Songs of the Spirit

Editor: W. H. Odenheimer
Publisher: Anson D. F. Randolph, New York, N.Y., 1871
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d1A year's swift months have passed away
d2Above the starry spheres
d3Alas these pilgrims faint and worn
d4Almighty Comforter and Friend
d5Almighty Spirit, we thy Godhead now adore
d6And art thou grieved, sweet and sacred Dove
d7And where shall mother's bosom find
d8And will the mighty God
d9As blows the wind, and in its flight
d10At Pentecost, illustrious day
d11Author of every work divine
d12Awake and blow, thou purest wind
d13Awake, awake, thou spirit sweet
d14Awake, thou Spirit, who of old
d15Away with our fears, Our troubles and tears
d16Be joyful in the Lord, ye lands
d17Be our support, O Holy Ghost
d18Blessed Spirit, that preparest
d19Blessed Spirit, thou who deignest
d20Blest be the God who men inspired
d21Blest Comforter, balm of the mind
d22Blest Comforter, come, Lord our God
d23Blest Comforter divine, let [whose] rays
d24Blest Comforter, who didst inspire
d25Blest God, that once in fiery tongues
d26Blest harbinger of future joys
d27Blest Spirit, from the eternal Sire
d28Blest spirit of truth, eternal God
d29Blest Spirit, one with God above
d30Blow on, thou mighty wind
d31Breathe decending Holy Spirit
d32Breathe Holy Spirit from above
d33Brethren, let us join to raise
d34Bright presence, may my soul have part
d35But who shall comfort now
d36Christ had regained the sky
d37Christ our Sun on us arose
d38Come, blessed Spirit, descend and light on me
d39Come, blessed Spirit, source of [heavenly] light
d40Come, Creator Spirit high
d41Come deck our feast today
d42Come descend O heavenly Spirit
d43Come down, O love divine
d44Come from the four winds
d45Come, heavenly Spirit, come, cleansed by Christ's blood
d46Come, heavenly Spirit, come, Kind Father
d47Come holy [and] celestial Dove
d48Come Holy Ghost, all quickening fire, [come and] my hallowed [consecreated] heart inspire
d49Come Holy Ghost, and warm my heart
d50Come Holy Ghost, celestial dove (Harrison)
d51Come Holy Ghost, come Lord our God
d52Come Holy Ghost, Creator, come, inspire these souls
d53Come Holy Ghost, eternal God
d54Come Holy Ghost, in love, shed on us
d55Come Holy Ghost, my soul inspire, spirit
d56Come Holy Ghost, on us descend, our hearts
d57Come Holy Ghost, our [my] [these] heart [hearts] inspire, Let us thy influence prove
d58Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire
d59Come, Holy Ghost; the Lamb has broke
d60Come, Holy Ghost, the Maker, come
d61Come, Holy Ghost, thine influence shed
d62Come, Holy Ghost, thou heavenly Dove
d63Come, Holy Ghost, Who ever one Art with the Father and the Son
d64Come, Holy Spirit, calm my [each] mind
d65Come, Holy spirit, come and breathe fresh
d66Come, Holy Spirit, come and breathe Thy spicy odors on the face
d67Come, Holy Spirit, come; Let thy bright beams divine
d68Come, Holy Spirit, come, My stubborn will
d69Come, Holy Spirit, come; O hear my [our] humble [an infant's] prayer
d70Come, Holy Spirit, come, With energy divine
d71Come, Holy Spirit, come, With energy divine
d72Come, Holy Spirit, from the height
d73Come Holy Spirit, God and Lord Be all Thy graces now outpoured
d74Come, Holy Spirit, God of might
d75Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove, my sinful maladies remove
d76Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove, with all thy quickening powers
d77Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove, with all thy quickening powers
d78Come Holy Spirit, heavenly guest
d79Come Holy Spirit, heavenly power
d80Come, Holy Spirit, love divine
d81Come, Holy Spirit, Mercies revealing
d82Come Holy Spirit, most blessed Lord
d83Come Holy Spirit, now descend
d84Come, Holy Spirit, send down those beams
d85Come, mighty Spirit, penetrate This heart and soul of mine
d86Come, mild and holy Dove
d87Come, O come, thou quickening Spirit
d88Come, O promised Comforter
d89Come, O Spirit, graciously
d90Come, O Spirit, Lord of grace
d91Come Spirit from above
d92Come, thou all inspiring Spirit
d93Come, thou almighty Comforter
d94Come, thou Creating Spirit, come
d95Come, thou everlasting Spirit
d96Come, Thou heavenly Spirit pure
d97Come, Thou Holy Paraclete
d98Come Thou, O come; sweetest and
d99Come, thou soul transforming [enlivening] Spirit [Savior]
d100Come, thou Spirit of contrition

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