Song Praises: for the Sunday school, Christian workers' meeting, prayer meeting, general song services (1st ed.)

Editor: George B. Holsinger
Publisher: Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Ill., 1906
Denomination: German Baptist Brethren
Language: English
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1I bring it all to JesusPage Scan
2Ere you left your room this morningPage Scan
3There is work on ev'ry handPage Scan
4Tell it not with heedless scorningPage Scan
5In young life's early morningPage Scan
6Our country's needs are pleadingPage Scan
7Songs of joy and gladness, beautiful songs we singPage Scan
8Tho' we sow beset with fearsPage Scan
9All that thou hast is the gift of the LordPage Scan
10Jesus, blessed Savior, guide mePage Scan
11Should you be summoned to stand at God's barPage Scan
12Soon I'll cross the "mystic river"Page Scan
13There stands a Rock, on shores of timePage Scan
14It may not be on the mountain’s heightPage Scan
15Hark! 'tis the Shepherd's voice I hearPage Scan
16'Twas love that bro't life unto menPage Scan
17Only one story which never grows oldPage Scan
18The tides of time are swelling inPage Scan
19Holy, happy angels guard the Christian's wayPage Scan
20I dare not idle standPage Scan
21Jesus, my all, to heav'n is gonePage Scan
22We shall meet beyond the river, Bye and byePage Scan
23On this sacred day we meetPage Scan
24Take the Savior with you when you leave your homePage Scan
25I do not ask to choose my pathPage Scan
26Far, far from thee, Lord, I have wanderedPage Scan
27Is there a heart that is waitingPage Scan
28I am bound for that place of bright glory abovePage Scan
29Are you waiting for the coming Of the blessed Savior true?Page Scan
30A city awaits us, we soon shall beholdPage Scan
31Now has come the hour of partingPage Scan
32Praise to the Lord, all ye children, sing praisesPage Scan
33When I sought the Lord and found himPage Scan
34Over the river voices I hear[Over the river voices I hear]TextPage Scan
35Jesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
36Give your hearts to Jesus, childrenPage Scan
37Upon this holy Sabbath dayPage Scan
38Many the ways that we ought to set rightPage Scan
39I have found a rest so preciousPage Scan
40Send me forth, O blessed Master!Page Scan
41Christ will me his aid affordPage Scan
42There's a dark and a troubled side of lifePage Scan
43What wondrous love the Father gavePage Scan
44Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindnessPage Scan
45From moment to moment my God will supply mePage Scan
46Children may sing of the Savior abovePage Scan
47The little children Christ receivedPage Scan
48What are these precious promises?Page Scan
49Sweet peace is theirs who love thy lawPage Scan
50In the dewy pasturesPage Scan
51O blessed cross that I must bearPage Scan
52In from the highway, in from the bywayPage Scan
53I'll always have Jesus beside mePage Scan
54Unto Zion's lovely cityPage Scan
55I may not see my onward pathPage Scan
56Hosanna be the children's songPage Scan
57Little hearts may love our heav'nly KingPage Scan
58Go forth in the highway, and bid to my banquetPage Scan
59Jesus is calling, list to his voicePage Scan
60What if today the sun is hid!Page Scan
61Awake, arise, and greet the mornPage Scan
62O suffer the children to come unto mePage Scan
63I love to go to the Sunday-schoolPage Scan
64Dear Savior, we come in our weakness to theePage Scan
65O Lord, before thy throne we comePage Scan
66Thro' the throng that pressed the SaviorPage Scan
67Bells are ringing, Birds are singingPage Scan
68Keeping step with JesusPage Scan
69List to the sound of the Sunday-school bellPage Scan
70Do you know that Jesus loves you?Page Scan
71There's a mission for us allPage Scan
72Hear the tramp of the army of JesusPage Scan
73Child, in thy days of tender youthPage Scan
74Jesus is all the world to mePage Scan
75How fair must be that the heav'nly homePage Scan
76When the trumpet shall soundPage Scan
77I have a faith in Christ my LordPage Scan
78Is thy pathway dark and dreary?Page Scan
79Lord, for to-morrow and its needsPage Scan
80Would you gain rich reward in the work of the LordPage Scan
81"More and better work for Jesus"Page Scan
82Just a little talk with JesusPage Scan
83There's not a friend like the lowly JesusPage Scan
84Seeking the lost, yes, kindly entreatingPage Scan
85Savior, blessed Savior, Listen while we singPage Scan
86Beautiful Sabbath morningPage Scan
87"Almost persuaded," O why delay?Page Scan
88Am I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
89In the glorious cause of the MasterPage Scan
90There are days of toil in the sowing timePage Scan
91Safely we'll dwell in yon blest landPage Scan
92O heart, take cheer, the Savior for thee carethPage Scan
93How much as Christians we can doPage Scan
94I want to be a worker for the LordPage Scan
95In my Father's house in gloryPage Scan
96Work for the Lord in his harvest widePage Scan
97O gentle Savior, from thy throne on highPage Scan
98We are a band of pilgrimsPage Scan
99Praise our great Redeemer, praise him, praise him!Page Scan
100Do you purpose in your heart to be good and truePage Scan

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