Sacred Poetry: consisting of psalms and hymns, adapted to Christian devotion, in public and private, selected from the best authors, with variations and additions

Editor: Jeremy Belknap,D. D.
Publisher: Apollo Press by Joseph Belknap, Boston, 1795
Language: English
Notes: Hymns are numbered separately.
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IBlest is the man who [that] shuns the placePage Scan
IIaAttend, O earth, when God declaresPage Scan
IIbMaker and sovereign LordPage Scan
IIIMy God, how many are my fearsPage Scan
IVaWhen fancy spreads her boldest wingsPage Scan
IVbThus far the Lord hath [has] led me onPage Scan
VLord, in the morning thou shalt hear My voice ascending highPage Scan
VIIn anger, Lord, rebuke me notPage Scan
VIIMy trust is in my heavenly FriendPage Scan
VIIIaO thou to whom all creatures bowPage Scan
VIIIbLord, what was man, when made at firstPage Scan
IXSing to the Lord, who loud proclaimsPage Scan
XWhy doth the Lord stand offPage Scan
XIOn God my steadfast hopes relyPage Scan
XIIHelp, Lord, for men of virtue failPage Scan
XIIIHow long wilt thou conceal thy face, My GodPage Scan
XIVFools in their hearts believe and say [cry]Page Scan
XVaLord, who's the happy man, that mayPage Scan
XVbWho shall ascend thy heavenly [holy] placePage Scan
XVIaPreserve me Lord in time of needPage Scan
XVIbLet heathens to their idols hastePage Scan
XVIcI set the Lord before my facePage Scan
XVIIaMy God, the visits of thy facePage Scan
XVIIbWhat sinners value, I resignPage Scan
XVIIIaNo change of times shall ever shock my trust, O Lord, in theePage Scan
XVIIIbIncumbent on the bending skyPage Scan
XVIIIcLord, thou hast seen my [our] soul [souls] sincerePage Scan
XVIIIdTo thine almighty arm we owePage Scan
XIXaThe heavens declare thy glory, Lord, which that alone can fillPage Scan
XIXbGod's perfect law converts the soulPage Scan
XIXcThe heavens declare thy glory, Lord, in every starPage Scan
XIXdGreat God, the heavens well ordered framePage Scan
XIXeBehold the morning sunPage Scan
XXNow may the God of [grace and power] power and gracePage Scan
XXIDavid rejoiced in God his strengthPage Scan
XXIIaNow, in the hour of deep distressPage Scan
XXIIbNow let our mournful song [songs] recordPage Scan
XXIIcLet all the various tribes of menPage Scan
XXIIIaThe Lord himself, the mighty LordPage Scan
XXIIIbThe Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well suppliedPage Scan
XXIIIcThe Lord my pasture shall prepare, and feed me with a shepherd's carePage Scan
XXIVaThis spacious earth is all the Lord'sPage Scan
XXIVbThis spacious earth is all the Lord's, And menPage Scan
XXVTo God I lift my eyes, my trust is in his namePage Scan
XXVIJudge me, O Lord [God], and prove my waysPage Scan
XXVIIaThe Lord of glory is my Light, And myPage Scan
XXVIIbThe Lord, my Savior, is my LightPage Scan
XXVIIIO Lord, my Rock, to thee I cryPage Scan
XXIXGive to the Lord, ye sons of famePage Scan
XXXaBeneath my God's protecting armPage Scan
XXXbFirm was my health, my day was brightPage Scan
XXXIaCome, O ye saints, your voices raisePage Scan
XXXIbLord, in thy great, thy glorious namePage Scan
XXXIIaHe's blest, whose sins have pardon gainedPage Scan
XXXIIbO blessed souls are theyPage Scan
XXXIIIaRejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord, This workPage Scan
XXXIIIbHappy the Nation, where the LordPage Scan
XXXIVaThrough all the changing scenes of life, In troublePage Scan
XXXIVbApproach ye piously disposedPage Scan
XXXVBehold the love, the generous lovePage Scan
XXXVIaThy mercy, Lord, my only hopePage Scan
XXXVIbHigh in the heavens, eternal GodPage Scan
XXXVIIaWhy should I vex my soul and fretPage Scan
XXXVIIbWhy do the wealthy wicked boastPage Scan
XXXVIIcMy God, the steps of pious [righteous] menPage Scan
XXXVIIIMy soul, the awful hour will come, Apace itPage Scan
XXXIXTeach me the measure of my daysPage Scan
XLaI waited patient for the LordPage Scan
XLbThus saith the Lord, Your work is vainPage Scan
XLIBlest is the man, whose tender carePage Scan
XLIIAs pants the hart for cooling streamsPage Scan
XLIIIGod of my [our] strength, to thee I [we] cryPage Scan
XLIVO Lord, our fathers oft have told, In our attentive earsPage Scan
XLVaNow be my heart [our hearts] inspired to singPage Scan
XLVbThe King of saints, how fair his facePage Scan
XLVIaGreat Ruler of the earth and skiesPage Scan
XLVIbGod is our refuge in distress, A present helpPage Scan
XLVIIO for a shout of sacred joyPage Scan
XLVIIIGreat is the Lord our GodPage Scan
XLIXWhy doth the man of riches growPage Scan
LaThe Lord, the Judge, before his thronePage Scan
LbThe Lord, the Judge, his churches [the church he] warnsPage Scan
LIaShow pity Lord, O Lord, forgivePage Scan
LIbO thou who hearest when sinners cryPage Scan
LIILet sinners take their coursePage Scan
LIIIBehold the fool, whose heart deniesPage Scan
LIVThy name, O God, my heart avowsPage Scan
LVO were I like a feathered dovePage Scan
LVIIn God, most holy, just and truePage Scan
LVIIMy God, in whom are all the springs of boundless lovePage Scan
LVIIIShall tyrants rule by impious lawsPage Scan
LIXLord, let our humble cryPage Scan
LXLord, hast thou cast the nation off?Page Scan
LXIWhen overwhelm'd with pain and griefPage Scan
LXIIMy spirit looks to God alone My rock and refugePage Scan
LXIIIaEarly, my God, without delayPage Scan
LXIIIbGreat God indulge my humble claimPage Scan
LXIIIcMy God, permit my tongue this joy, to call thee minePage Scan
LXIVO Lord, to our request give earPage Scan
LXVaFor thee, O God, our constant praisePage Scan

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