The Little Catholic Hymn Book: Containing a Collection of Hymns, Anthems ...

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d1Again the Sunday morn
d2All ye who seek a certain cure
d3All ye who seek, in hope and love
d4Angel guardian, guard me sleeping
d5At the cross her station keeping
d6Children of the heavenly king as we journey
d7Come Holy Ghost, and through each heart
d8Come, O Creator Spirit blest
d9Come, O Creator Spirit, Visit
d10Dear angel ever at my side, How loving must thou be
d11Dear guardian [husband] of Mary, dear nurse [fond guide] of her child
d12Dear Jesus, as I wake be nigh
d13Depart awhile, each thought of care
d14Down in adoration falling
d15First floweret [flower] of the desert wild
d16Forth comes the standard of the King
d17Gentle star of ocean
d18Giver of life, eternal Lord
d19Glory and praise to thee, Redeemer blest
d20Grateful notes to heaven ascending
d21Hail, city of refuge
d22Hail, dial of Achaz
d23Hail, holy Joseph, hail
d24Hail, holy virgin, Mary, hail
d25Hail, Jesus, hail, who for my sake
d26Hail, mother most pure
d27Hail, O Queen of heaven enthroned
d28Hail, queen of the heavens
d29Hail, Solomon's throne
d30Hail to thee, true Body, sprung
d31Hail, virgin most wise
d32Hail, virginal mother
d33Hail, wounds, which through eternal years
d34Holy Spirit, Lord of light, from thy [the] clear
d35Jesus, the very [only] thought of Thee [You]
d36Joy of my heart, O, let me pay
d37Joy to thee, O queen of heaven
d38Let the deep organ swell the lay
d39Let us with hearts renewed
d40Light of the soul, O Savior blest
d41Lo upon the altar lies
d42Lord, let me shun whatever things
d43Lovely flowers of martyrs, hail
d44Mild and serene, ye angels, appear
d45Mother of Almighty God
d46Mother of Christ, hear thou thy people's cry
d47Mother of mercy, hail, O gentle queen
d48Mother of our Lord and Savior
d49My God, I love Thee, not because I hope for heaven
d50My God [O God], accept my [our] heart [hearts] this day
d51My spirit longeth [longs] for Thee, Within my troubled breast
d52Nigher still, and still more nigh
d53Now doth the fiery sun decline
d54Now doth the sun ascend the sky
d55Now let the earth with joy resound
d56Now with the fast departing light
d57O blessed saint of snow white purity
d58O come, all ye faithful, Triumphantly sing
d59O Godhead hid, devoutly I adore thee
d60O Jesu, life springing of the soul
d61O Jesu, our Redemption
d62O Lord, another day [week] has [is] flown
d63O saving Victim, opening [open] wide
d64O thou eternal King most high
d65O thou eternal Source of love
d66O thou, of all thy warriors, Lord
d67O thou the heaven's eternal king
d68O turn to Jesus, mother, turn
d69O what could my Jesus do more
d70O ye angelic bands, attend
d71O Zion, open wide thy gates
d72O'erwhelmed in depths of woe
d73Rejoice, O ye spirits and angels on high
d74Rose of the cross, thou mystic flower
d75Ruler of the dread immense
d76Sing, my tongue, the Savior's glory, of his flesh
d77Sing, sing, ye angel [angelic] bands
d78Sing ye praises to the Lord
d79Star of Jacob, ever beaming
d80Sweet morn thou parent of the sun
d81The confessor of Christ, from shore to shore
d82The Lord himself, the mighty Lord
d83The Lord's eternal gifts
d84The youth who wealth and court [courts] despised
d85These praises and prayers I lay at thy feet
d86Thou crown of all the virgin choir
d87Thou loving Maker of mankind
d88To all, who would holily live
d89To Christ, the Prince of Peace, The Son of God most high
d90What a sea of tears and sorrow
d91What happiness can equal mine
d92What mortal tongue can sing thy [your] praise
d93With grateful hearts, let's all combine
d94Ye faithful, approach ye
d95Ye sons and daughters of the Lord
d96Zion, lift thy voice, and sing
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