Linden Harp

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d101O happy land, O happy land, Where saints and angels
d102O here I sit and plait my straw
d103O I am so happy, the [a] little girl said
d104O linden tree, how sweet art thou
d105O loving and forgiving
d106O make me a very good child
d107O may my heart discover
d108O may truth guide our youth
d109O say, little girl, whither now are you going
d110O speak softly to thy comrade
d111O turn that [thy] little foot aside
d112O welcome light that rises bright
d113O what a lovely thing
d114O what is heaven, I want to know
d115O where tell me where has my little brother gone
d116Oft in the stilly night, Ere slumber's chain
d117On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye
d118Our Father in heaven we hallow thy name
d119Our Savior bids the children come
d120Our youthful hearts for learning burn
d121Preserved by thine almighty power
d122Savior, do Thou appear
d123Savior, once fond parents brought Thee
d124Say, mother, why do people weep
d125Schoolmates, can you tell me
d126See the kind [good] Shepherd, Jesus, stands
d127Shall 'ere cold water be forgot
d128Shall Simon bear his cross alone
d129Shall we oppressed with sadness
d130She sleeps, a weary one, rash boy, arouse her not
d131Should you wish to be told
d132Silently, silently, ope and close the school
d133Sing, sing, sing, sing, dear children, sing
d134Smiling May, comes in play
d135Sweetly the Sabbath bell steals on the air
d136The Bible, the Bible, Best volume of truth
d137The Bible, the Bible, More precious than gold
d138The daylight fades, the evening shades
d139The flowers are blooming everywhere
d140The little child who loves to pray
d141The morning bright, with rosy light
d142The mother looked pale and her face was (quite) sad
d143The pearl that [the] worldlings covet
d144The praises of my tongue
d145The winter is over and gone the thrush whistles
d146There is a happy land, Far, [not] far away
d147There is a home, a home fadeless and bright
d148There is an hour of peaceful rest
d149There is an old decenter
d150Thou, Lord, reignest in this bosom
d151Though sinful, weak, and erring
d152'Tis a lesson you should heed
d153'Tis the last rose of summer, left blooming alone
d154To do to others as I would that they should do to me
d155To thee, O blessed Savior
d156Very little things are we
d157Wake and sing, children, sing
d158Wake little child, the morn is gay
d159We all love one another
d160We bring no glittering treasures, no gems
d161We have no words with which to tell
d162We were so poor when baby died
d163We won't [we'll not] give up the Bible, God's holy book of truth
d164What is it shows my soul the way
d165What is that, mother, the lark, my child
d166What means that strange word on that flag
d167What seraph like music falls sweet on my ear
d168When Joy thy heart is swelling
d169When shall we meet again, Meet ne'er [more] to sever
d170When the flowers are gaily blooming
d171Whene'er we meet, you [we] always say
d172While the Sunday bells are ringin
d173Who are they in heaven who [that] stand
d174Who came from heaven to bleed and die
d175Who fed me from her gentle breast
d176Who often with me kindly played
d177Who shall sing if not the children
d178Who took me from my mother's arms
d179Who was it, when we both were young
d180Who'll buy a nosegay, cried a sweet little child
d181With joy we meet, With smiles we greet Our schoolmates bright and gay
d182Zion, bright and fair, strong thy bulwarks are

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