The Southern Harmony, and Musical Companion. New ed.

Editor: William Walker
Publisher: E. W. Miller, Philadelphia, 1847
Language: English
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72bRise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
75The time is soon coming
77Blow ye the trumpet, blow
80Jesus, thou art the sinner's friend
81bCome, all ye young people of every relation
83Come, humble sinner, in whose breast
84bThe day of the Lord--the day of salvation
85A story most lovely I'll tell
86Wake, Isles of the South!
88Come away to the skies, My beloved, arise
89aO tell where the Dove has flown
89bThere is a happy land
90The Lord into his garden comes
91O how I have long'd for the coming of God
92aFather, I long, I faint to see
92bWhy should we start, or fear to die?
93And if you meet with troubles
94aCome, thou fount of every blessing
94bNo more shall the sound of the war-whoop be heard
95Soldiers, go, but not to claim
96Young people all, attention give
99I sing a song which doth belong
101How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord
104When I can read my title clear
105Come and taste along with me
106aI am a stranger here below
106bShall men pretend to pleasure
107And let this feeble body fail
108Hark! hark! glad tidings charm our ears
112Say now, ye lovely social band
115How splendid shines the morning star
120Let sinners take their course
121God is our refuge in distress
122O when shall I see Jesus
159aMy soul be on thy guard
159bCome, thou almighty King
161O, if my soul was fomr'd for wo
162Great God, attend while Zion sings
163Young people all, attention give
164Along the banks where Babel's current flows
165aChildren of the heavenly King
165bSinner, art thou still secure?
166Sweet rivers of redeeming love
167No burning heats by day
168aThy priase, O Lord, shall tune the lyre
168bLord, when my thoughs delighted rove
169Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I
170Early, my God, without delay
172Show pity Lord, O Lord, forgive
173aSweet is the work, my God, my King
173bMy refuge is the God of love
175The hill of Zion yields
176We're marching through Immanuel's ground
177With songs and honours sounding loud
178From all that dwell below the skies
180Thy works of glory, mighty Lord
181aPlung'd in a gulf of dark despair
181bWide, ye heavenly gates, unfold
182When for eternal worlds we steer
183aApproach, my soul, the mercy seat
183bVital spark of heav'nly flame
184Cease, fond nature, cease thy strife
187I heard a great voice from heav'n, saying unto me
189The Lord is ris'n indeed! Hallelujah!
192Hark! ten thousand harps and voices
193aOh when shall I see Jesus
193bJesus grant us all a blessing
194Jesus, my all, to heav'n is gone
195Oh when shall I see Jesus
196Away from his home and the friends of his youth
197O'er the gloomy hills of darkness
199Hark! the glad sound, the Saviour comes
200aThou sweet gliding Kedron, by thy silver stream
200bI am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valley
206I beheld, and lo a great multitude, which no man could number
210The morning sun shines from the east
213David the king was grieved and moved
214My friends, I am going a long and tedious journey
249Hark! my soul, it is the Lord
250When I can read my title clear
252What wondrous love is this, oh! my soul! oh! my soul!
253On Jordan's stormy banks I stand
254Since man by sin has lost his God
256I came to the place where the lone pilgrim lay
257Thou art gone to the grave--but we will not deplore thee
271bI love the volume of thy word
273How beauteous are their feet
276bWhy do we mourn departing friends?
277How precious, Lord, thy sacred word
278aYe nations of the earth, rejoice
279bYe trembling captives hear!
280bTo God our voices let us raise
281bJoy to the world, the Lord is come
283How long, dear Jesus, oh! how long
284bGive me the wings of faith to rise
288My God, my life, my love
289How pleasant, how divinely fair
290aCome ye who know the Lord indeed
290bMy dearest, lovely, native land
292Jesus, I my cross have taken

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