Sabbath Songs for Tiny Tots. Book Two

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d1Angels are watching over me
d2Angels came to Jacob
d3Blue, blue sky, O I can see the sky
d4Come get your book and we will sing
d5God makes roses grow in my garden
d6Hear the little birdie singing
d7Heaven is higher than all of these
d8Here we come to Bethlehem
d9I am a little flower
d10I am happy, I am happy
d11I give my heart to Jesus
d12I like to come to God's house
d13I want to be ready when Jesus comes
d14I will wear a crown
d15If we follow Jesus
d16I'll give my heart to Jesus, to Jesus
d17I'm a little star for Jesus
d18Jesus is coming from heaven
d19Jesus is coming in clouds of pure white
d20Jesus is my Helper, Every day
d21Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
d22Just as the baby duckling
d23Little baby Moses in your basket bed
d24Mary brought a friend today
d25Merry little children
d26My best friend is Jesus, Praise him
d27Nickels, dimes, and dollars
d28Now let's play we're birds
d29O who makes the flowers
d30Roses bloom in my garden
d31Sabbath is a happy day
d32The church is the place where people come
d33The little children sing and play
d34The Lord is my Shepherd, Was David's
d35There'll be joys untold
d36Two little eyes to look to God
d37We are little helpers
d38When the little flowers bloom so bright
d39When we work and play together
d40Who made the sky so bright and blue
d41Who sends the showers
d42Who's come to Sabbath school
d43With Jesus in the family
d44Would you like to see the Bible
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