The Sodalist's Hymnal: containing a collection of Catholic hymns set to oringinal and selected harmonized melodies, also The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception, The Vesper Compline Office ...

Editor: E. F. MacGonigle
Published: 1887
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Denomination: Roman Catholic Church
Language: English; Latin
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
1On Jordan's banks the Baptist's voicePage Scan
4O come, O come, Emmanuel [Immanuel], And ransomPage Scan
6While shepherd watched their flocks by nightPage Scan
8At hour of silent midnightPage Scan
11The angels sing around the stallPage Scan
14O lovely voices of the sky!Page Scan
16Adeste fideles, Laeti triumphantesPage Scan
18Jesus, Redeemer of the worldPage Scan
20Hail, herald of the Gospel mornPage Scan
22Now are the days of humblest prayerPage Scan
24Thou loving Maker of mankindPage Scan
26All glory, laud, and honorPage Scan
28My Jesus, say, what wretch has daredPage Scan
30What are those wounds, so deep, so redPage Scan
32Thy life, O Lord, is ebbing fastPage Scan
34Oh! come and mourn with me awhilePage Scan
36Oh! come and mourn with me awhilePage Scan
38Stabat Mater dolorosaPage Scan
40The Royal banners forward goPage Scan
42Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the holy anthem risePage Scan
44Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the holy anthem risePage Scan
46Let hymns of joyful triumph risePage Scan
48Veni, Creator SpiritusPage Scan
50Veni, Creator SpiritusPage Scan
51Veni, Creator SpiritusPage Scan
52Veni, Creator SpiritusPage Scan
53Veni, Creator SpiritusPage Scan
54Veni, Creator SpiritusPage Scan
55Veni, Creator SpiritusPage Scan
56O Holy Spirit, God most high!Page Scan
58All hail, adoréd Trinity!Page Scan
60Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All!Page Scan
62Jesus! my Lord, my God, my All![Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All]Page Scan
64Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All!Page Scan
66O Jesus, what a wondrous gracePage Scan
68O dearest Lord, rememberPage Scan
70In this Sacrament, Sweet JesusPage Scan
72O Jesus, Joy of loving hearts!Page Scan
74Loving Saviour, come to mePage Scan
76Loving Saviour, come to mePage Scan
78Jesus, gentlest Saviour, God of might and powerPage Scan
80Jesus, gentlest Saviour, God of might and powerPage Scan
82What joy, what wondrous joy is thisPage Scan
83What happiness can equal mine?Page Scan
86Lauda, Sion, SalvatoremPage Scan
92O salutaris HostiaPage Scan
93O salutaris HostiaPage Scan
94O salutaris hostia, Qu' coeli pandis ostiumPage Scan
95O salutaris HostiaPage Scan
96O salutaris HostiaPage Scan
97O salutaris HostiaPage Scan
98O salutaris HostiaPage Scan
100O salutaris HostiaPage Scan
102Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
103Panem de cœlo præstitisti eisPage Scan
104Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
105Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
106Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
107Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
108Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
109Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
110Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
112Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
114Tantum ergo SacramentumPage Scan
116aLaudate Dominum omnes gentesPage Scan
116bLaudate Dominum omnes gentesPage Scan
116cLaudate Dominum omnes gentesPage Scan
118aLaudate Dominum omnes gentesPage Scan
118bLaudate Dominum omnes gentesPage Scan
118cLaudate Dominum omnes gentesPage Scan
120All ye who seek a comfort surePage Scan
122Sweet Jesus! Thou a haven artPage Scan
124Jesus, Creator of the worldPage Scan
126How shall I ever know the lovePage Scan
128To Jesus' Heart all burning[To Jesus' Heart all burning]Page Scan
130Above this world of tears and sighsPage Scan
132Above this world of tears and sighsPage Scan
134Hail, Jesus! hail! Who for my sakePage Scan
136Jesus, the only thought of TheePage Scan
138Name of gladness, Name of pleasurePage Scan
140O Jesus, Name of peace and blissPage Scan
142Joy! Joy! the Mother comesPage Scan
144What mortal tongue can sing thy praisePage Scan
146Magnificat! Inspired wordPage Scan
148Ascend, ascend, Imperial Queen!Page Scan
150Sweet Morn! thou Parent of the Sun!Page Scan
152Mary! How sweetly falls that wordPage Scan
154Mary! How sweetly falls that wordPage Scan
156Mother Mary, Queen most sweetPage Scan
158What a sea of tears and sorrowPage Scan
160O Mother! I could weep for mirthPage Scan
162Hail, Queen of the Heavens!Page Scan
164Raise your voices, vales and mountainsPage Scan
166Of all virgins thou art fairestPage Scan
170Hail, Virgin of virgins! Page Scan
172With joyful song we praisePage Scan
174Daily, daily sing to MaryPage Scan
176Daily, daily sing to Mary[Daily, daily sing to Mary]Page Scan
178Queen of Angels, thou art gloriousPage Scan
180I'll sing a hymn to Mary, the Mother of my GodPage Scan

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