Songs of the Free, and Hymns of Christian Freedom

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d1Alone to bear The rush and pressure
d2Among the assemblies of the great
d3Assembled at thy great command
d4Awake, again the gospel-trump is blown
d5Awake, Jerusalem, awake
d6Awake, my people, saith your God
d7Awake my soul, stretch every nerve
d8Benignant Savior, 'twas not thine
d9Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love
d10Blow ye the trumpet abroad o'er the sea
d11Break every yoke, the gospel cries
d12Brethren, while we sojourn here
d13Children of the glorious dead
d14Christ had his sorrows, when he shed
d15Come Christian brethren ere we part
d16Come, let us anew our journey pursue, Roll round
d17Come, let us leave the vain, the proud
d18Daughter of Zion, from the dust
d19Daughters of pity, tune the lay
d20Daughters of the pilgrim sires
d21Deem not that they are blessed [blest] alone
d22Equip me for the war
d23Exert thy power, thy rights maintain
d24Father, give us power and love
d25From all that [who] dwell [dwells] below the [in earth and] skies
d26From every clime beneath the skies
d27From foes that would the [our] land devour
d28From Georgia's southern mountains
d29From north and [to] south, from east and [to] west
d30Go, and in tears kneel
d31Go, bear the tale of warning round
d32Go forth to the mount, bring the olive branch home
d33God gave to Afric's sons
d34God made the world, in every land
d35God of Isr'l's faithful three
d36God of love, that [who] hearest [the] prayer
d37Great Father, who created all
d38Great God, if the humble and weak are as dear
d39Grievously the captive sighs
d40Hail to the land whereon we tread
d41Hail to the Lord's anointed
d42Hark, I hear the voice of anguish
d43Hark, the glad sound, the Savior comes
d44Hark, the song of jubilee
d45Have ye heard of our hunting
d46Heard ye the mighty rushing
d47Here freedom's life-cry taught the brav'
d48Holy Father, God of love
d49How happy is he born and [or] taught
d50I gazed, and O 'twas freedom's land
d51I hate that noisy drum, It is a sound
d52I seek within thy written word
d53I thank the goodness and the grace
d54I want the spirit of power within
d55In pleasant lands have fallen the lines
d56Is it not good to mourn for those
d57Is this a time to plant and build
d58Is this the land our fathers loved
d59It was no path of flowers, Which through this world of ours
d60I've heard thee when thy powerful words
d61Jesus shall reign where'er the sun
d62Kindred in Christ, for his dear [name's] sake
d63King of the dead, how long shall sweep
d64Let mammon hold while mammon can
d65Let the floods clap their hands
d66Lo where to yon plantation drooping goes
d67Lord, deliver; Thou canst save
d68Lord, how long shall freedom's struggles
d69Lord, if thou dost not soon appear
d70Lord Jesus, come; for here Our path through wilds is laid
d71Lord, thou requirest truth within
d72Lord, when thine ancient people cried
d73Men of God, go take your stations
d74Mother, when around your child
d75O, darkly on the path of life
d76O Father of the human race
d77O Father, when the softened heart
d78O freedom with prophet's voice
d79O God, my sins are manifold
d80O God of freedom, bless this night
d81O God, we praise thee and confess
d82[O] God, who [that] madest [made the] earth and heaven [sky]
d83O great mountain, who [what] art thou
d84O grief to think, that grapes of gall
d85O hear the wailing cry
d86O if to Afric's sable race
d87O in thine awful armory Lord
d88O Jesus, by the mortal pains we bear
d89O let the prisoner's mournful sighs
d90O Savior, whom this [that] holy morn
d91O thou whose justice reigns on high
d92O timely happy, timely wise
d93Our fellow countrymen in chains
d94Poor fluttering soul, why tremble so
d95Prisoner within these narrow close
d96Remember, when thou comest to riper years
d97Rise, freeman, rise, the call goes forth
d98Roll on, thou joyful day
d99Salt of the earth ye virtuous few
d100Self taught, unaided, poor, reviled

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