The Psalms of David: imitated in the language of the New Testament, and applied to the Christian state and worship

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IaBlest is the man who shuns the placeTextPage Scan
IbThe man is ever blestTextPage Scan
IcHappy the man whose cautious feetTextPage Scan
IIaMaker, and sov'reign LordTextPage Scan
IIbWhy did the nations join to slayTextPage Scan
IIcWhy did the Jews proclaim their rageTextPage Scan
IIIaMy God, how many are my fearsTextPage Scan
IIIbO Lord, how many are my foesTextPage Scan
IVaO GOD of grace and righteousnessTextPage Scan
IVbLORD, thou wilt hear me when I prayTextPage Scan
VLORD, in the Morning thou shalt hearTextPage Scan
VIaIn anger, LORD, rebuke me notTextPage Scan
VIbLOTD, I can suffer thy rebukesTextPage Scan
VIIMy trust is in my heav'nly FriendTextPage Scan
VIIIaO LORD, our heav'nly KingTextPage Scan
VIIIbO LORD our GOD, how wondrous greatTextPage Scan
VIIIcAlmighty ruler of the skiesTextPage Scan
VIIIdLord, what was man, when made at firstTextPage Scan
IXaWith my whole heart I'll raise my songTextPage Scan
IXbWhen the great Judge supreme and justTextPage Scan
XWhy doth the LORD stand off so farTextPage Scan
XIMy Refuge is the God of loveTextPage Scan
XIIaLORD, if thou dost not soon appearTextPage Scan
XIIbHelp, Lord, for men of virtue failTextPage Scan
XIIIaHow long, O Lord, shall I complainTextPage Scan
XIIIbHow long wilt thou conceal thy faceTextPage Scan
XIVaFools in their hearts believe and sayTextPage Scan
XIVbAre sinners now so senseless grownTextPage Scan
XVaWho shall inhabit in thy hillTextPage Scan
XVbWho shall ascend thy heav'nly placeTextPage Scan
XVIaPreserve me Lord in time of needTextPage Scan
XVIbHow fast their guilt and sorrows riseTextPage Scan
XVIcWhen God is nigh, my faith is strongTextPage Scan
XVIdSave me O Lord from ev'ry foeTextPage Scan
XVIeI set the Lord before my faceTextPage Scan
XVIIaArise, my gracious GodTextPage Scan
XVIIbLord, I am thine: But thy wilt proveTextPage Scan
XVIIIaThee will I love, O LORD, my strength,TextPage Scan
XVIIIbLORD, thou hast seen my soul sincereTextPage Scan
XVIIIcJust are thy ways, and true thy wordTextPage Scan
XVIIIdWe love thee, LORD, and we adoreTextPage Scan
XVIIIeTo thine almighty arm we oweTextPage Scan
XIXaBehold the lofty skyTextPage Scan
XIXbBehold the morning sunTextPage Scan
XIXcThe heavens declare thy glory, LordTextPage Scan
XIXdGreat God, the heav'ns well order'd frameTextPage Scan
XXNow may the GOD of pow'r and graceTextPage Scan
XXIaThe King, O LORD, with songs of praiseTextPage Scan
XXIbDavid rejoic'd in GOD his strengthTextPage Scan
XXIIaWhy has my God my soul forsookTextPage Scan
XXIIbNow from the roaring lion's rageTextPage Scan
XXIIcNow let our mournful songs recordTextPage Scan
XXIIIaMy shepherd is the living LORDTextPage Scan
XXIIIbMy Shepard will supply my needTextPage Scan
XXIIIcThe Lord my Shepherd isTextPage Scan
XXIVaThe earth forever is the Lord'sTextPage Scan
XXIVbThis spacious earth is all the LORD'sTextPage Scan
XXVaI lift my soul to GodTextPage Scan
XXVbWhere shall the man be foundTextPage Scan
XXVcMine eyes and my desireTextPage Scan
XXVIIaJudge me, O LORD, and prove my waysTextPage Scan
XXVIIbThe LORD of glory is my lightTextPage Scan
XXVIIcSoon as I heard my Father sayTextPage Scan
XXIXGive to the LORD, ye sons of fameTextPage Scan
XXXaI will extol thee, Lord, on highTextPage Scan
XXXbFirm was my health, my day was brightText
XXXIaInto thy hand, O God of truthText
XXXIbMy heart rejoices in thy nameText
XXXIIaO blessed souls are theyText
XXXIIbHappy the man to whom his GodTextPage Scan
XXXIIcBlest is the man, for ever blestTextPage Scan
XXXIIdWhile I keep silence and concealTextPage Scan
XXXIIIaRejoice, ye righteous, in the LordTextPage Scan
XXXIIIbBlest is the nation where the LordTextPage Scan
XXXIIIcYe holy souls, in GOD rejoiceTextPage Scan
XXXIIIdO happy nation, where the LordTextPage Scan
XXXIVaLORD, I will bless thee all my daysTextPage Scan
XXXIVbChildren in years and knowledge youngTextPage Scan
XXXIVcI'll bless the Lord from day to dayTextPage Scan
XXXIVdCome, children, learn to fear the LordTextPage Scan
XXXVaNow plead my cause Almighty GodTextPage Scan
XXXVbBehold the love, the gene'ous loveTextPage Scan
XXXVIaHigh in the heav'ns, eternal GodTextPage Scan
XXXVIbWhile men grow bold in wicked waysTextPage Scan
XXXVIcWhen man grows bold in sinTextPage Scan
XXXVIIaWhy should I vex my soul and fretTextPage Scan
XXXVIIbWhy do the wealthy wicked boastTextPage Scan
XXXVIIcMy God, the steps of pious menTextPage Scan
XXXVIIIAdmidst thy wrath remember loveTextPage Scan
XXXIXaThus I resolv'd before the LordTextPage Scan
XXXIXbTeach me the measure of my daysTextPage Scan
XXXIXcGod of my life, look gently downTextPage Scan
XLaI waited patient for the LordTextPage Scan
XLbThus saith the Lord your work is vainTextPage Scan
XLcThe wonders, Lord, thy love has wroughtTextPage Scan
XLIBlest is the man whose bowels moveTextPage Scan
XLIIaWith earnest longings of the mindTextPage Scan
XLIIbMy spirit sinks within me, LordTextPage Scan
XLIVLord we have heard thy works of oldTextPage Scan
XLVaMy Saviour and my KingTextPage Scan

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