Song Garland; or, Singing for Jesus: a new collection of Music and Hymns prepared expressly for Sabbath Schools

Editor: J. W. Suffern
Publisher: S. Brainard & Sons, Cleveland, 1869
Notes: Also published in New York by S. T. Gordon and in Chicago by Lyon & Healy
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9The life of a child, O how wild and freePage Scan
10aMother! watch the little feetPage Scan
10bSinging in the morningPage Scan
11Listen to the rosesPage Scan
12Joyful sounds from vale and mountainPage Scan
13Sweet music cheers the spiritPage Scan
15Garlands we bring, fresh garlands of songPage Scan
16What can I give to JesusPage Scan
17Come into Christ's army, come, join it todayPage Scan
18To our Father in the promised landPage Scan
19O sing of that beautiful landPage Scan
20When Sabbath's sacred morning lightPage Scan
21Away, away to the Sabbath SchoolPage Scan
22Let us sing of the land, of the land far awayPage Scan
23We are the lambs of Jesus' flockPage Scan
24In the garden of God, flows the River of LifePage Scan
25Beyond the chilling winds and gloomy skiesPage Scan
26Go ye forth to the field of laborPage Scan
27O'er the hills the sun is settingPage Scan
28Charity ever begins at homePage Scan
29There is a land, far, far awayPage Scan
30Where, where will be the birds that singPage Scan
31Jesus, high in gloryPage Scan
32aPleasant is our Sunday schoolPage Scan
32bWith happy hearts and voices clearPage Scan
33In the sweet summer of the yearPage Scan
34When the storms of life are overPage Scan
35Like mists on the mountain, like ships on the seaPage Scan
36Dropping down the troubled riverPage Scan
37aI love to think of JesusPage Scan
37bMorn amid the mountainsPage Scan
38March on to the field of actionPage Scan
39In heaven, bright heaven, the home of the blestPage Scan
40Yes! I am nearer, nearer nowPage Scan
41aAnother hand is beck'ning usPage Scan
41b'Tis murmur'd by the streamlet brightPage Scan
42The Lord is my shepherd, He guards me with carePage Scan
43I have a Saviour--he's pleading in gloryPage Scan
44When the morning light, drives away the nightPage Scan
45I've a home in the beautiful landPage Scan
46We bring no glitt'ring treasuresPage Scan
47Onward! onward men of heavenPage Scan
48aSing of Jesus, sing foreverPage Scan
48bO, come again the strain prolongPage Scan
49They are going, only goingPage Scan
50I am a stranger here, No home, no rest I seePage Scan
51aOur youth is like the opening dayPage Scan
51bThe voice is hushed; the gentle voicePage Scan
52aIn the leafy budding spring timePage Scan
52bJesus when he lived on earthPage Scan
53The pearly gates are open widePage Scan
54There's a land far away, 'mid the stars, we are toldPage Scan
55There is no God! Go to the smiling fields, beholdPage Scan
56Sing of Jesus, sing foreverPage Scan
57Shall we all reach that landPage Scan
58She's sleeping, oh, how sweetlyPage Scan
59Saviour, thy dying love ,Thou gavest mePage Scan
60Onward children, do not tarryPage Scan
61aHow precious the assurancePage Scan
61bWhen our earthly life is endedPage Scan
62Over the river the crystal stream flowsPage Scan
63Faith--the anchor of the soulPage Scan
64aMeet and right it is to singPage Scan
64bI am Jesus' little lambPage Scan
65I caught a radiant glimpse last nightPage Scan
66Over the river by faith I seePage Scan
67So slowly and so softlyPage Scan
68Beyond those chilling winds and gloomy skiesPage Scan
69Soon to the mansions of the blestPage Scan
70aI long to enter those pearly gatesPage Scan
70bGive to the needy in distressPage Scan
71Finish thy work, the time is shortPage Scan
72Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, the promised time is comingPage Scan
73When we pass the shining riverPage Scan
74I am waiting by the riverPage Scan
75The midnight beamed in brightnessPage Scan
76Weary child, from day to dayPage Scan
77When we go up from JordanPage Scan
78aJesus, thou risen SaviourPage Scan
78bGod above, thou great CreatorPage Scan
79There's a beautiful land, no mortal hath seenPage Scan
80We come, we come with singingPage Scan
81To Jesus the Saviour of sinnersPage Scan
82Scatter the gems of the beautiful!Page Scan
83There are hills beyond the valleyPage Scan
84Little children, Jesus pleadsPage Scan
85Tell me the old, old storyPage Scan
86aSweet to sit at Jesus' feetPage Scan
86bThere's a home that is waiting, a home far awayPage Scan
87Sons of Zion, raise your songsPage Scan
88aRing out, ring out, sweet silver bellsPage Scan
88bThe Sunday-school, that blessed placePage Scan
89aGladly welcome Sabbath morningPage Scan
89bHow sweet the Sabbath mornPage Scan
90There's a beautiful land by the spoiler untrodPage Scan
91Holiness, holiness, holiness becometh thine housePage Scan
92How drear is the wilderness wayPage Scan
93Shall we meet beyond the riverPage Scan
94Remember the poor, for the bleak winds are blowingPage Scan
95Jesus is calling, "Come to me and live"Page Scan

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