Lyra Catholica: containing all the hymns of the Roman breviary and missal, with others from various sources. Arranged for every day in the week, and the festivals and saints' days...

Publisher: E. Dunigan & Bro., New York, 1851
Denomination: Roman Catholic Church
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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49This day the blessed TrinityPage Scan
51Let us arise and watch ere dawn of lightPage Scan
52Dread Framer of the earth and skyPage Scan
54Lo fainter now lie spread the shadesPage Scan
55Now doth the sun ascend the skyPage Scan
56Come Holy Ghost, and through each heartPage Scan
57Lord of eternal truth and mightPage Scan
58O thou true life of all that livePage Scan
59O blest Creator of the light, Who dost thePage Scan
60Our limbs with tranquil sleep refreshedPage Scan
61O thou the Father's image blestPage Scan
63Lord of immensity sublimePage Scan
64Pure light of light eternal dayPage Scan
65Now while the herald bird of dayPage Scan
67O bounteous Framer of the globePage Scan
68O blest Creator of the worldPage Scan
69Ye mist and darkness, cloud and stormPage Scan
70Lord of eternal purityPage Scan
72The pall of night o'ershades the earthPage Scan
73Now with the rising golden dawnPage Scan
74Lord of all power, at whose commandPage Scan
75O thou who dost all nature swayPage Scan
77Eternal glory of the heavensPage Scan
78Maker of men, who by thyselfPage Scan
79O thou eternal Source of lovePage Scan
81The dawn is sprinkling in the eastPage Scan
82Now doth the fiery sun declinePage Scan
83Now with the fast departing lightPage Scan
84Mother of Christ! hear thou thy people's cryPage Scan
85aHail, O Queen of Heav'n entrhon'd!Page Scan
85bJoy to thee, O Queen of heaven! AlleluiaPage Scan
86Mother of mercy, hail, O gentle Queen!Page Scan
89Maker of heaven, eternal lightPage Scan
91O thou who thine own Father's breastPage Scan
92Hark! an awful voice is soundingPage Scan
94Jesu Redeemer of the worldPage Scan
95From the far blazing gate of mornPage Scan
97When it is reached thy tyrant's earPage Scan
98Lovely flowers of martyrs, hailPage Scan
99O Cruel Herod! Why thus fearPage Scan
100Bethlehem of noblest citiesPage Scan
102Jesus, the very [only] thought of Thee [You]Page Scan
103O Jesu, King most wonderfulPage Scan
104O Jesu! Thou the beauty artPage Scan
106See from on high, arrayed in truth and gracePage Scan
107Daughter of Zion, cease thy bitter tearsPage Scan
109Now let us sit and weepPage Scan
111See, where in shame the God of glory hangsPage Scan
112O'erwhelmed in depths of woePage Scan
114Daughters of Zion, royal maidsPage Scan
115Christ's peerless crown is picturedPage Scan
116Thou loving Maker of mankindPage Scan
118Now with the slow revolving yearPage Scan
120The darkness fleets, and joyful earthPage Scan
121What tongue, illustrious spear, canPage Scan
122Hail, spear and nails, erewhile despisedPage Scan
123O turn those blessed points, all bathedPage Scan
124The glories of that sacred winding sheetPage Scan
126This day the wondrous mysteryPage Scan
128Jesu, as though thyself wert herePage Scan
129Forth let the long processionPage Scan
131He who once, in righteous vengeancePage Scan
133Hail, wounds, which through eternal yearsPage Scan
135Forth comes the standard of the KingPage Scan
137Sing, my tongue, the Savior's gloryPage Scan
139Thus did Christ to perfect manhoodPage Scan
140Now at the Lamb's great paschal feastPage Scan
142O thou the heaven's eternal kingPage Scan
144The dawn was purpling o'er the skyPage Scan
145O thou pure light of souls that lovePage Scan
147O thou eternal King most highPage Scan
149Come, O Creator Spirit blestPage Scan
150Above the starry spheresPage Scan
152Again the slowly circling yearPage Scan
154Now doth the fiery sun declinePage Scan
155aO Thou eternal Source of love!Page Scan
155bO Thou! who dost all nature swayPage Scan
156Sing, my tongue, the Saviour's gloryPage Scan
157Down in adoration fallingPage Scan
158Let us with hearts renewedPage Scan
160The Word, descending from abovePage Scan
161aO saving Victim! opening widePage Scan
161bJesu, creator of the worldPage Scan
162Lo how the savage crewPage Scan
164Ark of the covenant, not thatPage Scan
166All ye who seek a certain curePage Scan
167To Christ, the Prince of Peace, The Son of God most highPage Scan
171Peter, whatever thou shalt bindPage Scan
172Peter, blest shepherd, hear our piteousPage Scan
173Lead us, great teacher Paul, in wisdom's waysPage Scan
174Lift to the skies, great RomePage Scan
175The agonizing hooks, the rendingPage Scan
176Protect thy native land O spiritPage Scan
177O Christ, the beauty of the angel worldsPage Scan
178Joseph, pure spouse of that immortal bridePage Scan
180Joseph, our certain hope of lifePage Scan
181Worshipped throughout the churchPage Scan
182At the cross her station keepingPage Scan
184Holy mother, pierce me throughPage Scan
185Virgin of all virgins bestPage Scan

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