Pearly Portals for the Sabbath School

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3Paradise! O, hope of ages!Page Scan
4Pearly portals swinging openPage Scan
5O Jesus, my Redeemer Thou art my Joy and Song[O Jesus, my Redeemer]Page Scan
6When through earthy seas of sorrowPage Scan
7O Christian, idle all the day!Page Scan
9Beautiful city, haven of peace!Page Scan
10Who is dauntless, who is daringPage Scan
11To him that overcometh, Who spotless is and purePage Scan
12Someone the beautiful city shall seePage Scan
13O Christian trav'ler, hold the light!Page Scan
14O we are soldiers for the Lord!Page Scan
15When we lay our burdens down[When we lay our burdens down]Page Scan
16There's a cross to be bornePage Scan
17The Lord is my God and CreatorPage Scan
18Through the gloom that gathers o'er usPage Scan
19No seas again shall severPage Scan
20Stand for Jesus, fighting boldly!Page Scan
21Come, Holy Spirit, from abovePage Scan
22O! we will cling to JesusPage Scan
23Friend of all who seek Thy favorPage Scan
24Afar from earth, where angels dwellPage Scan
25Beyond the blue is the city of goldPage Scan
26Yet a little longer laborPage Scan
27Sowing in sadness through long, weary yearsPage Scan
28Oh! there is joy, for the summer is pastPage Scan
29As homeward the lone bird is wearily flyingPage Scan
30Angel voices sweetly callingPage Scan
31Over where the shining angelsPage Scan
32Rock of Ages, cleft for mePage Scan
33When thou hast sown the precious seedPage Scan
34Golden harps in yonder cityPage Scan
35Oh! why did Jesus suffer so?Page Scan
36Jesus rules and reigns abovePage Scan
37Waters from the smitten rockPage Scan
38When mid toil and strife I wanderPage Scan
39Friend and companion, dear to each heartPage Scan
40A snowy robe is waiting therePage Scan
41Know, my soul, thy full salvationPage Scan
42Jesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
43Jesus, Thy name I lovePage Scan
44Remember thy Creator While yet thy skies are clearPage Scan
45Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gonePage Scan
46When the cup of our pleasure is mingled with gallPage Scan
47Cheerfully give, cheerfully givePage Scan
48My home is not on earthPage Scan
49Someone is straying in downward wayPage Scan
50O blessed, blessed country, I see thee in my dreamsPage Scan
51Sinner, bow thy head and listenPage Scan
52Look beyond, O Christian pilgrimPage Scan
53We sing of the wonderful river of lifePage Scan
54I love to hear the story Of Jesus' humble birthPage Scan
55There's a beautiful land over therePage Scan
56We shall meet beyond the riverPage Scan
57O come, let us sing unto the LordPage Scan
58Jesus, Saviour, hear us prayPage Scan
59O come let us sing unto the LordPage Scan
60Glory, glory to our FatherPage Scan
61Jesus, the very thought of TheePage Scan
62Hark! the Savior now is pleadingPage Scan
63O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is goodPage Scan
64Above the clouds that veil the bluePage Scan
65Sweet be thy rest And peaceful thy sleeping[Sweet be thy rest]Page Scan
66Glory be to God on high, and on earth peace, good will towards menPage Scan
67What does mean this wondrous storyPage Scan
68I know not, the way is so mistyPage Scan
69The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not wantPage Scan
70O beautiful smiling summer land, Beyond these gloomy years!Page Scan
71aO for the death of thosePage Scan
71bStill with Thee, O my GodPage Scan
72High o'er the waves of GalileePage Scan
73O Lord, Thy light shall be my lightPage Scan
74When all is dark, no sun, no moonPage Scan
75Father, thou art gone to restPage Scan
76A greeting to this Sabbath dayPage Scan
77A merry, merry welcomePage Scan
78Gather the children to the SchoolPage Scan
79Again we hail the Sabbath sweetPage Scan
80Saviour, meet us while assembledPage Scan
81True hearts are needed to work for the schoolPage Scan
82Come, 'tis Sabbath morning!Page Scan
83O Thou, who dwellest up on highPage Scan
84From day to day, O gracious GodPage Scan
85Remember the Sabbath day, The day by heaven blestPage Scan
86O blessed, blessed, Sabbath SchoolPage Scan
87O Father in Heaven, Thy promise we claimPage Scan
88We welcome this blest Sabbath dayPage Scan
89We should never be latePage Scan
90Crown the Sabbath with a songPage Scan
91Thou hast kept us, blessed SaviourPage Scan
92O give us a parting blessing As from Thy house we goPage Scan
93Guide and guard us, O our FatherPage Scan
94Jesus, Saviour, pilot mePage Scan
95Again to Thee we join in singingPage Scan
96Where the turrets of my MansionPage Scan
97Our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed by Thy namePage Scan
98When softly fades the dying dayPage Scan
99Praise God from whom all blessings flow!Page Scan
100Holy Father, with praise and thanksgivingPage Scan
101Eternal Father, God of love, Creator of the UniversePage Scan
102Yes, Jesus loves the little onesPage Scan

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