The Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts

Editor: John Rippon
Publisher: Stereotyped by L. Johnson/ David Clark / Moore & Payne, Clinton Hall, Philadelphia / New York, 1835
Language: English
Notes: Includes "A Selection of Hymns, from the Best Authors, including a great number of originals: intended to be an appendix to Dr. Watt's Psalms and Hymns by John Rippon, D. D. (1827). Some pages missing from page scan.
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1Let all the earth their voices raiseTextPage Scan
2My God, my King, thy various praiseTextPage Scan
3Long as I live I'll bless thy nameTextPage Scan
4Lord, we are blind, we mortals blindPage Scan
5Rise, rise, my soul, and leave the groundPage Scan
6Great God, how infinite art thou!Page Scan
7Jehovah reigns; he dwells in lightTextPage Scan
8The Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on highTextPage Scan
9The Lord Jehovah reignsTextPage Scan
10Lord! thou hast search'd and seen me thro'TextPage Scan
11In all my vast concerns with theeTextPage Scan
12O the almighty Lord!Page Scan
13Sing, all ye nations, to the LordPage Scan
14Blest is the nation where the LordPage Scan
15O happy nation where the LordPage Scan
16Terrible God, who reign'st on highTextPage Scan
17Ye that delight to serve the LordTextPage Scan
18Ye servants of th' almighty KingTextPage Scan
19Let the whole race of creatures liePage Scan
20O Lord, our heavenly KingPage Scan
21God of the seas, thy thundering voicePage Scan
22High as the heavens above the groundPage Scan
23How should the sons of Adam's raceTextPage Scan
24Sweet is the memory of thy graceTextPage Scan
25Bless, O my soul, the living GodTextPage Scan
26O bless the Lord, my soul!TextPage Scan
27Up to the Lord that reigns on highTextPage Scan
28Let God arise in all his mightPage Scan
29Adore and tremble, for our GodPage Scan
30My soul, repeat his praiseTextPage Scan
31The Lord, how wondrous are his ways!TextPage Scan
32Let every tongue thy goodness speakTextPage Scan
33To God I made my sorrows knownTextPage Scan
34My never-ceasing song shall showTextPage Scan
35Praise ye the Lord, my heart shall joinTextPage Scan
36I'll praise my maker with my breath
37Great is the Lord; his works of mightText
38How shall I praise the eternal God
39Great God, thy glories shall employTextPage Scan
40Jehovah reigns, his throne is highTextPage Scan
41The Lord Jehovah reignsTextPage Scan
42Can creatures to perfection findTextPage Scan
43How wonderous great, how glorious brightPage Scan
44While men grow bold in wicked waysPage Scan
45When man grows bold in sinPage Scan
46Not to ourselves, who are but dustTextPage Scan
47Awake, ye saints; to praise your KingTextPage Scan
48The Lord, the sovereign KingTextPage Scan
49God! the eternal awful namePage Scan
50Among the princes, earthly godsPage Scan
51The glories of my Maker, GodPage Scan
52Ye tribes of Adam, joinTextPage Scan
53Loud hallelujahs to the LordTextPage Scan
54Let every creature joinTextPage Scan
55Now let a spacious world arisePage Scan
56'Twas from thy hand, my God, I cameTextPage Scan
57When I with pleasing wonder standTextPage Scan
58Songs of immortal praise belongTextPage Scan
59Ye nations of the earth, rejoiceTextPage Scan
60Before Jehovah's awful thronePage Scan
61Rejoice, ye righteous, in the LordPage Scan
62Ye holy souls, in God rejoicePage Scan
63Up to the hills I lift mine eyesTextPage Scan
64To heaven I lift my waiting eyesPage Scan
65Upward I lift mine eyesTextPage Scan
66Let others boast how strong they bePage Scan
67Not from the dust affliction growsTextPage Scan
68O God of our salvation hearsPage Scan
69Would you behold the works of GodTextPage Scan
70Thy works of glory, mighty LordTextPage Scan
71Lord, we adore thy vast designsPage Scan
72Sure there's a righteous GodPage Scan
73Now I'm convinc'd the Lord is kindPage Scan
74When the great Judge, supreme and justPage Scan
75High in the heavens, eternal GodPage Scan
76Praise ye the Lord; 'tis good to raiseTextPage Scan
77Give to our God immortal praisePage Scan
78We bless the Lord, the just, the goodPage Scan
79My God, in whom are all the springsPage Scan
80My soul, thy great Creator praisePage Scan
81Let children hear the mighty deedsPage Scan
82Backward with humble shame we lookTextPage Scan
83Deep in the dust before thy throneTextPage Scan
84Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sinPage Scan
85Lord, I would spread my sore distressPage Scan
86Bless'd with the joys of innocencePage Scan
87Fools in their hearts believe and sayPage Scan
88Let the wild leopards of the woodTextPage Scan
89When the Great Builder arch'd the skiesPage Scan
90Sin has a thousand treacherous artsPage Scan
91Sin like a venomous diseaseTextPage Scan
92I hate the tempter and his charmsTextPage Scan
93Now Satan comes with dreadful roarTextPage Scan
94Broad is the road that leads to deathTextPage Scan
95Lord, what was man when made at firstPage Scan
96God, who in various methods toldTextPage Scan
97'Twas by an order from the LordTextPage Scan
98Laden with guilt and full of fearsPage Scan
99The heavens declare thy glory, LordPage Scan
100Great God, the heaven's well-order'd framePage Scan

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