Songs in the Night; or Hymns for the Sick and Suffering. 2nd ed.

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d1A poor wayfaring man of grief Hath often crossed
d2Ah how empty how fleeting
d3Ah why this disconsolate frame
d4All hail, thou lengthener of my days
d5And dost thou say, ask what thou wilt
d6And must thou die, my darling boy
d7And shall I, Lord, the cup decline
d8And wilt thou hear the fevered heart
d9Are nature's charms all hidden
d10Around Bethesda's healing wave
d11Art thou a pilgrim, and alone
d12As oft, with worn and weary feet
d13As, panting in the sultry beam
d14Ask, and ye shall receive, This promise
d15At evening time, let there be light
d16Before thy footstool kneeling
d17Behold how short a span
d18Behold the great physician stands
d19Birds have their quiet nest, foxes their holes
d20Broken hearted, weep no more
d21Cease here longer to detain me
d22Chamber of sickness, much to thee I owe
d23Change is written everywhere
d24Child of man, whose seed below
d25Come, let us join our friends above, who [that] have obtained the prize
d26Come, my fond fluttering heart, Come struggle to [you must now] be free
d27Come to Calvary's holy mountain, Sinners ruined by the fall
d28Come who will, the voice from heaven
d29Deathless spirit [principle], now arise [come arise]
d30Diseased in body, mind, and soul
d31Earth is the spirit's rayless cell
d32End of faith and its foundation
d33Eternity, Eternity, how vast
d34Ever patient, gentle, meek
d35Father, by thy love and power
d36Father, if thou willing be
d37Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, One in three
d38For what shall I praise thee
d39Fountain of grace, rich, full, and free
d40Fountain of light [life] and living breath
d41From every stormy wind [sense] that blows
d42From the depths of grief and fear
d43From the recesses of a lowly spirit
d44Full of trembling expectation
d45Gentle stranger, fearless come
d46Give me the voice of mirth
d47Glory to the righteous God
d48Go and tell Jesus when thy heart is glad
d49Go in faith, serene dismission
d50Go to dark [sad] Gethsemane
d51God of my life, thy boundless grace
d52Great God, what do I [we] see and hear
d53Haste, my spirit, fly away
d54He sendeth sun, he sendeth shower
d55He that from dross would win the precious ore
d56Heal us, Immanuel, here we are [stand]
d57Her home is far, O, far away
d58Holy Savior friend unseen
d59How blest the righteous when he dies
d60How frail are these bodies of clay
d61How happy the sorrowful man
d62How heavily the path of life
d63How oft, upon my feverish bed
d64How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
d65How sweet to be allowed to pray
d66How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound
d67I cannot always trace the way, Where thou
d68I cannot call affliction sweet
d69I have been to a land, a border-land
d70I hear the bells, I see them go
d71I hear thee speak of the better land
d72I would disclose my whole complaint
d73I would not live alway, live always below
d74If all our hopes and all our fears
d75If Christ is mine, then all is mine
d76I'm weary of straying [sighing] O fain would [when shall] I rest
d77In health, O Lord, and prosperous days
d78In the dust I'm doomed to sleep
d79In the hour of my distress
d80In the mid silence of the voiceless night
d81Is thy path lonely, fear it not
d82Jesus great Healer of mankind
d83Jesus lives, my life, my joy
d84Jesus, Lover [Savior] of my soul, Let me to thy bosom [refuge] fly
d85Jesus saved the dying thief
d86Joyful words, we meet again
d87Just as I am, without one plea, But [Save] that thy blood
d88Just as thou art, without one trace Of love or joy
d89Know, my soul, thy full salvation
d90Lie down in peace to take thy rest
d91Life nor death shall dissever
d92Lone amidst the dead and dying
d93Long plunged in sorrow I resign
d94Lord, and what shall this man do
d95Lord God of my salvation, To thee, to Thee
d96Lord, how often have I read
d97Lord, I would thank thee if thine hand
d98Lord of earth, thy forming [beauteous] [mighty] hand
d99Morn is the time to think
d100Mourner in Zion, do not weep

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