Psalms and Hymns, Adapted to Public Worship: and approved by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America: the latter being arranged according to subjects...

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P1.1Blest is the man who shuns the placePage Scan
P1.2The man is ever blestPage Scan
P1.3Happy the man whose cautious feetPage Scan
P2.1Maker and sovereign LordPage Scan
P2.2Our Lord's ascended highPage Scan
P2.3Why did the nations join to slayPage Scan
P3.1My God, how many are my fears!Page Scan
P3.2O Lord, how many are my foesPage Scan
P4.1O God of grace and righteousnessPage Scan
P4.2Lord, thou wilt hear me when I prayPage Scan
P5Lord, in the morning thou shalt hearPage Scan
P6.1In anger, Lord, do not chastisePage Scan
P6.2Lord, I can suffer thy rebukesPage Scan
P7My trust is in my heavenly friendPage Scan
P8.1O Lord, our heavenly KingPage Scan
P8.2Lord, what was man, when made at firstPage Scan
P9.1With my whole heart I'll raise my songPage Scan
P9.2When the great Judge, supreme and justPage Scan
P10Why doth the Lord, depart so farPage Scan
P11My Refuge is the God of lovePage Scan
P12Help, Lord, for men of virtue failPage Scan
P13How long wilt thou conceal thy face?Page Scan
P14Fools in their hearts believe and sayPage Scan
P15.1Who shall inhabit in thy hillPage Scan
P15.2Who shall ascend thy heavenly placePage Scan
P16.1Preserve me, Lord, in time of needPage Scan
P16.2When God is nigh, my faith is strongPage Scan
P17Lord, I am thine; but thou wilt provePage Scan
P18.1Thee will I love, O Lord, my strengthPage Scan
P18.2Lord, thou hast seen my soul sincerePage Scan
P18.3Just are thy ways, and true thy wordPage Scan
P19.1Behold, the lofty skyPage Scan
P19.2Behold, the morning sunPage Scan
P19.3The heavens declare thy glory, LordPage Scan
P19.4Great God, the heavens' well-ordered framePage Scan
P19.5I love the volumes of thy wordPage Scan
P20Now may the God of power and gracePage Scan
P21Our land, O Lord, with songs of praisePage Scan
P22.1Now from the roaring lion's ragePage Scan
P22.2Now let our mournful songs recordPage Scan
P23.1My shepherd is the living LordPage Scan
P23.2My shepherd will supply my needPage Scan
P23.3The Lord my shepherd isPage Scan
P24.1The earth for ever is the Lord'sPage Scan
P24.2This spacious earth is all the Lord'sPage Scan
P25.1I lift my soul to GodPage Scan
P25.2Where shall the man be foundPage Scan
P25.3Mine eyes and my desirePage Scan
P26Judge me, O Lord, and prove my waysPage Scan
P27.1The Lord of glory is my lightPage Scan
P27.2Soon as I heard my Father sayPage Scan
P28To thee, O Lord, I raise my criesPage Scan
P29Give to the Lord, ye sons of famePage Scan
P30.1I will extol thee, Lord, on highPage Scan
P30.2Firm was my health, my day was brightPage Scan
P31.1To thee, O God of truth and lovePage Scan
P31.2My heart rejoices in thy namePage Scan
P32.1Oh blessed souls are theyPage Scan
P32.2Blest is the man, for ever blestPage Scan
P33.1Rejoice, ye righteous, in the LordPage Scan
P33.2Ye holy souls, in God rejoicePage Scan
P34.1Through all the changing scenes of lifePage Scan
P34.2Lord, I will bless thee all my daysPage Scan
P34.3Children, in years and knowledge youngPage Scan
P34.4I'll bless the Lord from day to dayPage Scan
P35Behold the love, the generous lovePage Scan
P36.1High in the heavens, eternal GodPage Scan
P36.2While men grow bold in wicked waysPage Scan
P37.1Why should I vex my soul, and fretPage Scan
P37.2Why do the wealthy wicked boastPage Scan
P37.3My God, the steps of pious menPage Scan
P38Admidst thy wrath remember lovePage Scan
P39.1Thus I resolved before the LordPage Scan
P39.2Teach me the measure of my daysPage Scan
P39.3God of my life, look gently downPage Scan
P40.1I waited patient for the LordPage Scan
P40.2Thus saith the Lord, Your work is vainPage Scan
P40.3The wonders, Lord, thy love has wroughtPage Scan
P41Blest is the man whose heart can movePage Scan
P42.1With earnest longings of the mindPage Scan
P42.2My spirit sinks within me, LordPage Scan
P43Judge me, O God, and plead my causePage Scan
P44Lord, we have heard thy works of oldPage Scan
P45.1I'll speak the honours of my KingPage Scan
P45.2Now be my heart inspired to singPage Scan
P45.3The King of saints, how fair his facePage Scan
P46.1God is the refuge of his saintsPage Scan
P46.2Let Zion in her King rejoicePage Scan
P47Oh for a shout of sacred joyPage Scan
P48.1Great is the Lord our GodPage Scan
P48.2Far as thy name is knownPage Scan
P49.1Why doth the man of riches growPage Scan
P49.2Ye sons of pride, that hate the justPage Scan
P49.3Why do the proud insult the poorPage Scan
P50.1The Lord, the Judge, before his thronePage Scan
P50.2Thus saith the Lord, The spacious fieldsPage Scan
P50.3When Christ to judgment shall descendPage Scan
P50.4The Lord, the Judge, his churches warnsPage Scan
P50.5The God of glory sends his summons forthPage Scan
P51.1Show pity Lord; O Lord, forgivePage Scan

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