With Heart and Voice: a collection of songs for use in Sunday Schools, Young People's Societies and other devotional meetings

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1Thro' all our days we sing God's praisePage Scan
2All ye his works, that his might and pow'r proclaimPage Scan
3Praise to thee, Thou great Creator!Page Scan
4Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!Page Scan
5Halleluia! song of gladnessPage Scan
6Come before Jehovah with a joyful songPage Scan
7Let us exalt the name of God togetherPage Scan
8Awake and sing His gloryPage Scan
9There is peace only in His namePage Scan
10Guide me, loving Savior, all my path alongPage Scan
11If your love has lukewarm grownPage Scan
12Come near to thy father and tell him thy needPage Scan
13Rock of Ages, I am hidingPage Scan
14Like a star of the morning in its beautyPage Scan
15Searching the Scriptures day by day, a light will shinePage Scan
16The voice of the Spirit is wooingPage Scan
17In this place of pray'r, O Lord, we gatherPage Scan
18There never was anyone like HimPage Scan
19Take the name of Jesus with you ev'rywhere you go[Take the name of Jesus with you ev'rywhere you go]Page Scan
20Toiler in life's field of laborPage Scan
21Where Jesus is there all is brightPage Scan
22I come unto Thee, seeking Calvary's mountainPage Scan
23This song within my heart abidesPage Scan
24Earth with broken cisternsPage Scan
25I have a friend so preciousPage Scan
26Oh, I love to read of Jesus and his lovePage Scan
27There's sunlight, blessed sunlightPage Scan
28I sing the love of God, my FatherPage Scan
29When I walk thro' the valley of shadow and gloomPage Scan
30Christ Jesus hath the pow'rPage Scan
31The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I knowPage Scan
32Why mid dangers strayingPage Scan
33I'm happy in Jesus, my Savior my KingPage Scan
34I'm journeying on through the pathway of lifePage Scan
35Put up thy sword into its sheathPage Scan
36I have found a Friend abiding!Page Scan
37Soldiers, rise, onward goPage Scan
38Christ the Lord shall come againPage Scan
39I'll sing for Jesus while I've breathPage Scan
40What keeps my pathway brightPage Scan
41Resting in His love at His blessed feetPage Scan
42The river of life softly flows o'er its sandsPage Scan
43Thank God, there's a blessed comfort for weary hours of painPage Scan
44I am trusting completely my Savior and KingPage Scan
45There's a light in the window just now for theePage Scan
46Riches of earth I may not seePage Scan
47There is a Friend whose name is "Love"Page Scan
48Thro' the pathway of the yearsPage Scan
49Great and marvelous are thy worksPage Scan
50In the cross of Christ is all our gloryPage Scan
51O wonderful, wonderful love of JehovahPage Scan
52In my soul oft rises, bringing pain and woePage Scan
53Nor silver nor gold hath obtained my redemptionPage Scan
54Ere you left the homestead in the vanished long agoPage Scan
55Jesus is calling you to the lightPage Scan
56Oh. what are we sowingPage Scan
57Do you hear the Savior callingPage Scan
58I have a Savior,--he's pleading in gloryPage Scan
59All my hopes are fixed upon the Father's only SonPage Scan
60Would you have that inward peace which comes from having sins forgiv'n?Page Scan
61Are you hungry? Come and take the bread of life!Page Scan
62The gospel call is soundingPage Scan
63There'll be a gathering by and byPage Scan
64Out on the cold barren mountains of sinPage Scan
65Come and follow ye the LordPage Scan
66Brother, hear the Master callingPage Scan
67Are you weary of life with its burdens and caresPage Scan
68If all in this city whose souls are astrayPage Scan
69I've been gloriously forgivenPage Scan
70I have joy, yes, blessed joyPage Scan
71I was far from home, like a weary, wand'ring birdPage Scan
72I have found a full salvation, hallelujah!Page Scan
73I stand in amaze and wonderPage Scan
74While thro' this world of sin I goPage Scan
75The sweetest songs I fain would offerPage Scan
76I am trusting Christ my Savior and I know he's trusting mePage Scan
77Tho' burdens may bend me, tho' troubles oppressPage Scan
78Take my little faith and hold itPage Scan
79Had we only sunshine all the year aroundPage Scan
80I ask not why some days are fairPage Scan
81My blessed Savior holds my handPage Scan
82Sing merriest songs when the shadows are densePage Scan
83The touch of faith is the touch of pow'rPage Scan
84You ask me for a reason for my faithPage Scan
85Sometimes the river rages when my feet draw nearPage Scan
86Often times my path is rough and drearyPage Scan
87Trusting in the Savior, who has ransomed mePage Scan
88We may lighten toil and carePage Scan
89Resting on the faithfulness of Christ our LordPage Scan
90Life is full of heavy burdens, dark with seasons of distressPage Scan
91Life has its shady sidePage Scan
92There's a song I love to sing, even praises to our KingPage Scan
93Would you win a heav'nly blessingPage Scan
94Savior, thy voice to my soul doth sayPage Scan
95I want to be a worker for the LordPage Scan
96The springtime days may lose their beautyPage Scan
97There is a narrow path that leadsPage Scan
98Lifetime is working time, spend no idle daysPage Scan
99Do you help the weaker brethren day by day?Page Scan
100Just a little kindness shown along the weary roadPage Scan

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