Hymns of the Advent

Editor: Chas. C. Barker
Publisher: W. N. Pile, Springfield, Mass., 1881
Denomination: Advent Christian Church
Language: English
Notes: Some hymns in the hymnal are unnumbered; these have been given of the number of the previous hymn, followed by letters. The hymnal skips #220.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1There is a God—all nature speaksPage Scan
2I sing th' almighty power of GodPage Scan
3Come, O my soul! in sacred laysPage Scan
4Great God! how infinite art thou!Page Scan
5Ah! how shall fallen manPage Scan
6Lord, I am vile, conceived in sinPage Scan
7Death's not the "Gate of paradise"Page Scan
8Blest is the man that walketh notPage Scan
9Almighty Maker of my framePage Scan
10Calm on the list'ning ear of nightGOULDPage Scan
11In pity for our helpless fateREFUGEPage Scan
12I know that my Redeemer livesMESSIAHPage Scan
13Jesus, by his own precious bloodBETHELPage Scan
14Thou art the Way—to thee alonePage Scan
15To us a child of hope is bornPage Scan
16Come happy souls! approach your GodPage Scan
17Not to condemn the sons of menPage Scan
18Grace! 'tis a charming sound!Page Scan
19'Tis midnight—and on Olive's browPage Scan
20He dies! the Friend of sinners dies!Page Scan
21Angels! roll the rock awayPage Scan
22The Christ, the Son of God, hath died!Page Scan
23Morning breaks upon the tombPage Scan
24Our Lord is risen from the deadPage Scan
25He lives—the great Redeemer lives!Page Scan
26There is a fountain filled with bloodPage Scan
27Jesus, no other name but thinePage Scan
28Life but in Christ, O, joyful theme!Page Scan
29Now to the Lord, who makes us knowPage Scan
30Hark! a mighty swelling soundPage Scan
31Hark! down through the starry portalsPage Scan
32The Saviour comes, his advent's nighPage Scan
33The Lord will come: the earth shall quakePage Scan
34I can see beyond the river[I can see beyond the river]Page Scan
35I love to tell the story[I love to tell the story]Page Scan
36Tho' to dust this frail body may turn[Tho' to dust this frail body may turn]Page Scan
37There's a home for all the blest[There's a home for all the blest]Page Scan
38Not what these hands have donePage Scan
39I hear the words of lovePage Scan
40God is the refuge of his saintsPage Scan
41Blest are the humble souls who seePage Scan
42I know that my Redeemer livesPage Scan
43As Jesus died, and rose againPage Scan
44My faith shall triumph o'er the gravePage Scan
45The night is far spent, and the day is at handPage Scan
46My home is in Eden, my rest is not herePage Scan
47The night is spent—the morning rayPage Scan
48The glorious day is comingPage Scan
49We have heard from the bright and the better landPage Scan
50It is the hour of Time's farewellPage Scan
51I know that my Redeemer livesPage Scan
52I know that my Messiah livesPage Scan
53There is a world to comePage Scan
54No, not the love without the bloodPage Scan
55We're marching through a wildernessPage Scan
56I love thee, I love thee, I love thee my Lord!Page Scan
57There is no name so sweet on earthPage Scan
58What vessel are you sailing inPage Scan
59Jerusalem, my happy homePage Scan
60Yes, He will come, though PhariseePage Scan
61There is a safe and secret placePage Scan
62O! when the morn of morns shall comeCHRISTMASPage Scan
63I am looking for the dawningPILGRIMPage Scan
64A home for me, what a joyful tho't[A home for me, what a joyful tho't]Page Scan
65O! the tho't is soul-enliv'ningTRANSPORTPage Scan
66We pine and sigh for the age of love[We pine and sigh for the age of love]Page Scan
67We are watching, we are waiting[We are watching, we are waiting]Page Scan
68I am waiting, ever waiting[I am waiting, ever waiting]Page Scan
69Beautiful Eden, refuge of peace[Beautiful Eden, refuge of peace]Page Scan
70aO shout for joy! let songs arise[O shout for joy! let songs arise]Page Scan
70bMortal's awake, with angels join[Mortal's awake, with angels join]Page Scan
71Lift up the trumpet, oh, loud let it ring![Lift up the trumpet, oh, loud let it ring!]Page Scan
72When Jesus comes to earth again[When Jesus comes to earth again]Page Scan
73There's not a bright and beaming smilePage Scan
74Jesus comes with all his gracePage Scan
75This groaning earth is too dark and drearPage Scan
76How sweet the Christian's hope to mePage Scan
77How cheering is the Christian's hopePage Scan
78Thine oath and promise, mighty GodPage Scan
79Shall we gather at the riverPage Scan
80No slacker grows the fightPage Scan
81Sweet rivers of redeeming lovePage Scan
82In expectation sweetPage Scan
83This is not my place of restingPage Scan
84O glorious hope of heav'nly love!Page Scan
85The church has waited longPage Scan
86aIn love, the Father's sinless childPage Scan
86bCome nearer, nearer stillPage Scan
87Lo, what a glorious sight appearsPage Scan
88Beautiful Zion, built abovePage Scan
89O hail, happy day, that speaks our trials endedPage Scan
90O joyful sound of gospel grace!Page Scan
91"A little while," our Lord shall comePage Scan
92How happy every child of gracePage Scan
93Joyfully, joyfully onward I roamPage Scan
94Glory to God! the night is almost o'erPage Scan
95On time's tempestuous ocean widePage Scan
96My soul is happy when I hearPage Scan
97He is coming; and the tidingsPage Scan
98Joy to the world! the Lord will come!Page Scan

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