Temperance Jewels

Editor: J. H. Tenney, E. A. Hoffman
Publisher: Oliver Ditson & Co., Boston, 1879
Language: English
Notes: These hymns are numbered by the page numbers.
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3O sound ye the trumpet!Page Scan
4I stand on the field of battlePage Scan
5Stand, firmly stand! A noble, valiant bandPage Scan
6In the strength of God we'll rallyPage Scan
7The tread of mighty armies rollsPage Scan
8Look for the lights, my brotherPage Scan
9Is the conflict strong within theePage Scan
10Hark! for gentle voices Whisper to thee withinPage Scan
12Out the sea, 'mid stormy galesPage Scan
13Forward, soldiers! storm the rampartsPage Scan
14My boy is out tonightPage Scan
15Many a soul on life's dark oceanPage Scan
16A song, a song todayPage Scan
18Upward or downward, which shall it be?Page Scan
20Tramp, tramp, tramp, in the drunkard's wayPage Scan
21Watchman, on the mountain standingPage Scan
22There's an enemy at handPage Scan
24Drink ye from the crystal fountainPage Scan
25Who hath sorrow? who hath woe?Page Scan
26Erring friend, beware, beware!Page Scan
27When you are tempted the wine to drinkPage Scan
28Columbia, fresh as the glow of the morningPage Scan
29Yield not to the tempter; Pass by and be freePage Scan
30"On!" thy brother's blood is cryingPage Scan
31Down at the cross where my Saviour diedPage Scan
32'Tis night; the drunkard sits alonePage Scan
33Fight the battle! fight the battle!Page Scan
34Ever constant, ever truePage Scan
35Brother, be thou faithfulPage Scan
36We are a loyal, earnest bandPage Scan
38In the wilds of sin a weary soul, astrayPage Scan
39Brother, go To the high and to the lowPage Scan
40When the heart has grown sick of the world's sin and blightPage Scan
42Dash the wine-cup away, tho' its sparkle should bePage Scan
43Oh, this uttermost salvation!Page Scan
44There's sunshine and joy upon earth, my good friendPage Scan
45In God we trust! He is our sure DefensePage Scan
46Rouse thee, brother, from thy slumberPage Scan
47Tossing on the billow, Rocking in the blastPage Scan
48Do they pray for me at home?Page Scan
49Lo, the morning dawneth, brother!Page Scan
50Mother is dead and I am alonePage Scan
51See the light advancingPage Scan
52Keeping working; 'tis wiser than sitting asidePage Scan
53When the wine-cup is offeredPage Scan
54All my life long have my steps been attendedPage Scan
56Weary of the Master's fightPage Scan
57In the wilderness of sinPage Scan
58On, valiant soldiers of Christ, our King!Page Scan
59Falling into line, boysPage Scan
60Go, feel what I have felt[Go feel what I have felt]Page Scan
61When by sin and guilt o'ertakenPage Scan
62Hallelujah! raise a songPage Scan
63O Father! let me bear the crossPage Scan
64We're coming, we're coming, the fearless and free!Page Scan
65Mourn for the thousands slainPage Scan
66Dear mother, cease your weary weepingPage Scan
69Give me a draught from the crystal springPage Scan
70Sow ye beside all watersPage Scan
72O hark to the stirring summonsPage Scan
73As we journey along life's rugged wayPage Scan
74We have chosen to follow the crucified LordPage Scan
75Don't drink tonight, my boy!Page Scan
76Hear the Temp'rance callPage Scan
77The Lord of Lfe my death hath diedPage Scan
78Where are you going so fast, young man?Page Scan
80There, John, hitch Dobbin to the postPage Scan
82Gird on the armor, brave soul, todayPage Scan
83Up to the work, thyself addressingPage Scan
84Take back the bowl! my lips no morePage Scan
86I have read of a beautiful cityPage Scan
88We have wept o'er the sins that withheld you from ChristPage Scan
89Like a child that is lostPage Scan
90Father won't you stop your drinking?Page Scan
92I hear a sound of singingPage Scan
93Haste ye to the fountain's brinkPage Scan
94My pretty bird, pray, what do you drinkPage Scan
95At thy feet, like MaryPage Scan
96O tell me of Jesus! I've heard of his lovePage Scan
98Keep a light in the window burningPage Scan
100Live for Jesus, Live for Jesus!Page Scan
101When the voice of duty callsPage Scan
102Who are these who roam afarPage Scan
104Oh, touch it not! for deep withinPage Scan
105The Lord is our refuge and strengthPage Scan
106The years, the years are gliding byPage Scan
107Saviour of my trusting soulPage Scan
108When you see the ruddy wine, Touch it not!Page Scan
109Oh, fling aloft the bannerPage Scan
110Help me, help me, precious Saviour!Page Scan
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