The Voice of Praise: a collection of hymns for the use of the Methodist Church

Publisher: James Robison, Pittsburgh, Penn., 1873
Denomination: Methodist Protestant Church
Language: English
Notes: Hymns, Chants (C) and Doxologies (D) are numbered separately
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401God of mercy! God of grace!TextPage Scan
402Jesus, let thy pitying eyeTextPage Scan
403Oh, that I could repent! Oh, that I could believe!TextPage Scan
404Whom man forsakes thou wilt not leaveTextPage Scan
405I own my guilt, my sins confessTextPage Scan
406And must I part with all I haveTextPage Scan
407Ah! whither should I goTextPage Scan
408With tears of anguish, I lamentTextPage Scan
409I would be thine; oh, take my heartTextPage Scan
410How oft, alas! this wretched heartTextPage Scan
411Heavenly Father, bless me nowTextPage Scan
412Oh, how divine, how sweet the joyTextPage Scan
413Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stayTextPage Scan
414Prostrate, dear Jesus, at thy feetTextPage Scan
415Just as I am, without one pleaTextPage Scan
416Master, I own thy lawful claimTextPage Scan
417A broken heart, O Lord! Thou never wilt despiseTextPage Scan
418O Thou, whose tender mercy hearsTextPage Scan
419Did Christ o'er sinners weepTextPage Scan
420Love for all! and can it be?TextPage Scan
421By thy birth, and by thy tearsTextPage Scan
422Oh, that my load of sin were goneTextPage Scan
423Now to thine altar, LordTextPage Scan
424O Jesus, in pity draw nearTextPage Scan
425Lord, I approach the mercy-seatTextPage Scan
426The long-lost son, with streaming eyesTextPage Scan
427Before thy cross lamentingTextPage Scan
428Christ, of all my hopes the groundTextPage Scan
429Sinners, this solemn truth regardTextPage Scan
430Come, O thou Traveler unknownTextPage Scan
431Wilt thou not to me revealTextPage Scan
432Yield to me now, for I am weakTextPage Scan
433The Sun of Righteousness on meTextPage Scan
434Oh, where shall rest be foundTextPage Scan
435I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of GodTextPage Scan
436Oh, happy day, that fixed my choiceTextPage Scan
437The moment a sinner believesTextPage Scan
438Oh, gift of gifts! oh, grace of faith!TextPage Scan
439Awaked by Sinai's awful soundTextPage Scan
440Jesus Christ, who stands betweenTextPage Scan
441Would Jesus have the sinner die!TextPage Scan
442Take me, O my Father, take me!TextPage Scan
443Ye ransom'd sinners, hearTextPage Scan
444Jesus hath died that I might liveTextPage Scan
445Ever fainting with desireTextPage Scan
446Oh, could I find, from day to dayTextPage Scan
447Come, thou omniscient Son of manTextPage Scan
448Father, let thy light divineTextPage Scan
449Come, O my God, the promise sealTextPage Scan
450Oh, come, and dwell in me TextPage Scan
451Forever here my rest shall beTextPage Scan
452Love divine, all love excellingTextPage Scan
453All things are possible to himTextPage Scan
454What is our calling's glorious hopeTextPage Scan
455Hark! for 'tis God's own Son that callsTextPage Scan
456Saviour, on me the grace bestowTextPage Scan
457How can a sinner knowTextPage Scan
458Blest are the pure in heartTextPage Scan
459I ask the gift of righteousnessTextPage Scan
460Lord, I believe a rest remainsTextPage Scan
461If thou impart thyself to meTextPage Scan
462The sacred body of perfectnessTextPage Scan
463Jesus, refuge of the wearyTextPage Scan
464I am thy workmanship, O Lord!TextPage Scan
465I know that my Redeemer lives, And ever prays for meTextPage Scan
466Behold! what wondrous graceTextPage Scan
467My God, my Father, blissful name!TextPage Scan
468Oh, glorious hope of perfect loveTextPage Scan
469Blessed are the sons of GodTextPage Scan
470Jesus, my life, thyself applyTextPage Scan
471O Jesus, at thy feet we waitTextPage Scan
472Clothed in white, O Saviour, we TextPage Scan
473O love divine, how sweet thou art!TextPage Scan
474The Savior kindly calls Our children to his breastTextPage Scan
475Saviour! who thy flock art feedingTextPage Scan
476Here, Savior, we would come TextPage Scan
477See Israel's gentle Shepherd standTextPage Scan
478'Twas the commission of our LordTextPage Scan
479Jesus! we lift our souls to theeTextPage Scan
480Come, Holy Spirit, from on highTextPage Scan
481Meekly in Jordan's holy streamTextPage Scan
482By cool Siloam's shady rillTextPage Scan
483Come in, thou blessed of the LordTextPage Scan
484Witness, ye men and angels, nowTextPage Scan
485Come, let us join our souls to GodTextPage Scan
486People of the living God!TextPage Scan
487Glorious things of thee are spokenTextPage Scan
488Planted in Christ, the living vineTextPage Scan
489With stately towers and bulwarks strongTextPage Scan
490One holy church of God appearsTextPage Scan
491At this thy banquet, Lord of allTextPage Scan
492Many centuries have fledTextPage Scan
493Jesus, Master, hear me nowTextPage Scan
494Author of our salvation, theeTextPage Scan
495O bread to pilgrims givenTextPage Scan
496Jesus, all-redeeming LordTextPage Scan
497'Twas on that dark, that doleful night TextPage Scan
498The king of heaven his table spreadsTextPage Scan
499In remembrance of the SaviorTextPage Scan
500Let all who truly bear TextPage Scan

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