Sabbath Carols : A New Collection of Music and Hymns

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3Come, let us learn to sing belowPage Scan
4Long my spirit pined in sorrowPage Scan
5Hark! the gentle Spirit pleadingPage Scan
6Gallant soldiers, hear the trumpet soundingPage Scan
7We are waiting by the riverPage Scan
8Joyful, joyful, now I resignPage Scan
9Lord, the way is cold and drearyPage Scan
10One by one we cross the riverPage Scan
11Blessed Redeemer, graciously hear usPage Scan
12We're happy, dear Saviour, and shall we not singPage Scan
13While walking the valePage Scan
14Trav'lers in a desert landPage Scan
15Fellow helpers to the truthPage Scan
16They are waiting by the shorePage Scan
17Jesus loves me, this I knowPage Scan
18Jesus came, Jesus came, Born a little child for mePage Scan
19Lord, I perish: save, I criedPage Scan
20Ringing, sweetly ringing, The cheerful Sabbath bellsPage Scan
21Fade, fade, each earthly joyPage Scan
22There is joy among the angels Page Scan
23I want to think of JesusPage Scan
24Give! give! cheerfully givePage Scan
25O land of rest, for which I sighPage Scan
26Oh, could I with the angels singPage Scan
27Slow to anger, full of kindnessPage Scan
28Behold the Lamb of GodPage Scan
29Why do we linger?Page Scan
30When Christ was journeying here belowPage Scan
31If I come to JesusPage Scan
32I'm a soldier, soldier of the crossPage Scan
33Oh, shall I wear a starless crown Page Scan
34I'll sing of Jesus crucifiedPage Scan
35Always with us, always with usPage Scan
36When saints gather 'round thee, dear Saviour, abovePage Scan
37More like Jesus would I bePage Scan
38Weary not, my brother, Cheerful be thy songPage Scan
39There is a realm where Jesus reignsPage Scan
40Jesus once lay in the mangerPage Scan
41Nothing but leaves, the Spirit grievesPage Scan
42I know that heaven is bright and fairPage Scan
43Soldiers for Jesus, remember our dutyPage Scan
44What is it shows my soul the wayPage Scan
45Speak from thy holy wordPage Scan
46Little birds of the forest, sweet, sweet be your songPage Scan
47Up for thy life, young soul!Page Scan
48Weary wanderer o'er the mainPage Scan
49We are trav'ling home to heav'n abovePage Scan
50Mine the cross, and thine the gloryPage Scan
51Brethren, let us work for JesusPage Scan
52My rest is in heaven, my rest is not herePage Scan
53Come to Jesus, little onePage Scan
54Press onward, press onward, tho' oft your way is darkPage Scan
55Dear Saviour, all I think or doPage Scan
56"I'm trying to climb up Zion's Hill"Page Scan
57I'm going to be a soldierPage Scan
58Christian brethren, one and allPage Scan
59I am waiting by the riverPage Scan
60Fatherless, motherless, cheerless in griefPage Scan
62Only just across the riverPage Scan
63Softly on the breath of eveningPage Scan
64Christ the Lord is risen todayPage Scan
65Brethren, let us speak for JesusPage Scan
66My soul with rapture waits for theePage Scan
67I love thy kingdom, LordPage Scan
68We've listed in a holy warPage Scan
69When the morning light drives away the nightPage Scan
70I am kneeling, Lord, at mercy's gatePage Scan
71God bless our school!Page Scan
72There's a home for us in gloryPage Scan
73Nothing either great or smallPage Scan
74'Tis the season of Christmas--away to the MangerPage Scan
75Jesus, tender SaviourPage Scan
76Who is he in yonder stallPage Scan
77Around the pure and shining thronePage Scan
78Dark is the night, and cold the wind is blowingPage Scan
79When he cometh, when he comethPage Scan
80Weak and sinful, O my FatherPage Scan
81Do we thirst for living waterPage Scan
82Come to the fountain of mercy and livePage Scan
83aGod of my life, my morning songPage Scan
83bFather, whate'er of earthly blissPage Scan
84O, come to Jesus now, Jesus is herePage Scan
85O, how my spirit longs for theePage Scan
86When we hear the music ringingPage Scan
87The Lord is my shepherdPage Scan
88Tell me, watchman on the steepPage Scan
89'Mid the pastures green of the blessed islesPage Scan
90Lord, I hear of show'rs of blessingPage Scan
91aThe Saviour calls; let every earPage Scan
91bOur Father, who art in heavenPage Scan
92Singing for Jesus, singing for JesusPage Scan
93I hear the Saviour sayPage Scan
94We are a group of happy childrenPage Scan
95Like the heroes who gave us the land that we lovePage Scan
96My spirit in hope is rejoicingPage Scan
97When we've cross'd the Jasper seaPage Scan
98There is a home in gloryPage Scan
99aNearer, my God, to theePage Scan
99bHow charming is the placePage Scan
100There is beauty all aroundPage Scan

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