Sent by the Lord: songs of the world church, vol. 2

Publisher: GIA Publications Inc., Chicago, 1992
Language: English; German; Taiwanese; Zulu; Portuguese; Aymara; Spanish
Notes: Numbered by page number
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10El cielo canta alegría, aleluia! (Heaven is singing for joy, alleluia!)[El cielo canta alegría, aleluia!]
12Tatanaca, mamanaca, Sarantañani (Men and women, let us walk and let's walk together)[Tatanaca, mamanaca, Sarantañan]
13Cantai ao Senhor um cântico novo (O sing to the Lord, O sing God a new song)[Cantai ao Senhor um cântico novo]Text
14'Twas in the moon of wintertime['Twas in the moon of wintertime]
16May the Lord, mighty God[May the Lord, mighty God]Text
18Sent by the Lord am I (Enviado soy de Dios)[Enviado soy de Dios]
21Gelobt sei deine Treu[Gelobt sei deine Treu]TextPage Scan
22Kyrie eleison[Kyrie eleison]TextPage Scan
23Come now, O Prince of peaceO-SO-SO
24Look and learn from the birds of the air[Look and learn from the birds of the air]Text
26Somos pueblo que camina (For the world and all its people)[Somos pueblo que camina]
28Oré mboriajú (On the poor, on the poor)[Oré mboriajú]Text
30Glory to God, glory to God[Glory to God, glory to God]TextPage Scan
32Let heaven your wonders proclaim[Let heaven your wonders proclaim]
34Loving CreatorHALAD
36Lord, your hands have formed the worldGAYOM NI HIGAMI
38We believe: Maranatha[We believe: Maranatha]Text
39Nourished by the rainfall (Al caer la lluvia)[Al caer la lluvia]
42Bayavuya, bayavuya[Bayavuya, bayavuya]Text
44Re ya mathematha[Re ya mathematha]TextPage Scan
46Senzeni na? Senzeni na?[Senzeni na? Senzeni na?]TextPage Scan
48Alleluia Alleluia[Alleluia Alleluia]TextPage Scan
49Thuma mina, thuma mina (Send me, Jesus, send me Jesus)[Thuma mina, thuma mina]Text
50Ch'iu Chu lienmin women (Lord, have mercy on us)[Ch'iu Chu lienmin women]Text
51If you believe and I believe[If you believe and I believe]TextPage Scan
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