Unity Services and Songs

Publisher: Western Unitarian Sunday School Society, Chicago, 1894
Denomination: American Unitarian Association
Language: English
Notes: There are unique chants and hymns in the Services section which are numbered by page number.
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S1Praise ye the Lord, who is King of all power aand gloryPage Scan
S2Glory be to the Father who is in heaven: the High and Holy OnePage Scan
S3Thine is the kingdom O LordPage Scan
S4aFather, hear our humble pray'rPage Scan
S4bthe Lord bless us and keep us: The Lord make his face to shine upon usPage Scan
S8aThe Lord is good to allPage Scan
S8bFair are the feet that bring the newsPage Scan
S9Praise ye the Lord, who with majesty ruleth in all thingsPage Scan
S12Blessed are they whose ways are purePage Scan
S13Father, hear the prayer we offer!Page Scan
S14Worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessPage Scan
S17aOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy namePage Scan
S17bThere is an Eye that never sleepsPage Scan
S22The Lord is in his Holy PlacePage Scan
S26How sweet to be allowed to prayPage Scan
S27Evermore blessed be the holy Lord!Page Scan
S30aThe law of the Lord is perfect, giving life to the soulPage Scan
S30bOne thought I have, my ample creedPage Scan
S31All glory be to God most high, the high and holy FatherPage Scan
S33Give praise, O give praise unto the mighty LordPage Scan
S35There is one God, and Father of allPage Scan
S36Come brethren [brothers] let us goPage Scan
S38O sing and praise the Lord, our strengthPage Scan
S39Glory be to the Father, Almighty LordPage Scan
S41aThen can I praise thee with an unfeigned heartPage Scan
S41bLife is real, life is earnestPage Scan
S43O praise ye the Lord! O praise him all his hosts!Page Scan
S46Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavensPage Scan
S47Glory be to God on high! Peace on earth, good will to men!Page Scan
S48The voice of old by Jordan's floodPage Scan
S54Life of ages, richly poured, Love of God, unspent and freePage Scan
S59Sing praise to the Lord with thanksgivingPage Scan
S60O praise the Lord, all ye peoplePage Scan
S62aThe Lord is a Sun and shield: No good thing will he withhold Page Scan
S62bHeavenly Father, God of love, sendPage Scan
S64I will praise thee, O GodPage Scan
S67The Lord Almigthy reigneth: Hallelujah!Page Scan
S68In thee, O God, do I put my trustPage Scan
S69All ye nations, praise the LordPage Scan
S72My soul, wait for the LordPage Scan
S74aThou walkest with the simplePage Scan
S74bO thou, in all thy might so farPage Scan
1Truth is dawning, see the morningPage Scan
2O see how fair, how sweet, how clearPage Scan
3Ring the bells, the golden hoursPage Scan
4How we love to see thePage Scan
5Come, all ye happy childrenPage Scan
6Though faint, yet pursuing, we go on our wayPage Scan
7Our Father in heavenPage Scan
8Yea, fear not, fear not, little onesPage Scan
9Yea, fear not, fear not, little onesPage Scan
10Bright things can never diePage Scan
11Lo the great sun in his gloryPage Scan
12Who showed the little [tiny] ant the wayPage Scan
13Father, our prayer we offerPage Scan
14For our life, so young and pleasingPage Scan
15Be the matter what it mayPage Scan
16When morning with a golden lightPage Scan
17Day is breaking, earth is waking Darkness from the hills is gonePage Scan
18The deep toned bell is calling usPage Scan
19Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us, ShepherdPage Scan
20Are we sowing seeds of kindnessPage Scan
21Sing with our might and uplift our glad voicesPage Scan
22O sing with loud and joyful songPage Scan
23Jesus, by thy simple beautyPage Scan
24Sign of a glorious life afarPage Scan
25Lovely silver flowerPage Scan
26Meek and lowly, pure and holyPage Scan
27An offering at the shrine of powerPage Scan
28O welcome, dear and lovely SpringPage Scan
29The Sunday is here, the Sunday is herePage Scan
30The light pours down from heavenPage Scan
31There's good in everything we viewPage Scan
32Everywhere in naturePage Scan
33Be firm and be faithful, desert notPage Scan
34The day is done, the setting sunPage Scan
35O when the sun awakes the morningPage Scan
36It is said that Truth is goldPage Scan
37Hail, hail to thee, melody, daughter of lovePage Scan
38'Tis summer, glorious summer, lookPage Scan
39Gentle ray of sunlight, gleamingPage Scan
40There's music in the midnight breezePage Scan
41You cannot pay with moneyPage Scan
42We lift our tuneful voices nowPage Scan
43O beautiful rainbowPage Scan
44The beautiful! the beautiful!Page Scan
45Lo! forth to the field! the harvest brightensPage Scan
46The morning hours of cheerful lightPage Scan
47Whene'er a noble deed is wroughtPage Scan
48Above my eyePage Scan
49Earth with her ten thousand flow'rsPage Scan
50O would you be a sunbeamPage Scan
51Men whose boast it is that yePage Scan
52O sweet was the song of the robinPage Scan
53There's learning, pleasant learningPage Scan
54Welcome, welcome is the greetingPage Scan
55I live for those who love mePage Scan
56The herp at Nature's advent strungPage Scan
57Suppose the little cowslipPage Scan
58From hill and dalePage Scan

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