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Voices: Native American hymns and worship resources

Editor: Marilyn M. Hofstra
Publisher: Discipleship Resources, Nashville, 1992
Denomination: United Methodist Church
Language: Cherokee; English; Choctaw; Cheyenne; Muskogee; Caddo; Kiowa; Mohawk; Navajo; Potawatomi; Dakota; Inupiaq; Chippeawa; Euchee; Ponca; Seneca
Notes: Numbering is by page numbers, letters are added for hymns on the same page
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
2Alas! and did my Savior bleed[Alas! and did my Savior bleed]
4aOonehlahnuhhee Oowehjee[Alas! and did my Savior bleed]
4bSheelombish Holeetopah mah![Alas! and did my Savior bleed]
5Aheehuh! Kuht! chuh Heesahyee juh[Alas! and did my Savior bleed]
6aAmazing grace! How sweet the sound[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]
6bDahnewn bah'weaht, Ahah hayou[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]Text
7aOonehlahnuhhee oowehjee[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]
7bJesus neta wowe honi[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]Text
7cSheelombish Holeetopah mah![Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]
8aDawk’ee daha̱y dawtsahy hee tsow’a̱h[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]Text
8bJad kah thoh jee nee shon gwah wee[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]Text
8cPuyvfekcv Herat vhtet[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]Text
9aNizhonigo jonba’ diits’a[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]
9bNosk shehmnitto keem zhuhwehnmah[Amazing grace! How sweet the sound]
10Blest be the tie that binds[Blest be the tie that binds]
11aWakantanka waste[Blest be the tie that binds]Text
11bQuyanna miik killiq simaaq tuat attausimun[Blest be the tie that binds]
12Meekosahpahlkee ahpeeyahnahn[Meekosahpahlkee ahpeeyahnahn]
14Sqwahteeneesehsdee, Yeehowah (ᏍᏆᏘᏂᏎᏍᏗ, ᏱᎰᏩ)[Sqwahteeneesehsdee, Yeehowah]
16Oonehlahnuhhee oowehjee neegahdeeeh (ᎤᏁᎳᏅᎯ ᎤᏪᏥ ᏂᎦᏗ)[Oonehlahnuhhee oowehjee neegahdeeeh]
18Oonehlahnuhhee Oowehjee (ᎤᏁᎳᏅᎯ ᎤᏪᏥ ᎢᎦgᎤᏴᎮᎢ)[Oonehlahnuhhee Oowehjee]
20Oon da shon suh, ta bain duh mun (Come, thou Fount of every blessing)[Oon da shon suh, ta bain duh mun]Text
21Che uh no kee too non (A charge to keep I have)[Che uh no kee too non]
22Uhbuh peen Cheetokahkah yuht[Uhbuh peen Cheetokahkah yuht]
24Uhbuh peen Cheetokahkah, yuht[Uhbuh peen Cheetokahkah, yuht]
25Cheesuhs pollah kuhto[Cheesuhs pollah kuhto]
26Neetahk kahneemahfeenah ho[Neetahk kahneemahfeenah ho]
27Ahok chahyah ahnompah hosh[Ahok chahyah ahnompah hosh]
28Keewaht hahyu nahtsee deesah[Keewaht hahyu nahtsee deesah]
29aMany and great, O God, are thy things[Many and great, O God, are thy things]Text
29bWakantanka taku nitawa[Wakantanka taku nitawa]Text
30Sanna chee ney a yo on (Christians, do not fall or turn back)[Sanna chee ney a yo on]
31Face to face with Christ, my Savior[Face to face with Christ, my Savior]
32aTe hi ka ne re ne YE SOS[Face to face with Christ, my Savior]Text
32bAlas! and did my Savior bleed[Alas! and did my Savior bleed]Text
33Netahk ishtaheyopikmuhno[Netahk ishtaheyopikmuhno]Text
34Mekosahpahlket maymahn ahpokeez[Mekosahpahlket maymahn ahpokeez]
36Meekosahpahlkeht meekosahpah[Meekosahpahlkeht meekosahpah]
38Jesus, lover of my soul[Jesus, lover of my soul]
39aUhbah Mekopullah kah[Uhbah Mekopullah kah]Text
39bJesus onsimada kin[Jesus onsimada kin]Text
40Jesus loves me! This I know[Jesus loves me! This I know]
41aTsisa a ki ke yu ha[Tsisa a ki ke yu ha]
41bCesvs vc vnokeces[Cesvs vc vnokeces]Text
41cJesus our friend and brother[Jesus our friend and brother]
42Dawk'yahee gawthaheedo[Dawk'yahee gawthaheedo]
43Dawk'yahee ahdawtsahee ahn[Dawk'yahee ahdawtsahee ahn]
44Chee meegosahpeeyahtee [Chee meegosahpeeyahtee]
45Gahdodahjuhyah duhnehlee jeesah[Gahdodahjuhyah duhnehlee jeesah]
49Wahkahndah lahoodahney (God, he is good)[Wahkahndah lahoodahney]
50Praise God, from whom all blessings flow[Praise God, from whom all blessings flow]
51aOo ne la nuh hi ikidodah[Oo ne la nuh hi ikidodah]Text
51bMah moo yuh wuh mah dah mah buh[Mah moo yuh wuh mah dah mah buh]Text
51cIki Chihowa fehna ka[Iki Chihowa fehna ka]Text
51dRon we senna iens ne niio[Ron we senna iens ne niio]Text
51eCe Mekusapeyvte[Ce Mekusapeyvte]Text
52Dogas honeedao Jesus howahnthondey (It is true they are blessed)[Dogas honeedao Jesus howahnthondey]
54Jesus ney Shogwah wehn neeyuh (Jesus is our Lord and Savior)[Jesus ney Shogwah wehn neeyuh]
55Ahho Dawkee, yahthahee omay[Ahho Dawkee, yahthahee omay]
56There's a land that is fairer than day[There's a land that is fairer than day]
57Ekuvnv herusat ocet os[Ekuvnv herusat ocet os]Text
58'Twas in the moon of wintertime ['Twas in the moon of wintertime]
59Esteiaron de tsonoue, Jesous ahatonhia[Esteiaron de tsonoue, Jesous ahatonhia]Text
60What a friend we have in Jesus[What a friend we have in Jesus]
61Ga-o' da-swe-t i-s ne jo-gweh[Ga-o' da-swe-t i-s ne jo-gweh]Text
[This hymnal has not been proofed - data may be incomplete or incorrect]
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