A Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs: in two parts, part I. containing the hymns; part II. containing the songs...(3rd ed. corr. and enl. by author)

Editor: William Parkinson, A. M.
Publisher: John Tiebout, New York, 1817
Denomination: Baptist
Language: English
Notes: Several pages are missing from the page scan.
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H.CIA friend there is--your voices joinPage Scan
H.CIIJesus, we claim thee for our ownPage Scan
H.CIIIJesus, my love, my chief delightPage Scan
H.CIVJesus, I sing thy matchless gracePage Scan
H.CVJesus, I love thy charming namePage Scan
H.CVIBehold, the sin-atoning LambPage Scan
H.CVIIThou very Paschal LambPage Scan
H.CVIIIJesus, commission'd from abovePage Scan
H.CIXGlory to God, who reigns abovePage Scan
H.CXYe glittering toys of earth, adieuPage Scan
H.CXIDeep are the wounds which sin has madePage Scan
H.CXIIJesus, since thou art still to-dayPage Scan
H.CXIIIBehold, the blind their sight receive!Page Scan
H.CXIVA good High Priest is comePage Scan
H.CXV'Mong all the priests of Jewish racePage Scan
H.CXVI"I come," the great Redeemer criesPage Scan
H.CXVIISaviour divine, we know thy namePage Scan
H.CXVIIIMy soul, with joy attendPage Scan
H.CXIXWhile my Redeemer's nearPage Scan
H.CXXJesus, immutably the samePage Scan
H.CXXIJesus, my all, to heav'n is gonePage Scan
H.CXXIII am, saith Christ, the WayPage Scan
H.CXXIIICompar'd with Christ, in all besidePage Scan
H.CXXIVBacksliders, who your misery feelPage Scan
H.CXXVAll hail the pow'r of Jesus' name!Page Scan
H.CXXVICome, gracious Spirit, heavenly DovePage Scan
H.CXXVIIAt anchor laid, remote from homePage Scan
H.CXXVIIIMy God, what silken cords are thine!Page Scan
H.CXXIXEternal Spirit! we confessPage Scan
H.CXXXFaith, 'tis a precious gracePage Scan
H.CXXXIFaith adds new charms to earthly blissPage Scan
H.CXXXIIJesus, our souls' delightful choicePage Scan
H.CXXXIIIYour harps, ye trembling saintsPage Scan
H.CXXXIVThrice happy souls who, born of heaven
H.CXXXVHappy beyond description, he Who fears the Lord his God
H.CXXXVIAm I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
H.CXXXVIIWarm was his heart, his faith was strongPage Scan
H.CXXXVIIIBehold the sons, the heirs of GodPage Scan
H.CXXXIXO God, my Sun, thy blissful raysPage Scan
H.CXLWhy sinks my weak, desponding mind?Page Scan
H.CXLISweet was the time when first I feltPage Scan
H.CXLIIIn darkest hours and greatest griefPage Scan
H.CXLIIIBeneath thy frowns O Lord I liePage Scan
H.CXLIVWhen I can read my title clearPage Scan
H.CXLVThe saints should never be dismay'dPage Scan
H.CXLVIThe righteous Lord, supremely greatPage Scan
H.CXLVIINow let our voices joinPage Scan
H.CXLVIIIWhen darkness long has veil'd my mindPage Scan
H.CXLIXGod shall alone the refuge bePage Scan
H.CLYes, I would love thee, blessed God!Page Scan
H.CLIOf all the joys we mortals knowPage Scan
H.CLIICome, let me love; or is my mind Page Scan
H.CLIIIAnd have I, Christ, no love to theePage Scan
H.CLIVMy God, my Saviour, thee I lovePage Scan
H.CLVBlest be the tie that bindsPage Scan
H.CLVILet party names no morePage Scan
H.CLVIIGreat Spirit of immortal lovePage Scan
H.CLVIIII love the sons of gracePage Scan
H.CLIXNo mortal ties can be compar'dPage Scan
H.CLXAloud we sing the wondrous gracePage Scan
H.CLXIDear Lord, though bitter is the cupPage Scan
H.CLXIIWhy should a living man complainPage Scan
H.CLXIIIMy times of sorrow and of joyPage Scan
H.CLXIVO Lord, my best desires fulfilPage Scan
H.CLXVAnd can my heart aspire so highPage Scan
H.CLXVIIt is the Lord--enthron'd in lightPage Scan
H.CLXVIIFather, whate'er of earthly blissPage Scan
H.CLXVIIIThus far my God hath led me onPage Scan
H.CLXIXDost thou my profit seekPage Scan
H.CLXXWith joy let each afflicted saintPage Scan
H.CLXXIAnd must I part with all I havePage Scan
H.CLXXIIDear Saviour, make me wise to see Page Scan
H.CLXXIIIWhat strange perplexities arise?Page Scan
H.CLXXIVNow whilst I try my heart
H.CLXXVLord, didst thou die, but not for me?
H.CLXXVISprinkled with reconciling blood Page Scan
H.CLXXVIIAnd may I hope, that when no morePage Scan
H.CLXXVIIIResistless Sov'reign of the skiesPage Scan
H.CLXXIXBlest men, who stretch their willing handsPage Scan
H.CLXXXWhile carnal men, with all their mightPage Scan
H.CLXXXIAwake my soul, stretch ev'ry nervePage Scan
H.CLXXXIIMy Captain sounds the alarm of warPage Scan
H.CLXXXIIIYe servants of the LordPage Scan
H.CLXXXIVHark! 'tis our heavenly Leader's voicePage Scan
H.CLXXXVIn duties and in sufferings tooPage Scan
H.CLXXXVIReligion is the chief concernPage Scan
H.CLXXXVIILord, with a griev'd and aching heartPage Scan
H.CLXXXVIIILord, at thy feet we sinners liePage Scan
H.CLXXXIXProstrate, dear Jesus, at thy feetPage Scan
H.CXCWhy, O my soul, why weepest thou?Page Scan
H.CXCIThe Lord will happiness divine Page Scan
H.CXCIIWith melting heart and weeping eyesPage Scan
H.CXCIIII would, but cannot singPage Scan
H.CXCIVCome, mourning sinner, in whose breastPage Scan
H.CXCVUnto thine altar, LordPage Scan
H.CXCVISo foolish, so absurd am IPage Scan
H.CXCVIIO Lord, how vile am IPage Scan
H.CXCVIIIJesus, thou art the sinner's friendPage Scan
H.CXCIXBehold a sinner, gracious LordPage Scan
H.CCBeside the gospel pool Page Scan

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