Winnowed Hymns: a collection of sacred songs, especially adapted for revivals, prayer and camp meetings

Editor: Rev. C. C. McCabe, Rev. D. T. Macfarlan
Publisher: Biglow & Main, New York and Chicago, 1873
Language: English
Notes: Numbers are the page numbers the hymn starts on. If two hymns start on the same page, letters are added after the page number.
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3I need thee every hourPage Scan
4Safe in the arms of JesusPage Scan
5Pass me not, O gentle SaviourPage Scan
6I love to tell the story Page Scan
7More love to Thee, O Christ!Page Scan
8Take the name of Jesus with youPage Scan
9"Land ahead!" its fruits are wavingPage Scan
10Mourner, wheresoe'er thou artPage Scan
11There is a gate that stands ajarPage Scan
12I have entered the valley of blessing so sweetPage Scan
13Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?Page Scan
14In the Rifted Rock I'm resting Page Scan
15O, when shall I sweep through the gates!Page Scan
16There's a land that is fairer than dayPage Scan
17The world is overcome by the blood of the LambPage Scan
18The blood, the blood is all my pleaPage Scan
19Oh, now I see the crimson wavePage Scan
20There is a fountain fill'd with bloodPage Scan
21There is an hour of calm reliefPage Scan
22My life flows on in endless songPage Scan
23We shall meet beyond the riverPage Scan
24Oh, bliss of the purified!Page Scan
25Dear Jesus, I long to be perfectly wholePage Scan
26aOh, how sweet when we mingle with kindred spirits herePage Scan
26bWhat to me are earth's pleasures, and what its flowing tears?Page Scan
27"I am the door," come in, come inPage Scan
28To the cross of Christ, my SaviourPage Scan
29O thou God of my salvationPage Scan
30When clouds hang darkly o'er my wayPage Scan
31I am far frae my hame, an' I'm weary aftenwhilesPage Scan
32All glory to Jesus be giv'nPage Scan
33In the fadeless springtime, on the heav'nly shorePage Scan
34In God I have found a retreatPage Scan
35There is only one way to the crossPage Scan
36O the sleep of just a momentPage Scan
37One there is above all othersPage Scan
38Light and comfort of my soulPage Scan
39O, think of a home over therePage Scan
40Naught of merit or of pricePage Scan
41Shall we meet in heaven, shall we meet in heavenPage Scan
42God lov'd the world of sinners lostPage Scan
43Blessed Jesus, Blessed JesusPage Scan
44Home where the pure and the good shall standPage Scan
45Can my soul find rest from sorrowPage Scan
46Loving Saviour, hear my cryPage Scan
47I come to thee, I come to thee!Page Scan
48I hear the Saviour say, Thy strength indeed is smallPage Scan
49A soft sweet voice from Eden stealingPage Scan
50Breaking thro' the clouds that gatherPage Scan
51Come, come to Jesus!Page Scan
52My latest sun is sinking fastPage Scan
53aI am coming to the crossPage Scan
53bThe angels that watch'd round the tombPage Scan
54Come brethren, don't grow wearyPage Scan
55One more day's work for JesusPage Scan
56aSinner, come will you go!Page Scan
56bI am thine own, O ChristPage Scan
57aWe praise Thee, O God! for the Son of Thy lovePage Scan
57bO who'll stand up for JesusPage Scan
58I will sing you a song of that beautiful landPage Scan
59In some way or other the Lord will providePage Scan
60aHoly Spirit, faithful guidePage Scan
60bSinners, turn; why will ye die?Page Scan
61Precious Jesus! O, to love TheePage Scan
62aMy heavenly home is bright and fairPage Scan
62bMy Saviour, my almighty FriendPage Scan
63All for Jesus! all for Jesus!Page Scan
64Come, O thou Traveller unknown[Come, O thou Traveler unknown]Page Scan
65When I survey the wondrous crossPage Scan
66Oh, sometimes the shadows are deepPage Scan
67O sing to me of heav'nPage Scan
68Shall we gather at the riverPage Scan
69I stand all bewildered with wonderPage Scan
70There is no friend like JesusPage Scan
71Only Thee, my soul's Redeemer!Page Scan
72My body, soul and spirit, Jesus I give to theePage Scan
73The cross! the cross! the blood-stained crossPage Scan
74O ye that are weary and laden of soulPage Scan
75Sweet hour of prayer! Page Scan
76Jesus, I my cross have takenPage Scan
77He leadeth me! oh! blessed tho'tPage Scan
78Jesus keep me near the crossPage Scan
79Ah, tell me not of gold or treasurePage Scan
80Tell me the old, old story Page Scan
81"Almost persuaded" now to believePage Scan
82I am waiting by the riverPage Scan
83If to Jesus for relief Page Scan
84Nothing but leaves, the spirit grievesPage Scan
85Tell me, Jesus, tell me nowPage Scan
86I hear thy welcome voicePage Scan
87aI'm happy, I'm happy, O wondrous account!Page Scan
87bLook, look to Jesus!Page Scan
88There's a land far away, 'mid the stars we are toldPage Scan
89To the hall of the feast came the sinful and fairPage Scan
90aHow sweet the name of Jesus soundsPage Scan
90bJust as I am, without one pleaPage Scan
91I am so glad that our Father in heavenPage Scan
92Love of Jesus, all divinePage Scan
93And can it be that I should gainPage Scan
94Like the sound of many watersPage Scan

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