Old School Sonnets, or a Selection of Choice Hymns

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d1A beggar poor had lost his eyes
d2A child of God is made
d3A Christian sergeant, sent to list
d4A female, much distrest [distressed]
d5A form of words, though e'er so sound Can never
d6A heavenly host triumphant bring
d7A new made world appeared so gay
d8A potent monarch, 'tis declared
d9A refuge for sinners, the gospel makes known
d10A rock salutes mine eye
d11A saint there was in days of old
d12A sinner, who can read his case
d13A worldling spent each day In luxury and state
d14Ah when the saints where Jesus reigns
d15Alas poor soul what ails thee now
d16All glorious God, what hymns of praise Shall our transported voices raise
d17All hail, my Lord, for thou, yes, thou art infinitely fair
d18Although my Lord is now enthroned
d19Among [amongst] the list of worthies found
d20An awful work it is to die
d21An early summons Jesus sends
d22And must it Lord be so
d23And now the Savior goes
d24And why, dear Savior, tell me why
d25Arise, my thoughts, and trace the spring
d26As branches from the vine
d27As Jesus the Lord he receives
d28As Moses lifts the serpent high
d29As vapors rising from the earth
d30As when a child secure of harms
d31At length he bowed his dying head
d32Before the day star knew its place
d33Before the sun, the fount of light A single round had run
d34Behold from the desert of sin
d35Behold how Adam's hapless race
d36Behold, the Shepherd's tender care
d37Behold the spouse replete [oppressed] with fears
d38Believers own they are but blind
d39Beneath the sacred throne of God
d40Blest are the dead, yea, saith the word
d41By covenant transaction, and blood
d42By faith I know the worlds were made
d43By faith in Christ I walk with God
d44Cheer up, ye saints for ye shall all rise
d45Cheer up, ye traveling souls
d46Christ, exalted, is our song
d47Christ is the friend of sinners
d48Christ is the sinner's only friend
d49Christ suffered once our crown to win
d50Come, all ye chosen saints of God that long to feel the cle
d51Come, all ye ransomed of the Lord, Your grateful tribute br
d52Come, friends,admire how Christ renews
d53Come hither ye, that fain would know
d54Come, see the man at Jesus' feet
d55Come sinners and sing in a sweet song of praise
d56Come sinners the Lord mediator and bless
d57Come, ye Christians, sing the praises
d58Could I with men and angels vie
d59Day of judgment, day of wonders
d60Dear Lord, and will [has] thy pardoning love
d61Dear soul, when all the human race
d62Deep in a cold, a joyless cell A doleful gulph of gloommy care
d63Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord, Help
d64Exceeding precious is my Lord
d65Faith has for its foundation broad
d66Faith's a convincing proof
d67Father, we seek thy grace
d68Fear not though your comforts be slain
d69For sinners base and quite undone
d70For sinners, Jehovah, eternally blest
d71For sorry strangers such as I
d72For weary saints a rest remains
d73From sin's dark, thorny maze
d74From thee, O sin, our sorrows flow
d75From Zion, God declares
d76God and his law are my delight
d77God has from sleep restored my sight
d78God, in the gospel of his [the] Son
d79Good doctrines in the head
d80Good news to men, still new and fresh
d81Grace, 'tis a charming [cheering] [joyful] [pleasing] sound
d82Gracious God, thy children keep
d83Grant, Lord, my name engraved may be
d84Great Fountain of grace, which none can explore
d85Great God, we in thy courts appear
d86Great Rock, for weary sinners made
d87Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
d88Hail, Prince of Peace and Lord of all
d89He that believeth Christ the Lord
d90Hither, ye poor, ye sick, ye blind
d91Honey though the bee prepares
d92How awful the state I was in
d93How can ye hope, deluded souls
d94How hard and rugged is the way [road]
d95How hurtful was the choice of Lot
d96How long, my Savior, must I find
d97How many hapless souls we see
d98How sluggish is my heart
d99How sore a plague is sin
d100How tedious and tasteless [restless and tiresome] the hours

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