan
I.CNot to condemn the sons of men did Christ the sonPage Scan
I.CIWho can describe the joys that risePage Scan
I.CIIBlest are the humble souls that [who] seePage Scan
I.CIIII'm not ashamed to own my [the] LordPage Scan
I.CIVNot the malicious or [nor] [and] profanePage Scan
I.CVNor eye hath seen nor ear hath heardPage Scan
I.CVIShall we go on to sinPage Scan
I.CVIIDeceived by subtle snares of hell [I fell]Page Scan
I.CVIIINot with our mortal eyes have we beheld the LordPage Scan
I.CIXNo more, my God, I boast no more, Of all the duties I have donePage Scan
I.CXThere is a house not made with [by] hands, EternalPage Scan
I.CXILord, we confess our numerous faultsPage Scan
I.CXIISo did the Hebrew prophet raisePage Scan
I.CXIIIHow large the promise, how divinePage Scan
I.CXIVGentiles by nature, we belongPage Scan

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