The Public School Singing Book: a collection of original and other songs, odes, hymns, anthems, and chants used in the various public schools

Publisher: Leary & Getz, Philadelphia, 1848
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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3Threre's much good cheer in youthful agePage Scan
4aYe banks and braes of Bonnie DoonPage Scan
4bO, Columbia, the gem of the oceanPage Scan
6aGaily the fisherman pulled his light oarPage Scan
6bUp the hills on a bright sunny mornPage Scan
7Soft, soft music is stealingPage Scan
8Happy days are gliding o'er usPage Scan
9aHark - 't is the bells of the village churchPage Scan
9bMay every year but draw more nearPage Scan
11'T is near the spot in which I dwellPage Scan
12aSee, brothers, see, how the night comes onPage Scan
12bO, Pilot, 't is a fearful nightPage Scan
13I see them on their winding wayPage Scan
14Come to the sunset treePage Scan
15aFaintly as tolls the evening chimePage Scan
15bWake ye bells, from every echoing steeple!Page Scan
16Come all little children, and grateful hearts bringPage Scan
17Oh, is it not a pity such a little child as IPage Scan
18'Mid pleasures and palaces, where'er we may roamPage Scan
19We will rise from our benches and run out to playPage Scan
20O how brightly, how brightly the sun moves alongPage Scan
22We're glad for the blessing we're richly possessingPage Scan
23Away over mountain, away over plain!Page Scan
24How sweet is the pleasure on May's lovely morningPage Scan
25Come, arouse thee, arouse thee, my brave Swiss boy!Page Scan
26Know ye the land where the red man late roam'dPage Scan
28On old Long Island's sea-girt shorePage Scan
29List! 't is music stealingPage Scan
30Oh, a dainty plant is the ivy greenPage Scan
31I've been raoming, I've been roamingPage Scan
32Farewell, farewell is a lonely soundTextPage Scan
33My country! 'tis of theePage Scan
34Will you walk into my parlor?Page Scan
35When soft stars are peeping through the pure azure skyPage Scan
36Oh! say can you see by the dawn's early lightPage Scan
38aI'm a pretty little thingPage Scan
38bHail Columbia--happy land!Page Scan
40aChildren go to and froPage Scan
40bFlowers, wild wood flowersPage Scan
41'Tis a lesson you should heedPage Scan
42Shall we oppressed with sadnessPage Scan
43My days of youth, though not from folly freePage Scan
44Of late so brightly glowing, lovely rosePage Scan
45aAcross the lake, thro' bush and brakePage Scan
45bBefore all lands in east or westPage Scan
46The stars are fading from the skyPage Scan
47aKind friends, we meet againPage Scan
47bGo! beautiful and gentle dovePage Scan
48Should auld acquaintance be forgotPage Scan
49aThough school is out, we must not shoutPage Scan
49bAwake, awake the tuneful voicePage Scan
50A mother came when stars were palingPage Scan
51Bliss is hovering, smiling every wherePage Scan
52My Mother! my kind Mother!Page Scan
53aWe cannot remain so foreverPage Scan
53bShall school acquaintance be forgotPage Scan
54He cometh, he cometh, the glorious May!Page Scan
55Come, let us singing, speak out those pleasuresPage Scan
56Come, where joy and gladnessPage Scan
57Farewell to the land of my childhoodPage Scan
58aThe morning sun shines from the eastPage Scan
58bNever look sad, there's nothing so badPage Scan
59America, I love thee still!Page Scan
60Wild roved an Indian girlPage Scan
61Woodman spare that tree!Page Scan
62He is gone to the mountainPage Scan
63Home, home, can I forget thee?Page Scan
64Our principles are written fairPage Scan
65aFriends of freedom, swell the songPage Scan
65bWith banner and with badge we comePage Scan
66Come, ye children, learn to singPage Scan
67Dear father! drink no more, I prayPage Scan
68The drink that's in the drunkard's bowlPage Scan
69Sparkling and bright in its liquid lightPage Scan
70The melancholy days are come, the saddest of the yearPage Scan
71Oft in the stilly nightPage Scan
72The stars are all cheerfully blinkingPage Scan
73aThere's not a tint that paints the rosePage Scan
73bHail sweetest dearest hope that bindsPage Scan
74Go, when the morning shinethPage Scan
75My soul, why sink when griefs oppressPage Scan
76The farmer ploughs and sows his fieldPage Scan
77There is an hour of peaceful restPage Scan
78aJoy to the world, the Lord is comePage Scan
78bRise, rise, free from thy mourningPage Scan
79Lo! the heavens are breakingPage Scan
80Shed not a tear o'er your friend's early bierPage Scan
81Come again, come again. come againPage Scan
83When shall we meet againPage Scan
84O, where's the lovely beaming starPage Scan
85Hark, ten thousand harps and voicesPage Scan
86aOur moments fly apacePage Scan
86bRemember thy CreatorPage Scan
87When marshalled on the nightly plainPage Scan
88By cool Siloam's shady rillPage Scan
89The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not wantPage Scan
90See, the light is dawningPage Scan
91The pearl that worldlings covetPage Scan
92God is in heaven--can he hearPage Scan
93aI will lift up mine eyes unto the hillsPage Scan

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