Our Family Circle

Editor: Ernest Dunklee
Publisher: Dunklee, South Vernon, Mass., 1950
Denomination: Advent Christian Church
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d1A father and his little son
d2A servant to his master came
d3Are you serving God with all your might
d4As you go along life's pathway, do you stumble
d5Dear Lord, my journey through life is now ended
d6Deep down in my heart there's a battle
d7Do as you'd be done by
d8Down through the ages, his promises ring
d9From the flaming sky shall the Lord descend
d10God wants workers in his vineyard
d11Hand in hand with Jesus I have naught to fear
d12Head of gold, breast and arms of silver bright
d13I have a garden of memories
d14I know that God is calling me
d15I know that I shall see his face
d16I sinned as did Adam
d17If your soul is filled with sorrow
d18In the Bible we read of a city so fair
d19It surely is refreshing
d20I've started out with Jesus the right to do
d21Jerusalem, the golden, bright city built on high
d22Jesus is calling, he's calling tonight, calling
d23Life would be dark without Jesus
d24Like the prodigal I've wandered
d25Lord, fill my heart with love and light
d26Lord, give me strength to travel on
d27Multitudes walk in the vale of decision
d28O come with me to Calvary
d29O my soul was sick and my eyes were blind
d30O you've awandered far from the path of God
d31On a lonely hill stands a blood stained cross
d32Shadows on the hillside, where the poplars grow
d33She has just gone on
d34Six thousand years are nearly passed
d35Some people seek an alibi
d36The king awoke from slumber, his heart with fear
d37The Savior is waiting to cleanse you from sin
d38The world was made and Adam, Too
d39There comes a time when weary grows the way
d40There is sunshine in the valley, there is sunshine
d41There was a girl just in her teens
d42There's a land of glory where our King has gone
d43There's a land that's blessed
d44There's a long, straight road that leads to glory
d45There's a narrow path that the saints have trod
d46There's a pardon waiting for all who believe
d47There's an Advent special on the track, it's ready
d48This song's about a man
d49To childhood's happy, carefree days
d50Two preachers, Paul and Silas named
d51We are longing for the day wehn Lord
d52We're on our way to the promised land
d53When doubt and fear beset my soul
d54When I awake in the morning
d55When Jesus comes to the second time
d56When the Master fed the multitude
d57When the trump shall sound on the last great day
d58When the way is dark and my heart is sad
d59When the way looks dark and the night looks drear
d60When the world goes wrong and my heart is sad
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