Sunday-School Hymns

Publisher: American Sunday-School Union, Philadelphia, 1856
Language: English
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101How shall the young secure their heartsPage Scan
102We won't give up the BiblePage Scan
103Let all the heathen writers joinPage Scan
104What a mercy, what a treasurePage Scan
105Father, in my life's young morningPage Scan
106The moon has but a borrowed lightPage Scan
107What is it shows my soul the wayPage Scan
108Holy Bible! book divine!Page Scan
109The Sabbath is the day of restPage Scan
110The Sabbath of the LordPage Scan
111Come, let us join, with one accordPage Scan
112How sweet is the Sabbath, the season of restPage Scan
113Once more we keep the sacred dayPage Scan
114See! another week is gone!Page Scan
115The Sabbath day! God's gift to man!Page Scan
116Jesus, we love to meetPage Scan
117This is the day the Lord hath madePage Scan
118Maker of the Sabbath-dayPage Scan
119Jesus, our blessed LordPage Scan
120There is a holy sacrificePage Scan
121If Jesus Christ was sentPage Scan
122Oh, 'tis a folly, and a crimePage Scan
123God of mercy! God of love!Page Scan
124The smitten heart and starting tearPage Scan
125A sinner, Lord, behold I standPage Scan
126What is there, Lord, that one can doPage Scan
127Return, O wanderer, returnPage Scan
128God has said, Forever blessed Page Scan
129If you will turn away from sinPage Scan
130Sweet is the time of springPage Scan
131Can anyone Begin too soonPage Scan
132Remember thy Creator nowPage Scan
133Go thou, in life's fair morningPage Scan
134By cool Siloam's shady rillPage Scan
135In life's young morn of rising youthPage Scan
136We are but young, yet we may singPage Scan
137How truly blest are they who hearPage Scan
138With humble heart and tonguePage Scan
139Oh, that the Lord would guide my waysPage Scan
140Hear ye not a voice from heavenPage Scan
141Why should we spend our youthful daysPage Scan
142Religion is the chief concernPage Scan
143All that is good from God proceedsPage Scan
144The Sabbath-school I lovePage Scan
145There is a path that leads to GodPage Scan
146Oh cease, my wandering soulPage Scan
147Strive, for the way is straitPage Scan
148Faith is a precious gracePage Scan
149Love is the strongest tiePage Scan
150Speak gently! it is better farPage Scan
151My God! my Father! while I strayPage Scan
152Hasten, O sinner, to be wisePage Scan
153To-day the Saviour calls!Page Scan
154Children, hear the melting storyPage Scan
155Oh say not, I will yet delayPage Scan
156Oh for a heart to feelPage Scan
157Sinners, the voice of God regardPage Scan
158Now is the accepted timePage Scan
159While God invites, how blest the dayPage Scan
160Hear, O sinner! mercy calls youPage Scan
161Say, sinner, hath a voice withinPage Scan
162Behold a stranger at the door!Page Scan
163Delay not, delay not, O sinner, draw nearPage Scan
164Come, children, come to GodPage Scan
165May I resolve, with all my heartPage Scan
166Just as thou art, without one tracePage Scan
167Just as I am--without one pleaPage Scan
168This life is but a summer's dayPage Scan
169To-morrow, Lord, is thinePage Scan
170Oh how fleeting, oh how fleetingPage Scan
171Lord, what is life? 'Tis like a flowerPage Scan
172The lillies of the field, That quickly fade awayPage Scan
173This life of ours is flowingPage Scan
174Quickly my days have passed awayPage Scan
175Time is winging us awayPage Scan
176Swift the moments fly awayPage Scan
177Time grows not old with length of yearsPage Scan
178We thank thee, Lord, that here againPage Scan
179We pray for one, who with us herePage Scan
180We come, with voice of thanks, O LordPage Scan
181The voice is hushed,--the gentle voicePage Scan
182Lord, thou hast called thy servant homePage Scan
183Weep, mourning scholars, weepPage Scan
184A mourning class, a vacant seatPage Scan
185Where we oft have met in gladnessPage Scan
186Death has been here, and borne awayPage Scan
187Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleepPage Scan
188When, bending o'er the brink of lifePage Scan
189There is a grassy bedPage Scan
190That awful hour will soon appearPage Scan
191Thee we adore, eternal Name!Page Scan
192Thou art gone to the grave: but we will not deplore theePage Scan
193Lo! he comes in clouds descendingPage Scan
194And must I be to judgment broughtPage Scan
195And am I born to die?Page Scan
196A dread and solemn hourPage Scan
197Felix trembled, long agoPage Scan
198When thou, my righteous Judge, shalt comePage Scan
199The City of the Skies, whereofPage Scan
200A sad and sinful world is thisPage Scan

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