Millennial Praises: containing a collection of gospel hymns, in four parts; adapted to the day of Christ's second appearing

Editor: Seth Young Wells
Publisher: Josiah Tallcott (printer), Hancock, Mass., 1813
Denomination: Shakers
Language: English
Notes: Hymns in each of the four parts are numbered separately.
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I.IGod of salvation, power and gracePage Scan
I.IIThis day of december, we meet to rememberPage Scan
I.IIIYe kindreds of the earth, beholdPage Scan
I.IVBlow ye the trump in ZionPage Scan
I.VLet every human creaturePage Scan
I.VIThou fairest of all the creationPage Scan
I.VIICome let us rejoice, for we are truly blestPage Scan
I.VIIITwo trumpets were appointedPage Scan
I.IXThe Israelites, when they got freePage Scan
I.XA people called christiansPage Scan
I.XIAncient prophets and apostlesPage Scan
I.XIISalvation is a joyful soundPage Scan
I.XIIIWhat company is this I spyPage Scan
I.XIVHow happy the day, when the new living wayPage Scan
I.XVThe prophets saw most clearPage Scan
I.XVII have found the true vine, and have tasted its winePage Scan
I.XVIISome look at the fathers of oldPage Scan
I.XVIIIInspired by wisdom, in union and lovePage Scan
I.XIXHark! what means this dreadful sound?Page Scan
I.XXThe great and glorious harvestPage Scan
I.XXIIn Zion the work of the Lord is declar'dPage Scan
I.XXIIDay of judgment now arrivenPage Scan
I.XXIIIHail the day so long expected!Page Scan
I.XXIVMan in his first creationPage Scan
I.XXVHark! hark! & hear the soundPage Scan
I.XXVIGreat is the work, Almighty God & KingPage Scan
I.XXVIIThe gospel in mercy, to me has reveal'dPage Scan
I.XXVIIIHo, every one that means to shunPage Scan
I.XXIXThis is the city of our GodPage Scan
I.XXXSince we are made partakers herePage Scan
I.XXXICome let us all unite and singPage Scan
I.XXXIIHow joyful, how thankful, how loving I feelPage Scan
I.XXXIIIWhat beautiful songs do I hear!Page Scan
I.XXXIVCome Brethren & Sisters, let's now travel onPage Scan
I.XXXVCome let us all in love unitePage Scan
I.XXXVILet love abound on Zion's groundPage Scan
I.XXXVIIBehold a new heaven, the fountain of lovePage Scan
II.IThe everlasting Father, And Spirit two in onePage Scan
II.IILet names and sects and partiesPage Scan
II.IIIThe gospel clear as the noon dayPage Scan
II.IVWhen first we heard the gospel soundPage Scan
II.VThe day of redemption, by prophets foretoldPage Scan
II.VIThe everlasting gospel Will every sin destroyPage Scan
II.VIIBlest charity to us begunPage Scan
II.VIIIWe read, when God created manPage Scan
II.IXWe read that a race of deceiversPage Scan
II.XOld orthodox Christians have two weighty questionsPage Scan
II.XIIn the Lamb's first revelationPage Scan
II.XIIGospel tidings from on high!Page Scan
II.XIII'Twas in Christ's first appearingPage Scan
II.XIVBehold the cloud, the Church is spreadPage Scan
II.XVNow in Christ's second coming dayPage Scan
II.XVILo! in these latter years the bright angel appearsPage Scan
II.XVIIIs not Esau Jacob's brother?Page Scan
II.XVIIIIn this day of separationPage Scan
II.XIXBy the gospel we are calledPage Scan
II.XXHow precious is the way of GodPage Scan
II.XXIO the happy journey that we are pursuing!Page Scan
II.XXIIChildren of the new creationPage Scan
II.XXIIIChrist's second coming we now seePage Scan
II.XXIVHow freedom waves her golden wingsPage Scan
II.XXVThe word of life, so precious here belowPage Scan
II.XXVIOn Zion's hill is clearly seenPage Scan
II.XXVIIThe gospel child, whose humble mindPage Scan
II.XXVIIILoving Brethren, loving SistersPage Scan
II.XXIXCome Brethren and Sisters, let's joyful unitePage Scan
II.XXXCelestial beauty, how divine!Page Scan
II.XXXICome let us all in love unitePage Scan
II.XXXIICome let us unite, while the angels invitePage Scan
II.XXXIII'Twas love that brought the Holy LambPage Scan
III.IWhat baleful spirit, what malignant causePage Scan
III.IIIn gospel songs let us reviewPage Scan
III.IIIWhen all the world was in a dozePage Scan
III.IVThe virgin Spouse begins to rousePage Scan
III.VThe dawning day defus'd her lightPage Scan
III.VIO glorious morn! O happy day!Page Scan
III.VIILeap and shout, ye living building!Page Scan
III.VIIIThe faith that ancient saints enjoy'dPage Scan
III.IXSouls who hunger for salvationPage Scan
III.XThe old antichristians this method have foundPage Scan
III.XILift up your heads, ye righteous few!Page Scan
III.XIIHow the dragon's chains do rattlePage Scan
III.XIIIBehold, Emmanuel's host appears!Page Scan
III.XIVO, thou persecuting Babel!Page Scan
III.XVLift your heads, ye once afflicted!Page Scan
III.XVIBehold the nations tremblePage Scan
III.XVIIFor souls there is a refugePage Scan
III.XVIIIThe everlasting fountain Of God's redeeming gracePage Scan
III.XIXBehold, how precious is our day!Page Scan
III.XXCome, ye children of the KingdomPage Scan
III.XXIThe tenderest feelings that nature can knowPage Scan
III.XXIIWe read of great deceiversPage Scan
III.XXIIIAncient saints in pain and travailPage Scan
III.XXIVThe law was holy, just and goodPage Scan
III.XXVChildren of the heavenly QueenPage Scan
III.XXVIUpon a sure foundationPage Scan
III.XXVIIThe gifts of God, so long conceal'dPage Scan
III.XXVIIIOne language believers in union proclaimPage Scan
III.XXIXWhen Christ the Lord was typify'dPage Scan
III.XXXThe name of Herod signifiesPage Scan

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