Hymns and Spiritual Songs, for the Use of Christians

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d1A believer, free from care
d2Ah what shall I do or where be secure
d3Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved
d4And is this heaven and am I there
d5Approach, my soul, the mercy seat
d6Arise, and hail the happy sacred day
d7Auf, auf, mein Geist, auf, auf, den Herrn
d8Before Elisha's gate the Syrian leper stood
d9Beside the gospel pool Appointed for the poor
d10By faith in Christ I walk with God
d11By the poor widow's oil and meal
d12By whom was David taught
d13Come, all ye mourning pilgrims now
d14Come all ye [you] weary travellers
d15Come and taste along with me, consolation and running free
d16Come friends and relations let us [come] join heart and hand
d17Come, my soul, thy suit prepare
d18Come, O thou traveller unknown
d19Come, we [ye] [you] that love the Lord indeed
d20Come, ye that fear [love] the Lord, and listen while I tell
d21Dear Jesus, here comes, And knocks at Thy door
d22Dearest Jesus, though unseen, My believing heart must love thee
d23Encouraged by thy word
d24Far above yon glorious ceiling
d25Fervent persevering prayers
d26Glory to God on high, Let earth and skies reply
d27Glory to thee, my [our] God [O Lord], this night [day]
d28Gracious Lord [God], our children see
d29Hail, sovereign Lord, who first began
d30Hark, how time's wide sounding bell
d31Hark, my soul, it is the Lord
d32Hark, my soul, the trumpet sounding
d33Hark, the jubilee is sounding
d34Honey though the bee prepares
d35How am I held a prisoner now
d36How blest the righteous are
d37How lost was [is] my [our] condition
d38How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
d39How tedious and tasteless [restless and tiresome] the hours
d40How welcome to the saints [soul] [when] pressed
d41I am Alpha, says the Savior
d42I will praise thee every day
d43I would but cannot sing
d44In evil long I took delight
d45In what confusion earth appears
d46Innumerable foes attack the child of God
d47Jerusalem, my happy home
d48Jesus, and shall it ever be
d49Jesus, at thy command
d50Jesus Christ, the Lord's anointed
d51Jesus, my [mine] [our] all, to heaven is [has] gone
d52Jesus, the Lord, our souls adore
d53John, in a vision, saw the day
d54Legion was my name, by nature
d55Let me dwell on [in] [at] Golgotha
d56Let us love and sing and wonder
d57Lift your heads, ye friends of Jesus
d58Lo he cometh countless trumpets
d59Lo the God by whom salvation
d60Lo we see the sign appearing
d61Lord, what is man, extremes how wide
d62Mercy, O thou Son of David
d63Mourn, mourn, ye saints as if you see
d64My barns are full, my stores increase
d65My brethren, from my heart beloved
d66My God was with me all this [the] night
d67My soul is beset with grief and dismay
d68Nay, I cannot let thee go
d69Never let good despair
d70No words can declare, no fancy can paint
d71Now in a song of grateful praise [love]
d72O God, my heart with love inflame
d73O how I have longed for the coming [presence] of God [the Lord]
d74O may I worthy prove to see The saints in full prosperity
d75O thou in whose presence my soul takes delight
d76O when shall I [we] see Jesus and dwell [reign] with Him above
d77Oft as the bell, with solemn toll, Speaks the departure of a soul
d78Once a woman silent stood
d79Once perishing in blood I lay
d80One awful word which Jesus spoke
d81Our souls by [in] love together knit [drawn] [joined]
d82Physician of my [the] sin sick soul
d83Poor sinners, little do they think
d84Prepare a thankful song
d85Rejoice, believer [believers], in the Lord
d86Salvation what a glorious plan
d87Saved by blood I live to tell
d88Savior, visit Thy [our] plantation, grant us Lord, a gracious rain
d89See, the eternal Judge descending
d90See the gloomy, gathering cloud
d91Sin enslaved me many years
d92Sin has undone our wretched race
d93Since Jesus freely [purely] did appear
d94Sing, my soul, his wondrous love
d95Sinner, art thou [are you] still secure [sincere]
d96Sinner [sinners], hear the [thy] Savior's call
d97Sometimes a light surprises
d98Stop, poor sinner [sinners], stop and think
d99Sweet was the time when first I felt
d100Sweeter sounds than music knows

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