Missionary Melodies

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d1A sunbeam, all for Jesus
d2Be a little sunbeam everywhere you go
d3Bright little sunbeams with eyes of brown
d4Dear Father, as we go to rest
d5Father, bless the little children
d6Father, help us to be true
d7Give a thought to Africa, 'neath the burning sun
d8Give, said the little stream
d9God make [made] my life a little light within the world
d10God's children live in many lands
d11Hark, 'tis the Master's voice I hear
d12Help to build a bridge of peace
d13I am so glad that our [my] Father [Savior] in heaven
d14I am the Light of the world, Jesus said
d15I think God gives the children
d16I want to send a whisper song
d17If every little child could see
d18I'm just a little child, 'tis true
d19I've two little hands to work for Jesus
d20Jesus bids us shine with a pure, clear [clear, pure] light
d21Jesus calls the children dear
d22Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible
d23Jesus loves the little children, For he said one day
d24Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
d25Listen to the voice of Jesus O so sweet
d26O hear us now, dear Father
d27The cunning papoose in the wigwam
d28The little children far away
d29The world is a beautiful, wonderful home
d30There was a little girl who played
d31We are but a band of children
d32We're children of one Father
d33When Jesus was a baby boy
d34Will you help to tell the children
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