The Truth Seeker Collection of Forms, Hymns and Recitations, Original and Selected, for the Use of Liberals

Publisher: D. M. Bennett, Liberal and Scientific Publications, New York, N.Y., 1877
Denomination: Liberal Church of America
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d1A conscious fortitude sustains
d2A joyful song now let us raise
d3A storm sped over sea and land
d4A triple health to friendship, science, art
d5A vote in the laws they make
d6Action, action, all is action
d7Actions, not words, is the world's greatest
d8Again the harbinger of light
d9Ah shall we see that glorious day
d10Ah wretched minds who still remain
d11All are architects of fate
d12All around us, fair with flowers
d13All hail the Truth, behold, he comes
d14All nature dies, and lives again
d15All nature speaks, let men give ear
d16All summer long the happy brook
d17All the children of God to the devil oft go
d18Am I a soldier of the cause
d19America, thou home of our fathers
d20Amidst a world of hopes and fears
d21Amidst the changing scenes of time
d22An offering to the shrine of power
d23And is religion all a dream
d24Angel Father, O be near me
d25Angry words are lightly spoken
d26Answer me, burning stars of night
d27Arise, O men, nor dream the hours
d28As brethren here again we meet
d29As o'er his furrowed fields which lie
d30As you travel o'er life's weary way
d31Augustine well and truly said
d32Awake, my beloved, the young moon-beams shine
d33Aye, longing to die
d34Balmy seas of time and motion
d35Base oppressors, leave your slumbers
d36Be firm, be bold, be strong, be true
d37Be thyself, a nobler gospel
d38Be thyself, there's nothing grander
d39Behold, the reign of freedom comes
d40Better than grandeur, better than gold
d41Better to say, I must, and bow beneath the rod
d42Beyond earth's storm
d43Blest is the man, whose softening [generous] heart
d44Blind old ignorance stalks through the land
d45Blow ye [you] the trumpet, blow
d46Bosomed in the valleys of fragrance
d47Bound fast to creed who can be free
d48Bright messenger throng, art thou waiting
d49Brothers, be ye who ye may
d50Canst thou chain old time
d51Cherish faith in one another
d52Children of labor the day dawn is breaking
d53Come awake the daylight dawns
d54Come, friends give an ear
d55Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove, with all thy quickening powers
d56Come join the social band
d57Come, join with freedom's band
d58Come, let us join and sing, Each in a joyful mood
d59Come let us join in cheerful song
d60Come sound the praise of truth's fair name
d61Comrades, see o'er yonder hill tops
d62Cover them over with beautiful flowers
d63Dare to be true, whatever your station
d64Dare to say no, when asked to drink
d65Dark today, O, dark and dreary
d66Days of error long have spread
d67Death is but a friendly stranger
d68Defend the poor and desolate, and rescue
d69Do not crouch today and worship
d70Do not grieve that she is taken
d71Drops in the ocean, are all our tears
d72Error's teachings shall molder in the grave
d73Eternal Father, by whose hand
d74Ever there floats before the real
d75Everywhere kind nature leads us
d76Farewell, dear friends, adieu
d77Fled are the dreams that made us weak
d78For the future [are we] [we are] building
d79Forward, the day is breaking
d80Freedom, gorgeous is the dawn
d81Freedom is risen
d82Freedom's charms alike engage
d83Friends and comrades, hear the signal
d84Friends of freedom, sons and daughters
d85Friends of freedom, ye who stand
d86From all our mountain regions
d87From Greenland's icy mountains
d88Gaily the sun woos the spring for his bride
d89Gather your roses while you may
d90Gird on your armor, the conflict draws nigh
d91Give me some green retired spot
d92Glad voices let us raise
d93Go search the fields of nature through
d94Go, still the heaving ocean's roar
d95God draws a cloud over each gleaming morn
d96God hath blest the warrior nations
d97Gods, Christs, and Bibles, all are gone
d98Great Source of beings, Fount of life
d99Great word, that fillest my mind
d100Guide us, Truth, thou star refulgent

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