Sing Praises to Jehovah

Publisher: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New Yorkm Inc., Brooklyn, New York, 1984
Denomination: Jehovah's Witnesses
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1All my soul will bless Jehovah[All my soul will bless Jehovah]
2All things we do to please our God[All things we do to please our God]
3As we move ahead triumphant[As we move ahead triumphant]
4A Paradise our God has promised[A Paradise our God has promised]
5All creation, praise Jehovah[All creation, praise Jehovah]
6Around the earth with urgency God's angel flies[Around the earth with urgency God's angel flies]
7Creation groans, weighed down in sin[Creation groans, weighed down in sin]
8As Jehovah's people sound thruout the earth[As Jehovah's people sound thruout the earth]
9Bounteous blessings Jehovah does grant[Bounteous blessings Jehovah does grant]
10As the "last days" move along to the end[As the "last days" move along to the end]
11“Dear Shulammite maiden, so lovely and fair
12As we serve our dear Father, we should ever keep in mind
13Because Jehovah consecrated The universe so grand
14Be glad, you nations, with his people!
15Can you see, with your mind's eye
16Be joyful! Be joyful! Take up the glorious Kingdom hope!
17Beauteous like the dew at morning
18Christ Jesus with kindness And patience ever taught
19Come rejoice! Leap for joy! In God's favor we do bask
20Come, sing the song of Kingdom cheer
21Come, you Christians, hail God's Kingdom
22Deeply stirred we surely feel
23Dark days are here; man lives in fear
24Because our God set us apart
25Each pretty thing God made
26Faithful to God O let us be
27Ever onward, O my people
28Bless us as we meet together
29Firm and determined in this time of the end
30For fine works we ever must be zealous
31For Jehovah's house Christ Jesus
32From house to house, from door to door
33Give thanks, you people, to Jehovah
34Glorious Jehovah, almighty, eternal
35God is love and therefore bids us
36God blesses those who are mild-tempered
37For God's approval With all our hearts we yearn
38God, Jehovah, has a people
39God's warriors are advancing
40God Jehovah told Joshua
41Give ear, O you heav'ns, O earth, let me speak
42God's voice keeps on calling, O walk in the way
43Go forward in preaching the Kingdom
44God's loving care is heartwarming
45Gracious Jehovah, deserving of praise
46God's Word is a shining light
47Gracious Jehovah, our strength and our might
48Give praise to Jehovah. By his love divine
49Great God, Jehovah, Most High, Eternal
50Great God, there's none above you
51Great God, we've vowed to do your will
52Great Jehovah, heav'nly Father, Let your name be sanctified
53Hail the Theocracy, ever increasing!
54God has commanded that we must be holy
55Hand in hand with God Jehovah
56He that is faithful, he that is loyal
57Happy are all those who the joyful shouting know
58Great indeed the comfort God supplies
59Happy are those heeding God's reminders
60God has decreed a thousand years of justice
61Hear now the kings of pagan empires
62How happy are the merciful!
63God has now commanded That there should be light
64How happy is the man that seeks God's Word to comprehend
65How pleasant to see brothers All dwell in unity
66How thankful we to God should be
67How we ought to love Jehovah
68If we truly would be Christians
69If we would have God's blessing
70In service of God's Kingdom There is joy beyond compare
71In service we must keep steadfast
72In the service of our God, Jehovah
73If we would walk with our one God
74In this our day the prophecy is now fulfilled
75It is with lips of joyful cries
76Jehovah God, the Loyal One
77Jehovah God is my Shepherd
78God's people are speaking a language so pure
79Jehovah God, my soul is well aware
80Great Sov'reign in heav'n, Jehovah our God
81Jehovah God, your pow'r sublime
82Jehovah himself gives the saying
83Jehovah has a nation; In our day it was born
84Jehovah God, Almighty One, How great
85Jehovah is our refuge, Our God in whom we trust
86Jehovah lovingly does bestow
87Jehovah, our Father in heaven, O this is a most sacred night!
88Heavn'ly Father, Sov'reign Lord, Be your glorious name adored
89Jehovah our God has wisely provided
90Jehovah God, our Sov'reign Lord, Your truth
91Jehovah sends out light and truth
92Jehovah's servants need to be strong
93How lovely is your temple grand
94Jehovah, you are God alone, To time indefinite the same
95Jehovah the Sov'reign of eternity
96Jehovah, your creation sings Of honor, pow'r and glory
97Jehovah God, exalted in might
98Just as Jesus Christ had foretold
99Keep ever marching forward
100Laud our God! Laud Jehovah God!
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