The Revival Wave: A Book of Revival Hymns and Music

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3He dies! the Friend of Sinners, dies!Page Scan
4Thro' the gates of pearl and jasperPage Scan
5Sing, ye people, loud and highPage Scan
6A little talk with JesusPage Scan
7Redeemed, how I love to proclaim itPage Scan
8I am sav'd! the Lord hath sav'd mePage Scan
9aJesus, my Lord, to thee I cryPage Scan
9bJust as I am, without one pleaPage Scan
10I have work enough to doPage Scan
11Say, is your lamp burning, my brother?Page Scan
12Is there a sinner awaiting Mercy and pardon today?Page Scan
13I am glad, oh, so glad Page Scan
14There's a stranger at the doorPage Scan
15Keep looking unto Jesus as we march alongPage Scan
16The whole wide world for JesusPage Scan
17We are praying, blessed SaviourPage Scan
18Beautiful day, lovely thy lightPage Scan
19Looking unto Jesus, Never need we yieldPage Scan
20How lovely is Jesus, the Lamb that was slainPage Scan
21Will you come, will you come, with your poor broken heartPage Scan
22We are trav'ling on thro' a world of sinPage Scan
23We are never, never weary of the grand old songPage Scan
24You are under condemnation, careless sinnerPage Scan
25I saw a happy pilgrim, In shining garments glad,Page Scan
26We are marching, marching onwardPage Scan
27Down at the cross where my Saviour diedPage Scan
28I have found a friend in Jesus, he's everything to mePage Scan
29A trembling soul I come to theePage Scan
30Who is this that waitethPage Scan
31I am dwelling on the mountain Where the golden sunlight gleamsPage Scan
32Oh, to be nearer, nearerPage Scan
33Tidings, happy tidingsPage Scan
34'Tis the gospel message, Hark! we hear it sayPage Scan
35My soul for light and love had earnest longingsPage Scan
36aA heav'nly guest is knockingPage Scan
36bOur field is the world!Page Scan
38Brother for Christ's kingdom sighingPage Scan
39I have laid my burden down where the crimson waters flowPage Scan
40aWhile we bow in thy namePage Scan
40b Oh, how happy are they Page Scan
41They are coming with songs, the victorious throngsPage Scan
42There are songs of joy that I loved to singPage Scan
43Hover o'er me, Holy SpiritPage Scan
44Has the day been dark with shadowsPage Scan
45While struggling thro' this vale of tearsPage Scan
46Walk in the light! so shalt thou knowPage Scan
47O grieve no more thy SaviourPage Scan
48At the feast of Belshazzar and a thousand of his lordsPage Scan
49O for a closer walk with GodPage Scan
50At the gate that leads to glory, from the rugged path of sinPage Scan
51'Tis a story oft repeated, but it never can grow oldPage Scan
52Lord, I hear of show'rs of blessingPage Scan
53When did ever words so tenderPage Scan
54Weary and thirsty, oh, why wilt thou roam?Page Scan
56Leading souls to Jesus who are sad and lostPage Scan
57I'll never let go the anchorPage Scan
58Ride forth, ride forth to conquerPage Scan
59There is a great rejoicingPage Scan
60They are looking down upon us from the battlements of lightPage Scan
61Sing, my soul! proclaim the holy rapturePage Scan
62Oh, ye who would journey to Canaan's landPage Scan
63The day will soon be pastPage Scan
64Jesus the Saviour is passing this wayPage Scan
65"It must be settled tonight, Tomorrow may be too late"Page Scan
66The King, as he stood by his chariot one dayPage Scan
67aI am waiting, O my FatherPage Scan
67bA beautiful land by faith I seePage Scan
68Why stand I here, amid this gloom?Page Scan
69O give us, Lord, a pentecostPage Scan
70This is the glorious gospel wordPage Scan
71Come, the Saviour's callingPage Scan
72Hear the footsteps of JesusPage Scan
73Rejoice with me, the lost is found!Page Scan
74Come and see the flowing fountainPage Scan
75Each cooing dove and sighing boughPage Scan
76Source from whence the streams of mercyPage Scan
77Will you meet me in the morningPage Scan
78There's a wonderful story I've heard long agoPage Scan
79I love to tell the StoryPage Scan
80I hope to meet you all in gloryPage Scan
81As we journey by the waysidePage Scan
82Should the summons, quickly flyingPage Scan
83In this world of sin and dangerPage Scan
84Why art thou waiting till another dayPage Scan
85We have heard a joyful soundPage Scan
86How can I live without Jesus?Page Scan
87The blood that Jesus shed for mePage Scan
88Tell it out among the heathen that the Lord is KingPage Scan
90O, let me cling to thee, my SaviourPage Scan
91Would you gain the best in life?Page Scan
92Marching on in the light of GodPage Scan
93I do repent of ev'ry sinPage Scan
94Out of darkness into lightPage Scan
95To the cross of Christ, my SaviourPage Scan
96Awake! awake! the Master now is calling usPage Scan
97Awake! awake! our festive day is dawning nowPage Scan
98Hallelujah to Jesus! his praise let us singPage Scan
99While out on life's dark, stormy seaPage Scan
100Out on the desert, looking, lookingPage Scan
101Take my life, and let it bePage Scan

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